Manidweepa varnana

Mahāśakti maṇidvīpa nivāsini mullōkālaku mūla prakāśini maṇidvīpamulō mantrarūpiṇi mana manas'sulalō koluvaiyundi|| 1 sugandha parimaḷa puṣpālennō vēlu ananta sundara suvarṇapūlu acan̄calambagu manōsukhālu maṇi dvīpāniki mahānidhulu|| 2 lakṣala lakṣala lāvaṇyālu akṣara lakṣala vāk sampadalu lakṣala lakṣala lakṣmīpatulu maṇidvīpāniki mahanidhulu|| 3 pārijāta vana saugandhālu surādhinādhula satsaṅgālu gandharvādula gāna svarālu maṇidvīpāniki mahānidhulu|| 4 bhuvanēśvarī saṅkalpamē janiyin̄cē maṇidvīpaṁ dēvadēvula nivāsamu adiyē kaivalyaṁ|| 5 padmarāgamulu suvarṇamaṇulu padi'āmaḍala poḍavuna galavu madhura madhuramagu candana sudhalu maṇidvīpāniki mahānidhulu|| 6 aruvadi nālugu kaḷāmatallulu varālanosagē padāruśaktulu parivāramutō pan̄cabrahmalu maṇidvīpāniki mahānidhulu|| 7 aṣṭasid'dhulu navanava nidhulu aṣṭadikkula dikpālakulu sr̥ṣṭikartalu suralōkālu maṇidvīpāniki mahānidhulu|| 8 kōṭi sūryula pracaṇḍakāntulu kōṭicandrula callani velugulu kōṭi tārakala velugu jilugu…

An Era Of Smart Products

What happens when we incorporate smart technologies in our routine as a part of daily life?

The evolution of technology transforms our thinking process, enriches the way we communicate and interact with others, enables efficient organization of work, and improves the overall productivity, standards and quality of life.

Smart devices incredibly enhances our work methods, renders simple smart solutions and makes life more enjoyable, easier, convenient and comfortable. Amazingly, It does many things and  saves our energy, time and money.

 Smart products empowers people to accomplish repeated routine task like paying monthly bills, preparing grocery list etc from within their place with a click or voice command.

Technology offers greater accessibility, efficiency and more convenience to mankind. Learning, information gathering, storing, sorting, retrieving of information and everything which is complex before, is simpler now to perform, with smart technology products.

Human nature is to crave …


Google Doodle " What Inspires Me?" drawn by 8 Years old.

My Family encourages all my efforts and inspires me.

Sun brings brightness and inspires me to stay brisk and start every day.

Earth/Nature with its wonder and beauty inspires me to travel and explore the world.

Book inspires me to learn many new things.

MOM , She says I can do anything if I try. Her talks are my inspiration.

Music inspires me to love everything I do.

Lufthansa - More Indian Than You Think

Lufthansa, a German airline is opening more flight routes to India. A new TV ad has been launched by Lufthansa to promote their brand among Indian Travellers. "Customer is the King" and understanding and serving their needs is vital for being successful in business. Lufthansa follows the winning business strategy to lure Indian Travellers.

Lufthansa is #MoreIndianThanYouThink. It provides home like feel to its Indian passengers. 

Lufthansa understands and deeply respect its customers emotions, sentiments, attachments and way of living and habits and gives them the happiness to fly like Indian without anxiety. 
Lufthansa knowing its Indian customer needs offers Indian food, Desi entertainment, native language known host and pleasant hospitality service. Their Indian way of thinking and understanding their customers enables them to serve their needs best and this is the unique reason for their success.
The new TV ad conveys, "To win more Indian customers, living like an India…

Why does hair turn grey?

Hair is an organ which covers almost our whole body. It grows everywhere from head, cheeks, fingers to knees and toes except lips, palm, and sole of the feet. Hair insulates the body and protects our skin (and SCALP) from sunlight. It also facilitates the evaporation of perspiration.

Hair on the head is considered as a beauty accessory and everyone love to behold it. We all crave to have glossy and healthy hair as it complements our physical appearance. Our head hair grows, breaks and shreds over a regular period of time naturally. The factors which affects hair include climate, genes, pollutants, hormones, age and toxins etc.

Why does hair turn grey?

Each hair on our heads is made up of two parts namely - root and shaft. Root keeps the hair anchored under the scalp. Shaft is the colored part growing out on our head. The root of every hair is surrounded by a bulb-like tube called hair follicle. The average head has 1,00,000 hair follicles. Each hair follicle contains a certain number o…

What is Hotlinking?

To understand about hotlinking, first you must know how to use an image on the internet.

To be clear, you must know how to use others image on the internet for your own use.

While surfing the net, you may come across many beautiful images and it may lures you to use it for your own use. If you are a blogger or website owner, you may like to use it on your blog post or web page.

If you intend to use an image, text, or video which you come across on any site for your own use, do the following..

1. Check the copyright of the file ( be it an image, video or text). Ensure the file is free to use for personal use, or commercial use or any attribution required. Images in public domain are free to use for any purpose.

2. If copyright details are not mentioned, try to contact the website admin by email and get their permission to use the image.

3. Using others image or videos or content for your own use without their permission is illegal and copyright infringement.

4. Some site encourages to…

Emoji vs Emoticon vs Smiley

Emoji and Emoticons complements electronic text messages. 

An emoticon is a picture representation of a facial expression using numbers, letters and punctuation marks. It is employed in text-based cyber communications (instant messengers, web forums and online games) to express a person's feeling or mood.

In other words, emoticons are pictorial icons created using the characters in the keyboard. Hence, most of the emotions are needed to be read sideways. 

Emoticon - a graphic display of an emotion or sentiment.

ASmiley means a happy face or smiling face. Sometimes, "Smiley" is also used as a generic term to denote any emoticon.

Emoji are pictograms popularly used in electronic messages ( instant messenger like Skype) and Web pages. The first emoji was created in 1998 or 1999 in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita.

Recently, Text Emoticons are popularly replaced by Emoji. Both Emoji and Emoticons can be used to enhance your slack messages.

Emoticons are just sequence of keyboard lett…