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Oct 27, 2014

10 Words to Beef up your Vocabulary

1.Mind-boggling - intellectually or emotionally overwhelming eg: Her performance was mind-boggling.

2.Short shrift - little or no attention or consideration given. eg: The Municipal Corporation gives short shrift to fill the potholes in the streets.

3.Unrequited love - love which is not returned or rewarded. eg :  Unrequited Love is painful.

4.Beef up - to increase or improve something. eg : Reading helps to beef up your vocabulary.

5.Brims over - something which is too full. eg: Raju's heart was brimming over with happiness on seeing his mother.
unrequited love

6.Rip up - tear something into small pieces. eg : My dog has ripped up all the pillows.

7.Miffed over - annoyed eg: Peter miffed over denial of  his love.

8.Goof up -  habitually making mistakes because of carelessness or irresponsibility. eg : I goof-up and lose the game.

9.Flounder through - to struggle awkwardly. eg : The cows floundered through the marshy and muddy field.

10.Freeze up -  stop functioning or unable to move, speak or continue with something. eg : Raj is annoyed as his computer freezes up all the time.

Oct 20, 2014

Good Health is Happiness

My Kids smile is my happiness.I have a daughter and a son.They use to be engaged and occupied with one or other activity all the day. I admire them playing, roaming and staying active throughout the day.If their health is good they neither won't sit idle nor stays tired.

But the situation is reverse when they suffer from ill health.Every month on a particular same date I use to fix an appointment with my Pediatrist. Everytime I go for treating illness, cough or cold. Nearly it takes one week to ten days for my kids to get well.

Life went hard as I know that ill health is going to fade my kids smile shortly. I won't ignore anything when it comes to their health care issues.I provide them boiled water for drinking, hot water bath, healthy choice of food and clean environment.I serve them greens,fruits and vegetables and also use to concentrate on their daily intake of water.I use to make all my efforts to make them stay healthy without ill health.But inspite of that,wan smile chased my kids.

Even if the weather changes outside,they will start sneezing.I was clueless.Often seeing them suffering from ill health,I was much worried.Later I understood that my kids has low immunity to fight against infections.So I decided to look for some more healthy food choices specifically to strengthen and boost their immunity.
Dabur Chyawanprash

Luckily then I heard about " Dabur Chyawanprash " and got impressed knowing that,

* it  increases immunity by 3 times.
* it increases NK cells (Natural Killer Cells) in our body and aids in fighting against germs, viruses, bacteria and also protects against infections which cause illness, cough and cold.

I opted for my kids as it contains antioxidants, immuno-modulatory properties and many other herbs and natural ingredients in it.

I'm amazed after knowing that a single product can solve all my problem.Then as recommended by Chyawanprash, I gave them one teaspoonful twice daily followed by warm milk or water.

Really I got stunned after using Dabur Chyawanprash. Now I am free from running to doctor every month,relaxed from forcing my kids to have pills which irks them and myself, also happy as I stopped using dangerous antibiotics which I used before often for treating illness.

No more fear of ill health. Dabur Chyawanprash has changed the gloominess in our life. It blessed me to be a pride mother of a healthy child.The vibrant face and healthy smile of my kids made our home happy again.

The happiness of a home depend on its family members.A person need to be physically and emotionally healthy to be  happy.I believe strongly that a physically healthy person can alone have healthy thoughts.

Bringing up a healthy child is very important to make a healthy and happy home.From young age we must teach about choosing healthy diet, cleanliness,keeping environment clean, importance of being hygiene like washing hands before and after eating food etc.

Educate your child about healthy habits so that they learn to be healthy and also makes a healthy and happy home.Also warn them that staying unhealthy can spread infections and makes our home sick.

The everlasting happiness of a family is not possible without good health.  

Oct 9, 2014

17 Verbs to describe Speaking

Bring life to your words and conversation by using correct vocabulary.

Most commonly used words like speak,say,talk are good and perfect to use and that's why we are using those words often.

1.Speak - Please speak out.

2.Talk  - Hello,"why can't you talk to me"?

3.Say - Say something..

We use the above words generally to convey information or to express a feeling.But you can give more life to the conversation by expressing it using apt words.

4.Gossip - talking about the personal/private affairs of others.

For example :

They were talking about their neighbours.
They were gossiping about their neighbours.

Using the word "gossiping" instead of "talking" adds due weightage by conveying the real meaning of the sentence.

5.Whisper - speaking very softly especially for the sake of secrecy.

Ricky whispered his love in her ears before he stepped out.

