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Ology List C

The suffix 'Ology' denotes the "study of" something.The following is the list of words starting with 'C' and ending with the term 'ology' and their fields of study.

  1. Caliology,the study of bird's nests.
  2. Campanology, the study and the art of bell ringing
  3. Cardiology, the study of the heart
  4. Caricology,the study of sedges
  5. Cariology, the study of cells
  6. Cereology, the study of crop circles
  7. Carpology,the study of the structure of seeds and fruit.
  8. Cartology is correlated to cartography (the science of maps)
  9. Cetology, the study of cetaceans - whales, dolphins, and porpoise
  10. Characterology, the study of character
  11. Chaology,the study of chaos theory
  12. Chirology,the study of hands(palmistry).Telling fortunes by seeing lines on the palm of the hand
    Caliology,the study of bird's nests.
  13. Christology,  the theological study of the person and deeds of Jesus
  14. choledology,a treatise on the bile and bilary organs.
  15. Chorology, the study of the relationship of biological or other phenomena to their locations
  16. Chronology the study of things in order of time or the study of time
  17. Climatology, the study of the climate
  18. Codicology, the study of the preparation of books and manuscripts (ink, paper, vellum etc)
  19. Coleopterology, the study of beetles
  20. Coniology, the study of dust in the atmosphere and its effects on plants and animals, also spelled "koniology"
  21. Conchology, the study of shells and of molluscs
  22. Contrology|, a neologism for the Pilates method, a system of physical exercise
  23. Cosmology, the study of the cosmos or Universe
  24. Cosmetology, the study of cosmetics and their use
  25. Craniology, the study of the characteristics of the skull
  26. Criminology, the scientific study of crime
  27. Cryobiology,the study of the effects of very low temperatures on living organisms.
  28. Cryology, the study of very low temperatures and related phenomena.
  29. Cryptology, the study of how to encrypt and decrypt secret messages
  30. Cryptozoology, the study of animals that may or may not be mythical
  31. Ctetology,the branch of biology that studies the origin and development of acquired characteristics. 
  32. Cynology, the study of dogs
  33. Cytomorphology, the study of the structure of cells
  34. Cytology, the study of cells
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What is in your heart?

Fill in the blanks with what is in your heart...

 I can't forget.......
 I can't understand.....
 I can't Analyse.....
 I can't take a decision.....


I can't forget the past,
I can't live at the present,
I can't sketch about future,

I feel caught up with ....
I feel stressed out and overwhelmed,
I can't concentrate......

I can't get  ............anymore.

My best attempts to forget and find a solution resulted in VAIN.

If you are worried and restless about.........
broken heart.jpg

Take a break by breathing 

Breathe.Take a deep breathe.

Yes,a simple breathe can makes you feel better.

Whenever you feel depressed,stressed,exhausted or caught up with something......

Breathe ..Close your eyes, and take a deep breathe.

A breathe can calm your mind and relax you from the tensions.If you are overwhelmed with work,a breathe can helps you to concentrate and give a fresh start up.

If you feel caught up with happiness or any emotions...just helps you to come to normal.

A breathe can helps you to continue to do your work with more zeal and enjoyment.

If you are too excited and fast...take a breathe,it warns you to slow down..

Whenever you are feeling low.....comfort yourself with a breathe..

We can't have control over the life.But we can control ourselves with just a breathe.

Reading love quotes,sharing our sorrows, searching for someone to comfort us- may sometimes instead of pulling, may push us deep inside and worsen our problem.

Self help is the best help..

Use your own weapon to come out.Close your eyes and take a deep breathe.

So Breathe,Learn to accept and go ahead ..without getting blocked up..

Breathe.Be confident and strong to find a way even in darkness.

So breathe. And enjoy each moment of this life. They’re too fleeting and few to waste.

A New Firefox Logo for a New Firefox Era

Firefox,a desktop browser has rolled out a new logo along with its new release of  browser for Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.The New 2013 edition of the Firefox logo was created by  Sean Martell. 

Mozilla blog,

"In the updated logo ,the basic concept remains exactly the same, but it’s been modernized to reflect Firefox’s role in the ever-changing Web of 2013 and beyond."

