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Nov 24, 2015

5 Must Do Things to keep a baby’s soft skin safe

Here are 5 Must Do Things to keep a baby’s soft skin safe.

1. Baby Clothes and Laundry: Baby's skin is soft and sensitive. A new born skin is delicate and prone to itches, rashes, irritations and skin problems. Protect your baby's soft skin by following this simple tips,
a. Use mild and gentle detergents to wash the baby's clothes.
b. Buy soft towels and aprons to provide the comfortable environment to your baby's soft skin.
c. Soft and comfortable garments must be used to keep the babies skin warm and safe. Dress your baby comfortably. Avoid wearing tight dresses.
d. Buy cotton fabric - It is soft, absorbent and will be gentle on your newborn skin.
e. From apron, towel and to the clothes your baby wear, everything must be soft and gentle. Don't use new clothes or towel on your babies skin. After shopping, wash the new clothes with lukewarm water and then start using them. The utmost care must be provided while laundering the baby's clothes to keep the baby's skin safe free from allergies, rashes and other skin problems.

2. Baby Diapers: The everything your baby touches must be soft. Go for quality baby diapers, as it is going to have direct contact with your newborn soft and sensitive skin. Buy Pampers Premium Care Pants and provide the soft and safe environment to your newborn. “Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ” Pampers Premium Care Pants gives the best conditions for a baby to play, laugh, learn and grow up perfectly.


3. Baby Skin Products: Baby skin is soft. To keep it safe, use only baby soap, baby lotion and baby oil for your new born. The products used on baby's skin must be carefully selected. Remember any wrong selection may harm your baby's soft skin.

4. Natural Skin Care Tips for baby's soft skin : Daily apply green moong dal powder and make a bath for your new born to keep its skin soft.

5. Skin Protection: Baby's skin is soft and gentle. While taking your baby out during daytime, use hats and umbrella's and wrap your baby's body fully using a towel to protect from sunburn. Cover the entire body of the baby using towel to keep the baby's soft skin safe. Use baby sunscreen and mostly avoid exposing your baby in direct sunlight. 

Oct 21, 2015

Real Togetherness

Real togetherness is a pleasant feeling of being together with kith and kin or other fellow beings. In today's digitally driven world, 24*7 hours we can stay connected with our near and dear ones. But online social networking connections with friends and family cannot give the joy of togetherness. Emoticons can't convey the real emotions of a person. The real joy of togetherness can be experienced only when we spend time together in person. Spending quality time by involving in group social activities, recreational activities, attending parties, get together, marriages, functions and festivals connects everyone in person in real. It gives the joy of togetherness, helps to understand each other better, allows to experience and share the real feelings and emotions, paves way to build meaningful relationships and also gives real joy.

Real togetherness brings hopes, gives confidence and inspires us to live with more zest. Life is beautiful and meaningful when we spend time together with people around us. Today, many of us are confining themselves to a digital life and are living with gadgets. Digital communication can't satisfy the real social need of human beings. Therefore, depression, stress, loneliness, desperate feeling are haunting many people's life today. Real togetherness is spending quality time with people around you. Going a trip with family and friends, visiting temple with family members together, cleaning home together with family members, playing with your kids, helping mom to color the rangoli or do anything you like to do with people around you and enjoy the greater sense of real togetherness by feeling and sharing the real emotions in the real world.


The bounties of Nature is the gift of God and conserving nature is important for human life. Mother Nature, I love you. Nature unites all and helps us to do many things together to grow and conserve it and to protect our life on Earth. Join Kissanpur, order tiny tomato seeds and start the journey of growing juicy, ripe tomatoes in your garden. Spending this kind of quality time with your family gives the joy of real togetherness.

 Check out this heart touching, inspiring video and experience the joy of real togetherness.

The video is short but it conveys valuable life lessons. Spending time with spouse, kids and elder ones in your family is more important. Being together in online community is not togetherness. Please come out from the clutches of digital life, smart phones and other gadgets. Stay in touch with nature and people around you to experience the real joy of togetherness. Nature can influence people and can bring many positive impacts on life.

From younger to elder, everyone experience a pleasant mood when stepped outside from home. Take time to mute your digital life, devote time to live life with people around you. Go for a outside walk, or to a near by park or garden, just see things around you like plants, trees, colorful flowers, smiles and laughs of children, faces of neighbours, wandering cattle, chirping birds and experience the joy of real togetherness.

