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Apr 19, 2014

Giraffe Drawing and Facts for Kids

Easy Giraffe Drawing for Kids

If your kid can put standing and sleeping Lines,draw shapes like rectangle and ovals,then don't hesitate to teach this Giraffe drawing.

giraffe drawing and facts
Giraffe Facts

  1. Giraffes are the tallest living mammals on Earth.
  2. Giraffes have distinct spot patterns in their body like human fingerprints.The darker the spots,the older is its age.Some species have spots that look like oak leaves and other kinds have a square-shaped pattern.
  3. Giraffes have long neck,long legs and even long tongue.
  4. The legs of giraffe are taller than many humans which are about 6 feet.
  5. Giraffes are good runners.Their long legs helps them to run fast.
  6. Giraffe and cow has two things in common.Both munches all the time and have four stomach to aid digestion.
  7. Giraffes are herbivores.
  8. Giraffe with their long neck reaches the treetops easily and with their longer thicker tongue it pulls and eats leaves,grass,fruits,shoots even thorns,twigs without efforts.Its main food source is Acacia tree.
  9. Giraffes without efforts reaches the treetop of the tall trees also but reaching the ground is hard and tough for them.To drink water from the lake or to bend down their legs and body to reach the ground is the toughest job for them.But good thing is Giraffes don't drink more water.It needs water only two times a week.
  10. Giraffe's are found in African savannas, grasslands or open woodlands.
  11. The group of giraffes are called as herd or tower.
  12. Even a new born giraffes(average 6 feet) are taller than many humans.After birth,they start walking within an hour and runs with their moms after 10 hours of their birth.
  13. Both male and female giraffes have horns on the top of their head called ossicones. Female giraffes have small horns with fur around while male giraffes have horns but are bald.
  14. Giraffes fight by swinging their necks at each other called “necking.” 
  15. Giraffes are poached for its meat and mainly for its tail which are highly prized.
  16. Compare to other four legged animals,giraffe's walk is different.They swing both legs on each side of the body forward at the same time( both left legs and then both right legs).
  17. Giraffe's tail can grow upto 8 feet long, including the tuft on the end.It uses its tail to swat the flies.

Apr 17, 2014

Spider Drawing and Facts

Easy Drawing for Kids

Draw a circle.Then put "V" shaped lines to draw the legs of a spider.

Spider Facts

Most people wrongly think spider as an insect.

Fact 1 - Spider is an Arachnid and not an insect.

Fact 2 - Insects usually have three pairs of legs,two antennae and 3 body segments.

Fact 3 - While arachnids(spider) have four pairs of legs,two body segments and two pairs of appendages attached to their heads.

Fact 4 - Spiders spin webs in different shapes and sizes.But not all spiders do spin webs.

Fact 5 - All spiders have fangs which ejects venom(poison).Most spider's venom are harmless to humans except a few.

Fact 6 - The Fear of spider is called  Arachnophobia.

Fact 7 - Female spiders are big in size compare to male.

Fact 8 - Spiders eat spiders and are mostly hunted by lizards,scorpions,snakes and birds.

Fact 9 : Most spiders have 8 eyes.

Facts 10 - Spiders eat pest insects and so don't kill  the spiders in your garden.

Apr 5, 2014

My Family Drawing

Easy Drawings for Kids

My Family drawing - Father,Mother,Sister and a younger brother.

my family drawing

Mar 29, 2014

Draw and Know about Dinosaurs

Facts about Dinosaurs

1.Dinosaurs are extinct animals.They lived long ago on earth for over 150 million years before there were people.

2.Dinosaurs are not fictitious animals.Dinosaurs fossils are the evidence for its life on earth.

3.Dinosaurs are the largest land animals of all the time.

4.The fossils of these reptiles had been founded by paleontologists in all parts of the world.

dinosaur drawing
Dinosaur Drawing for Kids

5.All Dinosaurs are not giant creatures.Dinosaurs lived were in different shapes and sizes from large to tiny.

4.It seems wide variety of dinosaurs had lived on earth.Some had 3 horns,spikes,bony plates,bony armor over the body,all had big tail like other reptiles,some species had long neck like giraffe,razor-sharp teeth,huge jaws,curved claws,all had four legs.Its really dreadful to imagine Dinosaurs and they must ferocious hunters with these types of body structures.