"Unlike previous versions, the updated logo was created specifically with mobile in mind. Although we think it looks great at any size, it’s been optimized to be crisper and cleaner on small screens and lower resolution devices. However, it also scales quite nicely for use in retina displays, and (unlike previous versions) can be accurately recreated in SVG so it’s more ‘of the Web’."

"The new logo will appear in the desktop release of the Firefox 23 beta, and will be rolled out across all other Firefox versions as well as websites and promotional materials in the coming weeks."
firefox 2013.bmp

Bonus - The Firefox 23 beta has a new Share button and panel for Social API which lets you keep up with the latest social happenings without having to switch between, or open, new tabs. Mozilla says, it developed the feature to enable social services and providers to integrate directly into Firefox to make users browsing experience more social, customizable and personal.

25 Mostly searched "study of" words

The ending ology suggests the study/science of something, 

1.The study of sleep is called Somnology.
2.The study of Insects is called Entomology.
3.The study of Dreams is called Oneirology.
4.The study of the weather and the atmosphere is called Meteorology.
5.The study of fishes is called Ichthyology.
6.The study of soil is called Pedology.
7.The study of dinosaurs is called dinosaurology.
8.The study of birds is called Ornithology.
9.The study of animals is called Zoology.
study of ology words
10.The study of ants is called Myrmecology.
11.The study of the origins of words is called Etymology.
12.The study of life and living organisms is called Biology.
13.The study of humans is called Anthropology.
14.The study of Earth is called Geology.
15.The study of popular culture is called POPOLOGY.
16.The study of bones is called Osteology.
17.The study of bees is called Apiology.
18.The study of teeth is called Odontology.
19.The study of snakes is called ophiology.
20.The study of whales is called Cetology.
21.The study of anime is called Animeology.
22.The study of God is called Theology.
23.The study of death is called Thanatology.
24.The study of rocks is called Petrology.
25.The study of metals is called Metallurgy .

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World's first LTE-Advanced network

SK Telecom launches the world's first LTE-Advanced network service.

SK Telecom said,

"LTE-Advanced service is based on carrier aggregation technology, which bundles two frequency bands to increase bandwidth. The network automatically chooses one of several frequency bands available based on data traffic at the user's location."

" LTE-Advanced network service  is 10 times faster than the old 3G network service."

"With the use of the LTE-Advanced network, an 800 megabyte file takes some 40 seconds to download, compared with 80 seconds with the existing LTE."

The mobile carrier said its LTE-Advanced service will be available in Seoul and other major cities during the third quarter of the year, and be expanded to other regions by the end of 2013.

 SK Telecom expects a flurry of LTE-Advanced-based smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to emerge down the road.
 Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A

   With the commercialization of the world's first LTE-Advanced network, Samsung Electronics Co., the largest smartphone maker, also released today the Galaxy S4 LTE-A, the world's first phone optimized to work on the country's LTE-A network.

   SK Telecom said it will vigorously expand its LTE-Advanced phone lineup by providing a total of seven different LTE-Advanced compatible smartphones in the second half of 2013.

LG Electronics Co., the world's third-largest smartphone maker, and its smaller local rival Pantech Co., are also set to soon release smartphones running on LTE-Advanced network.

Company Profile

SK TELECOM CO., LTD. is a Korea-based company mainly engaged in the provision of wireless communication services. Its wireless services consist of mobile phone services, wireless data services, information communication services and others. It also engages in the wired communication business, which provides telephone, high-speed Internet, data and other services, as well as communication network equipment leasing, and other business, which engages in the provision of Internet portal services, production of game products and others. The Company provides its communication services under the brand names of T, NATE and others.

LTE -The Long Term Evolution (LTEtechnology is often branded "4G-LTE".It is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. It is based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA network technologies, increasing the capacity and speed using a different radio interface together with core network improvements.Source:Wikipedia.

10 Amusing Marketing Concepts

 1. Direct Marketing 
           You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" 
2. Advertising     
       You're at a party with a bunch of friends and see a gorgeous girl. One of your friends goes up to her and pointing at you says: "He's very rich.. Marry him." 
3. Telemarketing 
    You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and get her telephone number. The next day, you call and say: "Hi, I'm very rich. Marry me." 