Aug 21, 2015

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network

 Things I like to do with the super speed Airtel 4G.

The loading speed of video chats are low, so I regularly use only instant messaging service to connect with my family and friends. Video chats long load time irritates me and I hate latencies which interrupts the conversation. But with high super speed Airtel 4G, smooth uninterrupted video chats and voice calls are possible. Airtel 4G provides fast internet connection so I will do group video chat with my friends and family. Video chats and voice calls gives me the feel that I am living closer to my family. With High speed Airtel 4G, I will do face-2-face video chat seamlessly.

I will watch HD videos online with fast Airtel 4G connection. No buffer, less load time and no pauses hereafter while watching videos online. Airtel 4G connection smoothly streams high quality videos even from YouTube and NetFlix without buffer and pauses. With fast Airtel 4G internet connection, online video watching experience is enhanced in an unbelievable way.  All my favorite TV shows, movies and cartoons I will make a list and download.

Airtel 4G gives fast wireless internet access at home, office and also while I am on the move. It works successfully and is suitable for all type of high speed applications and services. So I will download videos, upload my own videos, e-learning, play online games, use TeamViewer, image download, games download, wall papers and songs download in ease with Airtel 4G. With its unbelievable speed, I will access rich content and multimedia applications seamlessly without buffering. Airtel 4G provides high speed broadband internet access, so I like to play hd games on the internet.

Airtel 4G's high speed gives an unprecedented pleasant experience while playing online games and watching videos. I will make multiple downloads of my favorite cartoons with high speed Airtel 4G connection.

Compare to my past internet connection, Airtel 4G gives jet speed connection. I will play multi-player games and have fun. No doubt Airtel 4G speed going to enhance my playing experience. Then I am going to download bulk projects, educational resources, e-books and some datas.

I will access business applications while on the move or anytime without trouble in quick time. Online Banking, Online Trading, Online Shopping will be hassle free with high Speed Airtel 4G. No fear of slow connection and interruption with Airtel 4G so I will do Fund transfer, purchase and sale of stocks online hereafter. Because of slow interrupted connection, I personally hesitate to make e payments. Airtel 4G provides unbelievable speed. smooth internet using experience and great satisfaction. Sitting in home, hereafter will pay electricity, telephone bill and all miscellaneous payments smoothly without tension of connection getting disrupted.

Airtel 4G network

Jul 10, 2015

A Balanced Diet for Good Health

Benefits of a Balanced Healthy Diet

A balanced healthy diet can provide all the essential nutrients needed for the proper growth and development of the body.

A balanced healthy diet can protect the body against diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and some types of cancer. A healthy diet also ensures the reduced risks of some chronic diseases.

A balanced healthy diet is vital to get proper nutrition required for the effective working of our body organs and tissues.

A balanced healthy diet helps in the proper functioning of the body and it also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure, helps to decrease bone loss,reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and also aids in gaining healthy body weight.

A balanced healthy diet involves adding various vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins in your daily plate. It contributes many vitamins and minerals required for the healthy development of the body and strengthens our immunity system.

Eating a balanced healthy diet keeps us energetic and active all throughout the day.

Diet can influence our mood.A balanced healthy diet can ease your depression and boost your mood.

A balanced healthy diet is intake of wide variety of foods made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in right proportion for our body's growth, repair and maintenance.


The nutritional compromises of a crash diet

Eating a crash diet may leads to nutritional compromises and results in nutrient loss which are dangerous and unhealthy to our body. If crash diet is nutritionally complete, then it is fine.

But always eating a healthy balanced diet and getting gradual weight loss  alone, is good for our health. Crash diet may restrict you from intake of food from certain food groups which causes nutrient loss and also reduces your needed daily intake.

In long term, crash diet may change completely dangerous to our health due to the nutritional compromises involved in a crash diet.

As a part of healthy balanced diet, you can follow healthy Honey Diet for weight loss. Honey is less in calories and is a healthier substitute to sugar, aids to reduce weight, contains vitamins, minerals
and antioxidants which are good for health.

As a part of healthy diet, start your day with a spoonful of Dabur Honey with a glass of warm water to ensure good health and fitness. Honey diet is a healthy diet for weight loss. Honey is rich in fructose and it helps to burn fats and also aids to increase our stamina level.Simply have a spoonful of honey before going to bed for healthy weight loss.