5.Most type of dinosaurs are plant eaters and some are meat eaters.

6.All types of dinosaurs are not ferocious and some species are gentle in nature.

7.Dinosaurs are strictly land dwellers.The could not swim or fly.

8.Dinosaurs lay eggs in nest like some lizards do.

9.Today,we are talking about the shape,features and character of dinosaur which had lived millions of years ago and which we have never seen.Do you know how?The fossil remains(bones)of dinosaurs only helps scientists to learn this much about dinosaurs which we have never seen.

10.Giganotosaurus is the largest flesh-eating dinosaur and it weighs approximately 8 tons.

Mar 26, 2014

Hut Drawing For Kids

Hut Drawing For Kids
Easy Hut drawing

Hut is a small house.
It is made up of using logs,grass,mud,straw,bamboo,stick,leaves.The natural materials which is available around are used to make hut.In Africa huts are made using mud,straw and in India hut is built using logs,sticks and leaves.
Hut Drawing For Kids

Ship Drawing For Kids

1.A large boat is called Ship.
2.A Ship/Vessel is used for travelling on water.
3.The floor of the ship is called Deck.
4.The main body of the ship is called Hull.(includes bottom,sides and deck).
5.Anchor is used to moor a ship to the sea bottom.

ship drawing for kids

Mar 17, 2014

Insects - Drawing,Facts and Rhymes

All about Insects for Kids

Insect Drawing and Facts about Insects.Check the links given below.

1.Insects Rhymes

2.20 Insects with Pictures for Kids




Butterfly drawing and facts for kids

Easy Drawings for Kids

Butterfly drawing 

butterfly drawing for kids

    Quick Facts about Butterfly
  • Butterflies are insects.
  • Butterflies Food : It sips nectar from flowers using its proboscis,a flexible tubular sucking organ or mouth part.
  • Butterflies have four wings and 6 legs.
  • Butterflies are cold-blooded,that is they take the temperature of their surroundings.
  • Butterflies have no eye lids.So they can't close their eyes and sleep or dream.Based on the temperature they stay active or inactive.Being inactive is considered rest or sleep for them.
  • Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet.
  • Butterflies have two eyes.
  • Butterflies have two antennae.It uses its antenna like a nose for breathing and smelling.
  • Life cycle of butterfly - 1.The butterflies lays eggs.

2.The caterpillars(larvae) hatches out from the eggs.
3.The caterpillar becomes a pupa or chrysalis.
4.From the pupa ,the adult butterfly emerges.
5.This life-cycle process is called metamorphosis.

Mar 14, 2014

Bees Drawing and Facts

Easy Drawings for Kids

honey bee drawing for kids

  1. Honey Bees lives in hive.You can see its hive in hollow trees.
  2. Bees has 6 legs and it is a insect.
  3. Bees makes buzzing noise.
  4. Honey Bees has 5 eyes.
  5. Honey Bees gives honey,wax and also greatly helps in pollinating crops.
  6. Bees eat nectar and pollen from flowers.
  7. Bees can fly for long distances in search of flowers.
  8. Bees communicate with other bees and informs about flower location by dancing.
  9. Worker Bees build honeycomb nest.It is a hexagonal shaped layer of wax cells.Queen bees will lay eggs on it.
  10. Honey bees has stings.Usually it uses it to defend  itself but sometimes it stings human also.In that case it is dangerous to both human and bees.
  11. If it sting us,we will be left with pain and that bee will also die.

I have planned to post easy and simple to draw more drawings for kids.If you are interested,Follow me on G+ and get updates.

Mar 13, 2014

Ant Drawing for Kids

Easy Drawings for Kids

Draw Ant using circle and oval.

ant drawing for kids

Click the image for enlarged view
Short Ant Facts 

1.Ant is a tiny insect known for its hard-working nature.Ants can lift up to 50 times their own weight.
2.Similes based on,
Appearance - as tiny as ants
Hardworking - as industrious as an ant
3.Ant has 3 pairs of legs.
4.Ant build ant hills and tunnels.
5.Ants have two long antennae on their head.

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