4. You're at a party and see gorgeous girl. You get up and straighten your tie, you walk up to her and pour her a drink, you open the door (of the car)for her, pick up her bag after she drops it, offer her ride and then say: "By the way, I'm rich. Will you marry me?" – That's Public Relations 
5. You're at a party and see gorgeous girl. She walks up to you and says: "You are very rich! Can you marry ! me?" – That's Brand Recognition 
6. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" She gives you a nice hard slap on your face. – That's Customer Feedback 
7.  You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You go up to her and say: "I am very rich. Marry me!" And she introduces you to her husband.  That's demand and supply gap 

8. You see a gorgeous girl at a party.
10 Amusing Marketing Concepts

You walk up to her and before you can say anything, another person

comes along and tells her, “I am very rich. Marry me!”


 9. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You walk up to her and before you can say anything, another person comes along and tells her, “I am very rich. Marry me! And she follows him. That’s LOSING MARKET SHARE .

 10. You see a gorgeous girl at a party. You walk up to her and before you can say, “I am very rich. Marry me!”, YOUR WIFE TURNS UP! That’s BARRIER TO NEW MARKET ENTRY

Ology Suffix words starting with B

What is Ology?

  "Ology" means "study of"

The following is the list of words starting with 'B' and ending with the term 'ology' and their fields of study.

  1. Bacteriology, the study of bacteria
  2. Balneology, the scientific study of baths, bathing and of their application to disease
  3. Barology The science of gravity or weight.
  4. Batology, the study of brambles
  5. Bibliology, the study of books, printing, and publishing; also called Bibliography
  6. Bioclimatology, the study of the effects of climate on living organisms
  7. Biogeomorphology, or ecogeomorphology, the study of interactions between organisms and geomorphological processes.
  8. Bioecology, the study of the relationship of organisms to each other and to their environment
    Ology Suffix words starting with B
  9. Biology, the study of life
  10. Biometeorology, the study of the effects of atmospheric conditions on living organisms
  11. Biotechnology industrial use of living organisms or their components to improve human health and food reduction
  12. Blogology,the science of blogging
  13. Boxology is the study of schematic layouts, for example of corporate org charts.
  14.  Bromatology,the study of food
  15. Brontology,the study of thunder.
  16. Bryology,The study of mosses and liverworts
  17. Bryozoology|, the study of the phylum Bryozoa
  18. Buddhology, the study of the nature of Buddha
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Google News in Germany asks publishers to opt-in for indexing

Google for Google News index all the contents  published on the net if they are not protected by robots.txt . This procedure has been changed  now in Germany because of some legal changes in that country.

Google News in Germany, now asks German publishers to opt-in for indexing their content due to some legal changes in that country.Sites that don't opt into Google News in Germany will be automatically removed from Google News on August first.

 Publishers in other countries will not be effected by Google's change.

Google News

Facebook News Reading App

Facebook is planning to roll out news reading app similar to pulse and Flipboard. According to a WSJ report, Facebook has been working on this project for over a year, which means that the social media giant had this project in mind before Google announced to shut down its RSS aggregator "Google Reader".
Reportedly, Facebook will roll out the app for mobile devices; there is no information on the web version yet.
The internal name being used by Facebook for the project is Reader. In all likelihood, the company will change the name before it rolls out the app.