Crash diet involves more nutritional compromises and these nutrients restrictions results in inadequate calorie intake which may results in rapid weight loss and slow down your metabolism. In long-term it also leads to over weight gain, obesity, can cause heart problems and also increases your risk of dehydration.

Jul 8, 2015

UC Browser, I love You

 UC Browser helps to stay connected with my favourite sport wherever I go. UC Browser is the India's most popular Android mobile browser. It's updated  "UC Cricket" feature provides live cricket scores in real time. UC Cricket service is a boon to all cricket fanatics. UC Cricket feature allows to check live scores and updates wherever you go. Enjoy all the little things in life without missing out. Go wherever you want, never miss out any thing. UC browser helps you to stay connected to your games all the time, be it anywhere. It is an one-stop cricket information hub for cricket fans. It provides live scores, previews, commentaries, news, interviews, stats, photos, videos and all cricket information in single place. UC Cricket service is now easily accessible with a single click on UC Browser’s home page.

You can Surf it All, Surf it Fast with UC Browser, it's faster and easier to use. UC Cricket has a match reminder service. Altogether, faster UC android mobile browser with UC Cricket feature helps to follow, comment and get cricket updates in real time. Even in busy schedules, without hassles and without buffering provides cricket scores, live news updates faster.

Cricket is the most popular sport in our country and it has many fans all around the country. And like many others, I am also one of the fan who loves to watch all cricket matches without missing a single game. Once, exactly on the day of cricket match, I was forced to go outstation for some personal work by my parents. I was very sad since I will be missing the match played by my favorite team. In mobile, checking live cricket scores is an tiresome task. It takes more loading time so I hate.. But that day, I had no other way and since I was in travel, I have only one option to check cricket scores in my smartphone.

UC Browser.png

While browsing for cricket information, accidentally I came across UC browser. I downloaded it and got surprised. Without missing any updates, I enjoyed the match while on travel itself. It is simply super and ever faster and easy to access. I just leaned back and enjoyed my cricket game without worrying about missing anything.

Thanks UC Browser, you are faster and easier to use with seamless transitions and I love you more since you helped to connect with my favorite sport in real time.

All I could say is, UC Browser is the best cricket service in India in providing Live Cricket Scores and Latest News on Cricket.

UC browser is now available for Android, iPhone, PC browser, Windows Phone, java and for Pad Users. It is available in all platforms and now everyone in single click can download and start using the India's most popular mobile browser.

Jun 22, 2015

Love You Dad

My father is doing so much for my good life and well being and I think giving a hug is the best gift I can give my dad on this Father's day.

1.I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for giving me this beautiful life.

2. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for all the moral ethics and values he taught me.

3. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for guiding and supporting me in all steps of life.

4. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for giving me a wonderful life partner.

5. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for all his sacrifices to fulfill my desires.

6. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for developing me as of who I am today.

7. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for all the milestones I achieved in my life.

8. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for all the pains he endured through time to make me smile and successful.

9. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for sharing his wisdom and strengthening my individual knowledge and skills.


10. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for being a friend, sharing fun and laugh and for entertaining me.

11. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for being with me on crucial times in my life.

12. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for making me feel blessed by giving all the worldly pleasures which he could afford.

13. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for giving me the most valuable asset "education".

14. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for giving me his unconditional love and affection.

15. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for his continuous affection and support, in spite of many times I failed to meet his expectations.

16. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for tolerating all my naughtiness and trouble.

17. I want to thank my Dad by giving a hug on this Father's day for accepting me as his lovely child without considering my mistakes.

Feel grateful for everything you are doing for me.

Love You Dad.

Thank You.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

Jun 20, 2015

Ambi Pur makes home Smelly to Smiley

Odours in my home

1. Wet clothes smell in monsoon season.

2. Dozens and bundles of papers, documents, magazines and newspapers are stored in a open rack by my Dad in his room. In spite of cleaning the dust often, the room is plagued with some old paper smell. The odour of that old paper irritates my nose and I am scared to enter his room for this reason.

3. The drawer in which we store medicines, lingers with medicines smell and annoys us.

4. When we open our shoe rack, some dreadful smell will come. Stinky socks and shoes smells terrible. Even after my kids and hubby went outside, the empty shoes rack also smells very bad.

