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May 15, 2015

3 key features of Airtel app

My Airtel app is the most useful and a must app for the subscribers of all Airtel services. Airtel app helps to manage DTH, Broadband, Prepaid & postpaid services, fixed line and all Airtel services in one place. My airtel app shows alerts for low balance, pack expiry and payment due date in my dashboard. It helps me a lot to explore all details at one place.

Here, I like to share about the 3 key features of Airtel app that best suit my lifestyle.

1. Safe and Secured Payments:  My Airtel app helps to recharge and pay bills online securely. It helps to pay my telephone and mobile bills without any hassles. This is the wonderful feature of the Airtel app which I love the most as it offers real time bill tracking. In my free time, in seconds, it helps to pay my bills securely. For paying bills, I need not go outside or stand in queue and spend my time in travelling for paying my telephone bill. Airtel app is the most convenient time saving app. In a hectic daily life, there are times, we use to quarrel about who should pay the bill every month in my family. Airtel app reduces the quarrel in our family and now everyone loves to pay the bill and recharge as it provides amazing offers on every recharge.

 Airtel Surprises coupons on all recharges for the value of recharge is very attractive. Airtel app not only ease our work of paying bills but also gave surprises for using their service. In a busy life, this Airtel app saves time and reduce my tension. Now since it includes zero data charges on app usage, my children are ready to happily recharge for me and get amazing surprises offers and coupons. We all love using Airtel app, it offers exciting rewards on every recharge and surprises on birthday week is an alluring feature.

airtel app.png

It helps to load cash, transfer money, prepaid recharge, booking tickets, bill payment and urgent sending of money to friends and family everything becomes easy with my Airtel app. The payment experience and card store feature is now PCI-DSS certified and so it reduces my tension and ensures a safe, secure and faster check out experience

All my time get sucks with office work and I can't do any work for myself or for my family. Now using airtel app in time, I am able to transfer money, recharge my DTH, internet package and make bill payments. In the busy schedule, before I use to feel helpless and I can't do any work. Now using Airtel app, I am able to help my family members and also get reward for the same.

2. I Want to feature: My Airtel app's new "I Want to" feature allows to make frequent tasks such as recharge of my mobile number quickly from the app’s home screen. It saves my time a lot and reduce my work. This customisable tab greatly helps to set shortcut for frequently done activities. I love this feature and it is of immense helpful to do my frequent task quickly.

3. Airtel Live: I can log on to Airtel Live and get news updates instantly. This feature helps me a lot, to stay update and suits my lifestyle to read news instantly when I am free at anytime and anywhere.

May 6, 2015

EkNayiLeague is all about Success

At first sight of watching Kapil's videos, I thought #EkNayiLeague may be a new game show. The great cricketer Kapil Dev, in all his videos talks about playing NayiLeague with all mind, to win rather than with heart. So I think it may be some quiz show which requires participants to answer questions or solve puzzles.

In his you tube videos, he has mentioned about great celebrities from different fields like Yuvraj Singh, Sania Mirza, Kapil Sharma and M.S. Dhoni. He talked about the great achievers and has appreciated their wonderful performance.

 Kapil Dev has told, in some way his NayiLeague is different. I am puzzled how to interpret his videos and really pondering what is #EkNayiLeague about?

I think, he conveys message to society that,"Everyone can win in life if they listen to their mind rather than heart". #EkNayiLeague may not be a girl thing or boy thing, similarly it may not be related to cricket or tennis, since he has talked about male and female popular personalities from different fields. EkNayiLeague may be a movie about being successful in life. And because of that he may have showcased about successful people in his videos to inspire everyone to live with positive thoughts and win in life.

EkNayiLeague may be a new inspiring story book about optimism and being successful in life. It may be all about being strong, following mind and staying self-confident.

The power of doing things with heart rather than mind leads to failure is his message. But one big question is, why in all his videos he invited public to follow him on Twitter.

EkNayiLeague is going to be something very big and talk of the town. It may be a movie or game show or some group created for a social cause but definitely it is going to catch everyone's attention because of great player Kapil and definitely it is going to be successful.