facebook news reading app.png

list of ologies starting with A

The suffix 'Ology' denotes the "study of" something.The following is the list of words starting with  'A' and ending with the term 'ology' and their fields of study.
  1. Abiology, the study of inanimate things
  2. Acarology, the study of ticks and mites
  3. Actinobiology, the study of the effects of radiation upon living organisms
  4. Actinology, the study of the effect of light on chemicals
  5. Acuology,The study of the use of needles for therapeutic purposes, as in acupuncture.
  6. Aerobiology, a branch of biology that studies organic particles, such as bacteria, fungal spores, very small insects and pollen, which are passively transported by the air.
  7. Aerology, the study of the atmosphere
  8. Aetiology, the medical study of the causation of disease
  9. Agnoiology, the study of things of which we are by nature ignorant, or of things which cannot be known.
  10. Agrobiology, the study of plant nutrition and growth in relation to soil conditions
  11. Agrology     Canada: the art and science of agriculture,Non-Canada: the study of soils
  12. Agrostology, the study of grasses
  13. Algology, the study of algae
  14. Allergology, the study of the causes and treatment of allergies; a branch of medicine
  15. Andrology, the study of male health and disease
  16. Anesthesiology, the study of anesthesia and anesthetics; a branch of medicine.
  17. Angelology, the study of angelsology list.bmp
  18. Angiology, the study of the anatomy of blood and lymph vascular systems
  19. Anthropology, the study of humans
  20. Apiology, the study of bees (apiaries)
  21. Arachnology, the study of spiders and their kind
  22. Archaeology, the study of past cultures through the analysis of material remains
  23. Archaeozoology, the study of relationships between humans and animals over time through examination of animal remains at archaeological sites (also see Zooarchaeology)
  24. Areology, the study of Mars
  25. Assyriology, the study of the Assyrians
  26. Astacology, the study of crayfish
  27. Asteroseismology, the study of the internal structures of stars as revealed by their oscillations (see also Helioseismology).
  28. Astrobiology, the study of origin of life
  29. Astrogeology, the study of geology of celestial bodies (e.g., planetsasteroidscomets)
  30. Astrology, the study of the purported influence(s) of celestial bodies on earthly affairs
  31. Astrometeorology: using astrology to forecast the weather
  32. Atmology, the study of the laws and phenomena of aqueous vapors
  33. Audiology, the study of hearing; a branch of medicine
  34. Autecology|, the study of the ecology of any individual species
  35. Autology, the attribute (of a word) of being self descriptive. The word "polysyllabic" is autological because it is polysyllabic.
  36. Auxology, the study of human growth.
  37. Axiology, the study of the nature of values and value judgements
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We Chat - Way to Stay Alive

 I am glad to share with you the chit chat I had with my friends while we planned a trip to Goa. I also like to share my mind voice[inner voice] that 
happened during the conversation. Actually it was WE Chat that brought all of us together.
  Currently Diya stays at Bangalore.I am still struck at Mumbai only with memories of my friends. Though we had all the facilities we were not able to converse like before due to lack of time. I decided to set out to some place to meet all my buddies. Always it was We chat that brought us together so I decided to invite all my buddies for a conference chat. Starting with Diya 

Rajeev : Hey Diya ... 
Rajeev : Are you there?