5. Kitchen garbage gives unpleasant smell. Daily once I dispose the waste outside but in spite of that peeled skin of vegetables and fruits soon in hours becomes rotten and lefts kitchen with bad odour.

6. Then store room when opened smells unpleasant since it is kept closed most of the time.

7. Sometime because of absent mindedness, food get burns while cooking. The smoke smell penetrates to all rooms in the home and irritates.

8. In wash and laundry room, smell of detergents and after washing vessels, rotten food waste smell persist in the room. Bathroom and Toilet stench is another distressing one.

9. While cooking onion, garlic, green chilly all makes not only kitchen, the whole home with some odour. Storage of Ginger garlic paste in refrigerator makes it to smell bad. The smell of riped fruits like bananas also makes home to smell bad.

10. I live in flats. Since every house is closely built, the cooking smell of neighboring house enters our house and when windows and balcony opened, the uncleaned drainage and garbage in roads also makes our home smell bad.


Battle against Bad Odours in Home.

1. When guest comes to home, I will hide wet clothes inside the tub and will lit incense sticks and sambrani powder to cover the bad odour of wet clothes in my home. But it lefts my home with more smoke and gives me temporary solution only.

2. I will clean everything very often and every day suffers to keep my home free from bad odour.

3. To get rid of all general funkiness, like medicines smell, kitchen garbage, toilet stench, bad odour from road and neighboring kitchen, wet clothes and stinky socks, using Ambi Pur Air Effects in the home is the great solution. It doesn't just cover the odours, Ambi Pur Air Effects completely helps to remove them and makes home odour free, positive, vibrant and pleasant place to live in.

Jun 13, 2015

12 Simple Skin Care tips

Natural and Simple Skin Care tips

1. Soak 2 table spoon of Fenugreek seeds overnight and grind it into fine paste. Apply it in your face for15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. Instant softness you can feel in your skin.

2. Apply coconut oil in your face for 10 - 15 minutes. It is a great way to avoid skin dryness and to moisturize your skin.

3. Apply lemon juice on your face. Lemon juice has many good nutrients in it. Regular  apply of lemon juice gives you healthy skin.

4. Apply multhani matti powder for radiant skin.

5. Turmeric has antiseptic and antibacterial properties and turmeric face pack gives you flawless and healthy skin.
Take one spoon of turmeric powder and honey. Mix both the ingredients and apply in your face for 15 minutes. Honey is very good for skin and regular use of honey gives glowing, healthy and soft skin.
natural skin care tips

6. Take the Pomegranate skin and Orange skin. Dry them and grind it into powder. After having bath, apply this powder and wash you body everyday. Apply in face for 20 - 30 minutes.You won't believe, in months you can feel the softness in your skin. Fruits skin has toning properties and so here after don't throw it. Just make them into fine powder and for blending use honey or coconut oil and green gram dal powder for using it as a face pack.

7. Papaya face pack gives you glowing skin. When applied on skin, Papaya act as a natural skin exfoliator and helps to kill dead skin cells, aids to remove skin discoloration. It must be applied for 20 - 30 minutes until the pack get dried. Regular apply of papaya pack reduce acne in face and gives healthy skin.

8. Green moong dal powder is a wonderful item for your skin. Apply it in your face as pack for 15 - 20 minutes daily. After bath, regular use of this powder gives you healthy and soft skin. For face wash, instead of soap use this natural powder for your skin.

9. Apply milk cream for 15 - 20 minutes daily, if you have dry skin. It is a good moisturizer for your skin.

10. Daily applying honey face pack  can do more for your skin. Honey is a powerful ingredient to make your face radiant, glossy and glowing. It is a simple and easy face pack to use daily. Same time, it is very effective and gives good result.

11. Hibiscus which have five petals is a good flower for your skin. Just crush it. Apply its juice in your face. Allow it to dry and wash your face for soft skin.

12. Weekly twice facial steam, makes your skin brighter. When you use make up powder or creams in your face, cleaning it is necessary to maintain your skin. After removal of make up, facial steam and lemon juice pack helps to maintain you skin.

May 15, 2015

3 key features of Airtel app

My Airtel app is the most useful and a must app for the subscribers of all Airtel services. Airtel app helps to manage DTH, Broadband, Prepaid & postpaid services, fixed line and all Airtel services in one place. My airtel app shows alerts for low balance, pack expiry and payment due date in my dashboard. It helps me a lot to explore all details at one place.