Is it a game app which contains mind challenging games? Possibly it may be some big game show going to be hosted by Kapil Dev with interesting mind challenging games.

EkNayiLeague may be some good thing started by Kapil to encourage and motivate society for a positive successful life. Doing things will all heart fails and he insist to do everything with mind to win and succeed.

EkNayiLeague may be a social Welfare group created to build and promote good, positive and healthy mind. Success follows a sound mind and successful people do things with all mind rather than heart.

Like me, if you are also puzzled about what the video is all really about, you can follow Kapil Dev on Twitter and his future updates may give answer to our question.

Till that let us make happy guesses...

Apr 13, 2015

Redefine Your Smart Phone Experience with the New ASUS Zenfone 2

         The Smart Phone has become the part and parcel of our life. It has become an essential gadget for living this modern life. A Smart Phone is like our timeline, allows to share and stay connected and updated. Our entertainment, contacts, appointments, remainders and alerts everything is locked in our phone. Today, phones are the wake up alarms for many of us and from the time we wake up and the end until we go to bed, we are dependent on our phone for all our daily activities.

 The New ASUS Zenfone 2 is designed for the modern life requirements. It takes less time to charge and extends more support . It redefines the smart phone experience and delivers a new level of empowering luxury to everyone.

Here I like to share 5 Reasons on Why I feel the ASUS Zenfone 2 could redefine my smart phone experience.

1. ASUS Zenfone 2 gets Charged at Double the Speed:

          In a modern life scenario, time is an important factor in everyone's life. We want every thing to happen quick without delay. When we set in to home from office after a day's work we need some relaxation. After a day's use from morning, usually my battery will get low in the evening and obstructs my entertainment. I have to wait long time until my phone get charged to hang out with friends, to play games or to communicate with others.

 ASUS BoostMaster Technology can Charge Phone At Double The Speed so Less Time Waiting and More Time Enjoyment.  ASUS Zenfone 2  uses ASUS BoostMaster technology which is the ASUS-exclusive technology which charges devices much faster and make battery juiced up to 60% in no more than 39 minutes. Hooray, the ASUS Zenfone 2 can get charged at double the speed than other phones and I feel its high speed charging and less time waiting could really redefine my smart phone experience.

2. Instant Capture:  

              ASUS ZenFone 2's 13 MP PixelMaster camera and f/2.0-aperture lens can capture stunning, high-resolution photos. ASUS Zenfone 2  pixel-merging technology allows to capture brighter photos in low-light scene without using flash. In my phone camera, shutter lag problem was there, that is there will be a delay between taking a photo and the actual shot being captured. It sometimes annoys me while capturing fast moving things. But with ASUS Zenfone 2 's zero shutter lag, instant capture of things without delay is possible. This is really an amazing feature which I feel could redefine my smartphone experience.

3. Fast Performance:

                 ZenFone 2 is the world's first 4 GB RAM phone and with its faster 2.3GHz 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor it delivers powerful all round high speed performance and so I can enjoy slick web surfing, watch videos, play games and can do multi-task without delay. 

4. User-friendly:

                          ZenFone 2 is gorgeous with its all-new ergonomic design and looks elegant with its graceful curved case which provides exceptional comfort and a secure grip. It has 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display and so everything will be bigger, brighter and more beautiful.

The shutter button and the rear-mounted volume control key is ideally positioned for the user’s index finger which enhance our convenience and give greater user experience.


5. Great Experience:

ZenUI has amazing features like ZenMotion which give quick access to frequently viewed features, SnapView, a security feature which ensures privacy, Trend Micro™ security gives total mobile web browsing security and ZenUI Instant Updates allows to keep ZenUI apps up to date. 

ASUS Zenfone 2 delivers great performance, enhance usability, ensure security and privacy and thus redefined my smart phone experience. 

Mar 30, 2015

Digitalization is the Key to Transformation

E-Governance is an excellent initiative to transform India into a digitally empowered society.