Mind Voice : drifting to my thoughts how I came to know Diya, the girl who lived a 3km away from where I do. You would be wondering how I would have become 
her friend. It started with this 'Look Around' feature of We Chat. That was a boring afternoon as usual was surfing the net when I came across this WE Chat app. The title made me eager to have a go through what was special with this chatting application. That instance I downloaded it, which I would say brought back my good old college days.
Diya and I have never known before and it was this 'Look Around Feature' in We chat which show all our neighbours and people around close proximity ;
 of course we could stay away if we wanted too, we have the privacy options available. As I mentioned earlier it was a boring day so I decided to enlighten 
 myself by knowing the whereabouts of my neighbour where I came across Diya. She's an interesting girl with different ideologies and would say a fun to hang
 with. Instantly we became friends. As we all know the universal thumb rule it was always the guys who have to give the call and I don't blame the girls for this, no offence girls. It was again WE Chat which came to my rescue; With Live Chat feature I could speak hours together without spending a penny. 
we chat
BuZZ BuZZ [Cell Phone tone] Diya : Hey Rajeev .. sorry yaar just now saw your msg.. Rajeev: Sleepy head woke up at last ..... :P Diya: Ah!! as if I would sleep so early ... Rajeev : Then wat took you so long [Angry Smiley] Diya: Hey sorry yaar .. It's the usual stuff.. things I do before going to bed. Ironing things for morning office.. Diya: How it going tiger... Rajeev: Yeah somewat okay.. not bad .. wat about there? Diya:Cool. It's nice .. but I still miss u people.. Diya : You seems to pretty dull.. Wat happened.. Any heart Broken .. Rajeev : Come on if met any.. You people would be the first to know.. Diya: I know .. then still, wats bothering u .. Rajeev: Wat are your plans for this Dasara... Diya: Nothing so far.. Diay: Hey wait a sec... You seem to have something in mind .. come on say that... MeanWhile Raghav Messaging to Rajeev... Raghav: Hi Rajeev... wat cha doing.. Rajeev: hey Raghav.. long time no seee.. Rajeev: Which country are u at now... Raghav : Suprise.. am in India ... near Kanyakumari.. Came for an archaelogical research.... Rajeev: Wow .. thats real good long are you planning to be here... Raghav: Next 6 months.. buddy plan your days wanna meet u ppl.. r i'll kill you.. you know me... Rajeev in great joy hearing he could meet with Raghav Mind Voice: Raghav .. the archaelogical researcher.. rather i would say a art maniac..I came to know about him in a really interesting way. Drift bottle fetaure of We Chat. I threw a bottle with wordings 'Stegnography rocks' after going through how secrets are passsed from generations. I got back a reply from none other than Mr. art Manic[Raghav] from Singapore. At first I felt different, later we both became very good friends and I introduced him to my buddies Diya, Sukesh and Sulekha. Suddenly remembered Oh god .. Forgot to reply Diya... Diya: Hellooooo.............. Am waiting .. where did u run off............. Diya: Speak Idiot . where did you go..[sent as Voice Mesage another awesome feature of We chat] Rajeev: Hello.. Miss .. Sorry for delay..[Voice Message] Rajeev : Hey .. was chatting with Raghav.. you wont believe your ears if you hear this Rajeev: Raghav is in India [Voice message] Diay : Wow .. is that true .. is he in India.. Rajeev : Let me conference him .. Diya: Hey Raghav.. wat a suprise.. how are you...??? Raghav:Hi Diya.. am good.. how are you doing my Segnorita... Diya: Am good.. how long will you be here.. Raghav : 6months.. looknig forward to meeting u all.. no excuses my lady.. Diya: Ah .. Rajeev is that y u were asking about my plan for dasara.. Raghav: Hey wat plan are u two speaking about .. Diya: Hey Rajeev .. tell us wat u have in mind .. Diya: @Raghav-Am not sure either about the plan Raghav: Arey Yaar.. where did you go away.. dont say me you slept.. Rajeev in conversation with Sukesh and Sulekha his buddies from school which he did in trivandaram.. Mind Voice: Long after entering the college lost connection with the two of them. With We Chat got a message from both of them the same day..Hi dude was the first message from Sukesh and hey remember me was Sulekha's first message .. Good old memories.. Rajeev : using the LiveChat and inviting Sulekha and Sukesh for audio chat.... Sulekha: Accepts the Chat invitation and says.. How are you Tiger... Sukesh: Hey are you.. Rajeev : Doing good guys .. how about u two.. Sukesh: Am doing great .. Sulekha: Doing great.. wats that great .. roming in the streets.. wat were u doing yesterday near LakeView street idiot.. Rajeev:Hey sukesh. thats were Sara lives right.. Sulekha: Hey there you go Mr. Memory... n Rajjev: Basic rule never forget a girls house... Sulekha: Ah .... you both .. Sukesh: Ignore Kar Ignore Kar...yep sharp as always tiger..First love never parts that easily .. does it.. Sukesh:Hey.. SAra is off your limits.. keep that in ming man... Rajeev: Yeah yeah .. i know.. Then how is our other School Cuties doing.. Sulekha:Excuse me .. Cant u two speak off something other than girls... Rajeev: Come on Sulekha .. Sukesh: Hey Rajeev .. speak about Mr.Perfect she'll listen mesmerized.. Sulekha: Sukesh that's it... One more word .. I'll kill you.. Sukesh : Heeeee Heee... Rajeev : hey .. bony heads .. fight later.. Rajeev: Forget to mention why i called in the first place.. Raghav is in India Sukesh: Wow.. thats great news.. buddy make arrangement we are meeting him this time... Sulekha: I too wanna come.. but my mom she wont let me...goddddddddd Rajeev : We have Miss Diya .. for rescue.. Sulekha: Ah .. tat's right .. Will ask Diya to speak to mom... Sukesh: Where are we meeting him... Rajeev: How about we all meet at Manali or Goa.. Sukesh: Goa should be the ideal choice.. Sulekha: Mr.jewel i know y Goa.. nothing doing only Manali... Sukesh: I was thinking about the beaches ... that's it.... Rajeev:Sukesh she is better at understanding us leave it use hiding... Sukesh: hmmm... Sulekha: Hey lets us invite Diya and Raghav to join the call... Sukesh: Hey Why dont we use the Video Conferencing.. Rajeev : Thats right... Rajeev: Sorry Guys.. to Diya and Raghav... Rajeev:Invitation For video Chat... Diya:Accepted. Raghav:Accepted. Rajeev:Hey guys hold on a sec.. I'll pull Sukesh and Sulekha too.. Diya: Wow .. that sounds as lot of fun... Raghav:Yep.. thats right..reunion of our WE Chat Stay Alive Goup. Sukesh:Hey Raghav... dude wat a suprise... Sulekha:Hi Diya.. Hi Raghav.. Raghav:Hey Sulekha.. Hi Sukesh.. How are you both doing.. Diya:Hey habdsome.. Sukesh:Hi beuty.. Rajeev: Hansome.. beauty.. hee hee.. Raghav: No one else would say that .. Sulekha : Agreed.. hee hee Rajeev:Guys ..listen .. All free this dasara.. Chorus: Yes Rajeev........... Rajeev: How about we plan a trip to Manali.. Diya:Sounds Fun.. Raghav:Thats awesome.. Sulekha: Diya.. need a favour.. Sukesh:Am waiting.. I'll take care of the boarding.. Father knows people there.. Diya: Have to speak to aunty right..Sulekha.. Sulekha:Yep.. your a life saver.. Rajeev :I'll book the tickets.. Raghav:Leave the places of visit to me.... Diya:There is no better perosn than u for this.. Diya:Guys .. it's late .. good nighht...Let me know the date and the palce of a meeting later,, Sulekha:Same yaar.. take care you ppl...Be in touch Rajeev:Okay guys .. we'll make the arrangements and let the girls know about that.. Sukesh:Sounds like a nice plan.. Raghav:Yep..okay then see you guys. have fun.. Rajeev:You too .. be tc.. Sukesh : Yeah bye tc... We Chat - Way to Stay Alive.More details Visit WeChat's Youtube channel.