6.Mumble -  speaking in low voice by partially closing the mouth which is often unclear.

 He mumbles something which was not audible.

7.Mutter - low audible voice in irritation and dissatisfaction.

The employees begin to mutter about their poor work conditions.

8.Murmur - saying something in low,soft voice.

Students were murmuring in the auditorium.

9.Babble - meaningless sounds and words

Baby babbles.

10.Ramble - talking in a confused or inconsequential way.

Tina and Rahul rambles hours together without any point.

11.Yell - Shouting loudly

Rahul's mother yelled on seeing him eating chocolates.

12.Slur - speaks unclear as words run into one another.

Drunkard slurs.

13&14.Stammer/Stutter - speak with sudden involuntary pauses especially repeating the initial letters of words.

 `I've w-w-win the ga-ga-game,' he stuttered.

15.Quaver - shake or tremble in speaking because of nervousness or emotion.

Her voice quavered in fear.

16.Chat - talk in a friendly informal way.

They were chatting in the cafe.

17.Chatter- talking rapidly about trivial matters

Raju was chattering about his favorite movie.

17 verbs to describe speaking

Sep 22, 2014

15 Adjectives to describe Taste

1.Savoury - to describe salty or spicy food/snacks/dishes which does not contain sweet. Eg : Savoury biscuits.

2.Salty - when excessive salt in a food, we say it as salty food.

When you eat biscuits without sugar or sweet, it is savoury biscuit not salty biscuits.Use the word "salty" only when the food/dish  contains excessive salt.

3.Sweet - to describe food which tastes sweet like sugar, jaggery, honey and which does not have the characteristics of salt, bitter or sour.

4.Spicy - flavoured with spice

5.Hot - food which contains more chillies or peppers or other pungent spices creating burning sensation when tasted is described as hot/spicy food.

6.Pungent - to describe food which has a strong taste or smell.
The pungent smell can be strongly sensed by the nose and it sometimes creates irritation to your nose. Eg : while frying ginger, garlic, onion, green chilly you can feel the pungent smell.

7.Bitter - to describe food which has a strong pungent smell or taste and or not sweet or salty. Eg : Bitter gourd curry.
15 Adjectives to describe Taste

8.Tart - sharp or acid in taste. Eg ; a tart mango.

Lemon,vinegar,pickles are tart foods.

9.Sour - When the tart taste is excessive or when the fruit is not ripe, we call it as Sour taste.

10.Rancid - when the food(decomposing oil and fat) tastes/smells unpleasant as a result of being old and stale. Eg : rancid milk, rancid meat

11.Burnt - when a food is overcooked at a high temperature, it gives burnt smell and taste to your food.

12.Piquant -  a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavour.

13.Tangy -  a pleasant tart taste.

14&15. Sharp/Acid - to describe the taste of lemon and the fruit which is not ripe,this word is used.

Aug 16, 2014

Wh- Questions using "Be" Verb

In my previous post, I wrote about framing simple sentences(affirmative,negative,interrogative) and yes/no questions using Pronoun and "Be" verb.

Now, Let's learn to ask questions using "be" verb.

Wh- Questions are asked to get information.

What is used to ask about an object or an idea.

When is used to ask about time.
Why is used to know about the reason.
Where is used to ask about the place.
Who is used to know about the person.


Wh- Questions using "Be" Verb

What are you?

What is he/she/it?
What are they?

When is it?

Why is it?

Where am I?
Where are you?
Where is he/she/it?
Where are they?

Who am I?
Who are you?
Who is he/she/it?
Who are they?

Example Sentences

Who is Sachin Tendulkar?
He is an cricketer.

Who are Obama and Modi?

They are Politicians.

Where are John and Jack?

They are at home.

Where is India?

It's in Asia.

What is Jasmine?

It is a flower.

What are Lion and Tiger?

They are animals.

When is  your marriage?

It's on 1st January.

When are you coming?

I am coming on Sunday.

Aug 12, 2014

Pronouns and Be - Basic Important English Lesson

Pronouns and Be

Learn spoken English and grammar with Pronouns and "Be" verb.

If you want to learn a language,first learn pronouns.

Then for framing basic sentences,the next very important thing is learning  "to be" verb.

Pronoun and Be

Personal(Subject) Pronouns Example Sentences 

First Person - Singular 
I am Yashika.
I am a girl.
I am fine.
I am happy.
I am tall.
I am young.