Here, I like to share about the 3 key features of Airtel app that best suit my lifestyle.

1. Safe and Secured Payments:  My Airtel app helps to recharge and pay bills online securely. It helps to pay my telephone and mobile bills without any hassles. This is the wonderful feature of the Airtel app which I love the most as it offers real time bill tracking. In my free time, in seconds, it helps to pay my bills securely. For paying bills, I need not go outside or stand in queue and spend my time in travelling for paying my telephone bill. Airtel app is the most convenient time saving app. In a hectic daily life, there are times, we use to quarrel about who should pay the bill every month in my family. Airtel app reduces the quarrel in our family and now everyone loves to pay the bill and recharge as it provides amazing offers on every recharge.

 Airtel Surprises coupons on all recharges for the value of recharge is very attractive. Airtel app not only ease our work of paying bills but also gave surprises for using their service. In a busy life, this Airtel app saves time and reduce my tension. Now since it includes zero data charges on app usage, my children are ready to happily recharge for me and get amazing surprises offers and coupons. We all love using Airtel app, it offers exciting rewards on every recharge and surprises on birthday week is an alluring feature.

airtel app.png

It helps to load cash, transfer money, prepaid recharge, booking tickets, bill payment and urgent sending of money to friends and family everything becomes easy with my Airtel app. The payment experience and card store feature is now PCI-DSS certified and so it reduces my tension and ensures a safe, secure and faster check out experience

All my time get sucks with office work and I can't do any work for myself or for my family. Now using airtel app in time, I am able to transfer money, recharge my DTH, internet package and make bill payments. In the busy schedule, before I use to feel helpless and I can't do any work. Now using Airtel app, I am able to help my family members and also get reward for the same.

2. I Want to feature: My Airtel app's new "I Want to" feature allows to make frequent tasks such as recharge of my mobile number quickly from the app’s home screen. It saves my time a lot and reduce my work. This customisable tab greatly helps to set shortcut for frequently done activities. I love this feature and it is of immense helpful to do my frequent task quickly.

3. Airtel Live: I can log on to Airtel Live and get news updates instantly. This feature helps me a lot, to stay update and suits my lifestyle to read news instantly when I am free at anytime and anywhere.

May 6, 2015

EkNayiLeague is all about Success

At first sight of watching Kapil's videos, I thought #EkNayiLeague may be a new game show. The great cricketer Kapil Dev, in all his videos talks about playing NayiLeague with all mind, to win rather than with heart. So I think it may be some quiz show which requires participants to answer questions or solve puzzles.

In his you tube videos, he has mentioned about great celebrities from different fields like Yuvraj Singh, Sania Mirza, Kapil Sharma and M.S. Dhoni. He talked about the great achievers and has appreciated their wonderful performance.

 Kapil Dev has told, in some way his NayiLeague is different. I am puzzled how to interpret his videos and really pondering what is #EkNayiLeague about?

I think, he conveys message to society that,"Everyone can win in life if they listen to their mind rather than heart". #EkNayiLeague may not be a girl thing or boy thing, similarly it may not be related to cricket or tennis, since he has talked about male and female popular personalities from different fields. EkNayiLeague may be a movie about being successful in life. And because of that he may have showcased about successful people in his videos to inspire everyone to live with positive thoughts and win in life.

EkNayiLeague may be a new inspiring story book about optimism and being successful in life. It may be all about being strong, following mind and staying self-confident.

The power of doing things with heart rather than mind leads to failure is his message. But one big question is, why in all his videos he invited public to follow him on Twitter.

EkNayiLeague is going to be something very big and talk of the town. It may be a movie or game show or some group created for a social cause but definitely it is going to catch everyone's attention because of great player Kapil and definitely it is going to be successful.


Is it a game app which contains mind challenging games? Possibly it may be some big game show going to be hosted by Kapil Dev with interesting mind challenging games.

EkNayiLeague may be some good thing started by Kapil to encourage and motivate society for a positive successful life. Doing things will all heart fails and he insist to do everything with mind to win and succeed.

EkNayiLeague may be a social Welfare group created to build and promote good, positive and healthy mind. Success follows a sound mind and successful people do things with all mind rather than heart.

Like me, if you are also puzzled about what the video is all really about, you can follow Kapil Dev on Twitter and his future updates may give answer to our question.

Till that let us make happy guesses...