This article was written by Vishnu Vikas.K

10 Facts about Rain

1.Rain is liquid or solid precipitation falling from the clouds in the sky.

  • Liquid precipitation include rain,drizzle and freezing rain.
  • Solid precipitation includes hail,snow,sleet and ice pellets.

2.Rain is important for survival.
              Rain is the only source of freshwater for many cultures where rivers and lakes are not easily accessible. It provides water for agriculture,cooking,industry,hygiene and electric power. 

3.Weather radar is used by meteorologists to estimate its type (rain, snow, hail etc.) and also to detect, locate, and measure the amount of rain.

4.Rain gauge (also known as an udometer, pluviometer, or an ombrometer ) is  used by meteorologists to  to measure rain in a certain amount of time. 

5.Animal Rain - a strange meteorological event

  • In 1894, newspapers in Bath, England, reported a rain of tadpoles.
  •  In 2009, a storm brought a rain of minnows down on Ishikawa, Japan.
6.Methane Rain

Rain also forms on other planets besides Earth. On Saturn's moon Titan, precipitation is not water, but methane. Titan received so much rain in 2009 that a new methane lake, four times as large as Yellowstone National Park, was formed.

7.Rain is colorless.The shape of raindrops is  different from the shape of teardrops.

"Small raindrops (radius < 1 millimeter (mm)) are spherical; larger ones assume a shape more like that of a hamburger bun. When they get larger than a radius of about 4.5 mm they rapidly become distorted into a shape rather like a parachute with a tube of water around the base --- and then they break up into smaller drops."refer more

8.Raindrops falls on the earth and sometimes forms concentric rings of ripple.

concentric rings Of ripple.

9.Acid rain is mainly caused by the pollution (release of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the air) from factories and power stations.

10.The smell or scent of rain is called petrichor. It is caused by geosmin,a compound in the soil.

5 Must-know Facts about Clouds

Clouds are made up of condensed water or ice.It is a large accumulation of tiny water droplets or ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere.

1.Why clouds are in white color?

The tiny droplets of water are tightly packed inside the clouds.The sunlight hits on it and their mixed reflection  makes clouds appear to our eyes as white.Clouds color varies(like red) depending on the reflection of light.

white clouds

2.Why clouds are in dark color when it is about to rain?