Second Person - Singular and Plural

You are a football player.(Singular)
You are smart students.(Plural)

Third Person - Singular
He is a doctor.
He is a boy.
She is a dancer.
She is a girl.
It is a pen.
It is sour.
It is cold.
It is hot.

First Person - Plural
We are artists.

Third Person - Plural
They are musicians.

How to frame simple affirmative,negative,interrogative and imperative sentence using Pronouns and "Be" verb?

 Read the simple example sentences given here.

Affirmative sentences 
 I am a student.
You are good.
He is an actor.
She is a dancer.
It is a dog.
We are friends.
They are astronauts.

Negative sentences
 I am not a student.
You are not good.
He is not an actor.
She is not a dancer.
It is not a dog.
We are not friends.
They are not astronauts.

Affirmative Contractions 
 I'm a student.
You're good.
He's an actor.
She's a dancer.
It's a dog.
We're friends.
They're astronauts.

Negative Contractions 
 I'm not a student.
You aren't good.
He isn't an actor.
She isn't a dancer.
It isn't a dog.
We aren't friends.
They aren't astronauts.

Contractions and Not(another negative form)

 I'm not a student.
You're not good.
He's not an actor.
She's not a dancer.
It's not a dog.
We're not friends.
They're not astronauts.


Am I a student?
Yes,I am a student.
No,I'm not a student.
Important : For yes/no answers,use contractions only for negative(No)short answers.
Are you good?
Is he an actor?
Is she a dancer?
Is it a dog?
Are we friends?
Are they astronauts?


Am I not a student?
Are you not good?
Is he not an actor?
Is she not a dancer?
Is it not a dog?
Are we not friends?
Are they not Astronauts?

Interro-negative Contractions

Aren't I a student?
Aren't you good?
Isn't he an actor?
Isn't she a dancer?
Isn't it a dog?
Aren't we friends?
Aren't they astronauts?

Question Tags (used only while speaking)

Affirmative sentences with Negative tags
I am a student,aren't I?
You are good,aren't you?
He is an actor,isn't he?
She is a dancer,isn't she?
It is a dog,isn't it?
We are friends,aren't we?
They are astronauts,aren't they?

Negative sentences with Positive Tags

I'm not a student,am I?
You're not good,are you?
He's not an actor,is he?
She's not a dancer,is she?
It's not a dog,is it?
We're not friends,are we?
They're not astronauts,are they?


Be good.
Let's be friends.

Imperative Sentence gives commands,orders,requests and instructions and it always starts with a verb.
Imperative sentence using verb "to be".

You(singular&plural) Imperative form : Be
We - Imperative form : Let's be

Imperative sentence is made with infinite verb(to be)but without to. Eg : Be happy.
Be careful.
Be good.
Be polite.
Be silent.
Be here on time.
Be there at 10 am.

Urgent/emphasis(add you)

You be good.
You be calm.

Request(add do/please/kindly)

Do be good.
Do be polite.
Do be calm.
Please be silent.
Kindly be silent.

Let's be good.
Let's be polite.
Let's be calm.

By the end,you must be able to frame simple sentences and yes/no questions.

Jul 21, 2014

Blacky Wishes

1. Black Goggles +1's my look.So I like wearing it.To me BLACK is an all time trendy color.It easily gets matched with my dresses.I want to be very careful in my personal style and look as it projects me to the outside world.In my view,Goggle is an important accessory which has an impact on my look. I opted Black Goggles because it best suits my skin color and  also matches my black hair and eye color.

2. Black Pen looks sublime.Black color(Parker) pens I use particularly for exams as it builds my confidence and helps to maintain a good attitude.

3.Black Footwear - Black color gives perfect stylish look.It is an elegant color and definitely compliments all kind of outfits is my belief.Dress and all accessories are important for perfect look.Specifically, footwear gives the finishing beauty for our look.So preferably I opt black footwear.

4.Black Masks are really terrifying.I woo to use it to frighten my kith and kin in midnight on their birthdays.Wearing black mask and making others feel creepy is an excellent game to play in dark room.

5.Black Gadgets( Laptop) I love as it is mesmerizing,appealing,attractive,stylish,elegant and beautiful to my eyes.Mainly using black gadgets gives me a sense of pride.

black color

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at

Jul 15, 2014

5 Effective Steps to Teach English for Kids

Step 1 : Letter Reading,that is,Teaching Alphabets to read and write.

Step 2 : Word Reading.Teach most commonly used words relating to a object or person or an animal.Show the objects,name them and then spell it them to your kids.

