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What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are the incoming links to a website or a web page.It is also known as incoming linksinbound linksinlinks and inward links. 

BACKLINKS play a major role in determining the ranking of a website or a blog. It also helps to track the links that are linked to our URL.

Quality backlinks are very essential  for Search Engine Optimisation(SEO).

BACKLINKS are the only indicators to know the popularity of our site.

Link building is very important as it helps to promote the traffic to the site.

Check the backlinks of your site/blog in google,yahoo or in other search engines and know how much backlinks you have for your site and also discover how popular is your site.


1.Open google/yahoo search page
2.Type your web address

What are Backlinks?

 It is  the screenshot of my blog.In this way, you can also check.It gives information regarding  how many sites are linked to your blog/website,can know the popularity of the web site and you can also know the popular pages in your site which are mostly linked to other sites.

 Numerous Backlink checker tools  are also available to know the backlinks of your site. 
Check this link :

WHAT IS  Do Follow And No Follow Backlinks?

The ‘NoFollow’ command is designed by Google to prevent spams from acquiring mass amounts of backlinks to  websites. 

HOW  TO FIND DoFollow And NoFollow Backlinks

Using Firefox SEO Quake Plugin also u can find the "No follow" links. (click here to download).No follow tag will be highlighted.

If there is no "No follow" tag then it is a "Do follow link"

Comments posted on all blogs and websites wont give SEO benefit.A site/blog with" no follow" tag will be considered as spam  and backlinks from such sites/blogs are not counted for ranking factor.

So building quality backlinks is essential.

How to find quality backlinks? or How to get quality backlinks?

1.If u are posting comments for SEO purpose then u can follow this:
Search lists of "CommentLuv" and "list of do follow blogs" and start posting comments on such sites to get  the quality backlinks.

2.Use the widget of  Do Follow social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit and Stubleupon etc in your site.

3.Guest blogging and exchanging links with other blog owners.

4.Submitting the site/blog in article directories like EzineArticles etc.

5.Register with Yahoo Answers and answer the questions related to your site.Leave the link of your site.I t helps in getting quality backlinks and also in promoting the traffic to your site.


  1. Hi, indeed back links are one of the most important factors of SEO. My Blog is also a do-follow blog. Please comment and get a free backlink :).

  2. Thank you for the inspiration. This article is very helpful and informative. Good job!


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