The cloud gets darkens when it is about to rain because the droplets of water become large and scattered.So less light is only reflected them.This makes clouds appear to our eyes as dark.

dark clouds

3.How are clouds formed?

Clouds are usually formed through condensation. When the air rises, it will get cool at a certain point called dew point.At that point condensation occurs,as the air will be unable to hold anymore water .

4.Three main types of clouds.

1.Cirrus - thin high altitude clouds forms fair weather and their shape often indicates the direction the wind is blowing high in the atmosphere.  
2.Stratus(blanket the sky) - mid-level clouds found up to an elevation of about 2000 meters above the earth.This type of clouds forms light snow or drizzle.
3.Cumulus - large clouds with flat bottom and fluffy tops indicates heavy rain or snow depending on their height and size.

Clouds can be described as fluffy,curly,lumpy,wispy,and stringy.Clouds don't have fixed shape,color or volume.It can carry billions of tons of water.

5.Does clouds determines the kind of weather?


Type of clouds,their height in the atmosphere and shape determines the kind of weather they produce.

Top 5 iPhone App June 2013

Top rated app in United States

music iphone app.bmp


Hot educational app

Social Networking

social networking app


entertainment app

news app.bmp

Display page title + blog title in search results

Important - First backup your template

Then follow the steps,
  1. In your Blogger dashboard, Go to the Template page.
  2. Click on Edit HTML .
  3. By using Ctrl+F, search for
    Display page title + blog title in search results
     in your template’s code
  4. And replace it with the following code below:
Display page title + blog title in search results
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5 Best Novels of Nobel Prize Winners

1.Rudyard Kipling 1907 Nobel Prize Winner, British short-story writer, novelist, poet
Kim Kipling's best novel

2.Henryk Sienkiewicz Epic writer, 1905 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Quo Vadis One of the Sienkiewicz's best known historical novels 

3.Rabindranath Tagore Indian poet, philosopher, 1913 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature from India
Home and the World, The One of Tagore's best novels

4.Sinclair Lewis American novelist, satirist, playwright, 1930 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Main Street One of the Sinclair Lewis' best known novels

5.Bertrand Russell A great philosopher, 1950 Nobel Laureate in Literature
Analysis of Mind, The one of Russell's most popular works

nobel prize winners books

How to instantly boost your energy?

  1. Drink Water -  When you feel fatigue , drink water sufficiently. It helps to boost your energy, stamina and memory. Dehydration is one of the main cause of fatigue.So drink water atleast for every 2 hours to keep yourself hydrated all day long.When you drink more water, oxygen levels in your bloodstream will increase, leading to better circulation and the good blood flow helps to increase your energy levels.
  2. Eat Fruits,Vegetables and Nuts - If you feel sluggish,munch fruits and vegetables like banana,grapes,carrot,water melon,beetroot,almonds,cashews and other dry fruits,Kiwi, and pumpkin seeds.Vitamin C rich citrus fruits like lemon juice also you can try.They all are natural quick energy boosters.
  3.  Green Tea and dark chocolates - Instant energy boosters.
  4. Go Crazy - Watch funny videos or read jokes,listen to music,dance,stretch out your hands,laugh aloud,do painting,play games or anything you like.Stand in front of the mirror and praise yourself.
  5. Take a deep breathe-Inhale through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth.Repeatedly do this when you are tired.You will feel good.
  6. Take a break - Rest your body flat on the floor,close your eyes,calm down and relax in a silent place.Finally full stretch your hands up and legs down before coming to sitting position.
  7. S+X - Having +EX is also one of the best way to boost your energy instantly. 
woman jumping with energy

Udacity offers Free Online Courses

Udacity is a private educational organization founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky offering massive open online courses in Programming, Computer Science, Mathematics, General Sciences and Entrepreneurship. 

Udacity currently offers 22 free online courses in everything from Introduction to Computer Science, to Introduction to Statistics, to Artificial Intelligence, to How to Build a Startup. 

Udacity is funded by venture capital firm, Charles River Ventures, and $300,000 of Thrun's personal money.

 In November 2012, founder Sebastian Thrun won the Smithsonian American Ingenuity in Education Award for his work with Udacity.