If your child is 4-5 years old,then he/she must be familiar with alphabets and some common words like this.
Eg : FAN,TAP,RAT,CAT,BOY,GIRL,COT,MAT,FAT,HAT,BAT,BALL,CAP,TALL.Phonics learning is a long process and don't expect your child to master over it in a short time.You introduce more words to them and the different sounds helps them to understand phonics gradually.

Step 3 : Your next step must be to make them read simple sentences.So what I suggest is to teach them the primary and very important (to be) verb conjugation.Teaching this conjugation will be a good start to your child for both reading and English speaking.

In young years,it is the visual learning which helps your kid to understand easily.Showing a ball,you can easily teach kids what it is and how to spell it.But it is not the case when you want to teach basic verbs like am,are,is etc.

We know pronouns are the beginners in the sentences and are followed by the verbs.Instead of teaching pronouns separately,I feel teaching them with verb make more sense.

If you teach this primary conjugation they will read verbs which are difficult to read alone together with pronouns.

By this,you can teach your kids the powerful words like "are" and "is" which are used to frame the sentence in English.

Reading and speaking both we must concentrate from young age.

Teaching "I" ends your child there itself.Teaching " I am" helps them to continue and think after that.

I feel this is the more structural way to learn as it helps in reading,writing and speaking English.

Show your kids with actions and teach them the following.Picture example is given for " I am".

I am 

With " I am" teach simple sentences

I am Yashika.
I am tall.

Additionally if you introduce them some adjectives  like thirsty,beautiful,kind.They learn to use it while speaking.

I am beautiful.
I am thirsty.

Don't teach such big words now for writing or reading.Just introduce them many words when you are speaking to them.

i am

You are
You are good .
You are smart.

Teaching basic action verbs like running,walking will be also more useful to them to start speaking.
He is

He is running.

She is

She is singing.

It is
It is hot.
It is cold.
It is a cot.
It is a ball.

We are 

We are friends.
We are students.

They are

They are elders.
They are teachers.

With this basic conjugation together with common verbs,adjectives and objects - your can help your kids to frame tonnes of sentences.

Step 4 : Show comic strips,picture stories and ask them to say what they can see in the picture.Ask them to say in their own words.In this way you can teach new words and make them to learn a lot visually.

Step 5 : Bilingual teaching helps a lot.Teach English with the help of your mother tongue it reaches their mind easily.Don't forget introduce more and more words to them while you speak as it increases their vocabulary.

Jul 10, 2014

Learning English in Chunks

Chunks are group of words which are used together.Learning chunks helps to frame the sentences easily and correctly.Knowing chunks of a language is a must for fluent speaking.

Eg : We will describe wind as " a strong wind " not as " a powerful wind ".

Although the words "Strong" and "powerful" conveys the same meaning,the word "strong" is used in common.Like this,the words which are commonly grouped and used together are called as chunks of a language.This type of linking words together is called collocation.

Eg :  Bread and Butter is a common collocation.We won't say butter and bread.

Compare to idioms and phrases,learning chunks greatly assists in speaking English more naturally and confidently.

When you know chunks of a language,you can frame the sentence with group of words and need not struggle to build the sentence word by word.
collocation and chunks

List of chunks
  1. utter disaster
  2. remote area
  3. vague reply
  4. the ups and downs in life
  5. warm welcome
  6. go ahead
  7. clear up
  8. comparative analysis
  9. commonly referred
  10. creative thinking
  11. ethical principle
  12. financial aid
  13. gain insight
  14. welfare scheme
  15. visual representation
  16. technical support
  17. the bride and groom
  18. developing world
  19. social responsibility
  20. younger generation
  21. Do me a favor
  22. sense of humor
  23. terrible accident
  24. upside down
  25. out of my mind

Reading and listening is crucial for learning the chunks of a language.

Jun 29, 2014

Which Decade are You?

How will you refer your age in terms of decades?

Just check it out!

                 Age Group

Denarian:  10-19 yrs old
Vicenarian: 20-29 yrs old
Tricenarian: 30-39 yrs old
Quadragenarian: 40-49 yrs old
Quinquagenarian: 50-59 yrs old
Sexagenarian: 60-69 yrs old
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan

Septuagenarian: 70-79 yrs old
Octogenarian: 80-89 yrs old
Nonagenarian: 90-99 yrs old
Centenarian: 100-109 yrs old
Supercentenarian: 110 years old and above

EG.,- Rajni Kanth(63) is a stylish sexagenarian actor.A person who is between 60 and 69 years old are referred as Sexagenarian.