All course materials are prepared by expert authors. Udacity offers quality education at free of cost.Upon completing a course, students receive a certificate of completion indicating their level of achievement, signed by the instructors, at no cost.

Enrollment,Syllabus and more details

We all know education is very costly now a days.This quality free online course may benefit many people.So please share this information.

Google facial password patent aims to boost Android security

Google has filed a patent suggesting users stick out their tongue or wrinkle their nose in place of a password.
It says requiring specific gestures could prevent the existing Face Unlock facility being fooled by photos.
The Jelly Bean version of Android introduced the need for users to blink their eyes as a check, but users soon demonstrated it could be fooled.
A spokesman for Google was unable to comment on when the suggested technology might be implemented.
Google facial password
The patent suggests users would have to type in a password if they failed to make the right gestures
Source - BBC

Vocabulary - 27 Ways of Looking

1.Look - If you look in a particular direction,you direct your eyes in that direction.
She turned to look at him.

2.See - When you see something,you notice it using your eyes.
She can see,hear,touch,smell,and taste.

3.Watch - If you watch someone or something,you look at them,usually for a period of time,and pay attention to what is happening.
Harry watched him sipping his brandy.

4.  * Stare - If you stare someone out,you look steadily into their eyes,especially with eyes wide open unbelieving or rudely.
Reena tried not to stare.
boy looking through the glass

         * Goggle - Look with wide open eyes, typically in amazement,surprise or wonder.

He goggled in bewilderment.

5.Gaze - To look steadily and intently at something, especially in surprise and admiration.

She stood gazing at herself in the mirror.

6.Gape - If you gape,you look someone or something in surprise,usually with an open mouth.
His secretary stopped taking notes to gape at me.

7.Glance - If you glance at something or someone,you look at them very quickly and then look away again immediately.
He glanced at his watch.

8.Glimpse - If you glimpse someone or something,you see them very briefly and not very well.
She glimpsed a group of people standing on the bank of a river.

9.Squint - If you squint at something,you look at it with your eyes partly closed.
*The girl squinted at the photograph.
*The bright sunlight made me squint.

10.Peep - If you peep at something,you have a quick look at it,often secretly and quietly.
Now and then she peeped to see if he was noticing her.

11.Peer - If you peer at something,you look at it very hard,usually because it is difficult to see clearly.
I had been peering at a computer print-out that made no sense at all.

12.* Glare - If you glare at someone,you look at them with an angry expression on your face.
Harry glared and muttered something.

     * Glover - To stare angrily.

He glowered at me but said nothing.

13.Gawk/Gawp - To gawk at someone or something means to stare at them in a rude,stupid,or unthinking way.
The youth continued to gawk at her and did not answer.

14.Scan - When you scan a group of people or place,you look at it carefully,usually because you are looking for something or someone.
The officer scanned the room.

15.Observe - If you observe a person or thing,you watch them carefully,especially in order to learn about them.
Our sniper team observed them manning an anti-aircraft gun.

16.Scrutinize - You examine it very carefully.
The officer scrutinized the documents thoroughly.

17.Browse - Looking at things in a very casual way.

There was so much food at the party that we quickly got sated just by browsing.

18.Gloat - If someone is gloating,they are showing pleasure at their own success or at other people's failure in an arrogant and unpleasant way.
Don't gloat over your rival's misfortune.

19. Ogle - To look at lustfully

He was ogling her breast.

20.View - If you have a view of something,you can see it.

He stood up to get a better view of a blackboard.

21.Behold - See or observe

The botanical gardens were a wonder to behold.

22.Blink - When you blink your eyes,you shut your eyes and very quickly open them again.
She was blinking her eyes rapidly.

23.Wink -  Close and open one eye quickly, typically to indicate that something is a joke or a secret or as a signal of affection or greeting.
I gave her a wink.

24. Frown - Furrow one's brow in an expression indicating disapproval, displeasure, or concentration.
He frowned at her anxiously.

25. Scowl-An angry or bad-tempered expression.
He scowled,and slammed the door behind him.
26.Spot - If you spot something or someone,you notice them.
Peter failed to spot the error.

27.Leer - looking with an sexual desire
Bystanders were leering at the nude painting

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