To ACHIEVE this Vision:

1. Access to Knowledge:

                                   Knowledge has the power to transform a society. Education is the gateway to gain that knowledge. Building a digitally literate society requires imparting digital skills to its citizens. Uninterrupted power is a prime need and fast internet connectivity should be available to people at an affordable price. Citizens must be economically viable and essential infrastructure must be provided to build a digitally enabled India. Cloud Computing, Broadband connections and gadgets like Mobile Phones and tablets are inventions blessed for this generation and we have to tap this invention to provide educational opportunities to all sections of people in India, for enhancing their quality of education, for providing chipper resources which is happening in the world and for delivering information at their fingertips in a quick and fast mode.

E-Governance can flourish and achieve Digital India vision when its people become educated and computer literate. Education removes fear and make people confident and enables them to voluntarily come forward and exploit the E-Government services offered to them.

The transformation of the current education system is required to achieve Digital India Vision. To increase the technological literacy in India, the school and college curriculum should integrate Information and Communication Technology into their teaching and learning process and this alone can provide the best opportunities to their people to learn and use modern technology and gain technical skill.

Government, Public, Industrial sectors and other Institutions has to play their role with co-operation to achieve Digital India Vision. Intel  has launched " Digital Skills for India" program to impart digital literacy and "Innovative for India" program to bring technological innovation. This initiative by Intel with social responsibility has to be greatly appreciated. The transformation of society and economy is essential to create a digitally enabled India.

The knowledge society with skills can alone bring growth, development, technology innovation and progress. Innovations helps to provide improved technology solutions to the people, which are affordable, accessible and easy to use.

Digitally literate people will comfortably start using E-Government services online and will make E-Governance successful in achieving its Digital India Vision.

2. Access to Information:

                              People should be well informed. Digitization of information is vital for the easy and convenient access of people. The Government has to furnish all information needed to citizens in online. The Government staffs have to be given training and all sharing of information, communication and transaction must be in online. All government websites must be user-friendly with complete information. In this case, E-Governance can provide better services to the public in a convenient, transparent, efficient and reliable way. For example, online submission, electronic documentation of land records, court cases, property registration, birth certificate, e-Aadhaar Identity Card enables quick future reference, avoid duplication and delay, saves time, reduces cost and offers mobility. If documents are electronically archived, they can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It also reduces the risk of  theft and fire damage. Digitization of government services speed up the processes and eliminates the immoralities like bribing and red-tapism, simplifies and ease the task of citizens and paves way to good governance.

Information on job opportunities, government scheme introduced for the welfare of people, procedure for online application of Passport and similarly all kinds of information required for public should be available in online allowing free access to citizens. This creates public awareness and make them informed and be responsible, participate and co-operate for the successful functioning of the e-governance to achieve its Digital India Vision.

Digitalization is the Key.png

Technology has become the integral part in our day to day life. It is changing our daily life, social communication, work life and everything. It has the power to bring positive socio-economic changes in the country. E-governance through technology can bring transformation in the areas of education, health, industry, governance and can bring major positive changes in the economy like industrial growth, increased employment opportunities, knowledge society, technology innovation, rural prosperity and transparent society, leaving no room for the Government to conceal any information from the citizens.

It is foremost important that E-Governance must provide all government information and services to citizens and organisations in a convenient and accessible way.  Like Intel, all technology giants should come forward and work together to achieve Digital India Vision. To conclude, the knowledgeable and Informed citizens are the empowered citizens and with their co-operation e-governance can accelerate its vision of  #DigitalIndia.

Mar 24, 2015

Top 6 Things Start Doing with the new Moto E

#ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the new Moto E and have this amazing experience.

1. Take selfies:

                       The new Moto E has a front-facing camera for taking selfies with your loved ones and friends.

2. Capture and Share Videos and Pictures:

                           Just twist your wrist to open the camera app and enjoy capturing photos and videos instantly with great ease. It has 5-megapixel auto-focus rear camera with burst mode, 4*digital zoom, panorama, and HDR. The new Moto E has a sharp and clear screen with 4.5-inch display, a comfortable size to hold in one's hand and handle. The new Moto E has colorful bands on the top which are interchangeable. I like this feature as it gives a new look to the phone every day and gives better grip and also protects the phone from the danger of slipping down. I love its new 3G version and it is really amazing. With Android Lollipop in new Moto E, you can stay connected with your friends anywhere, join video calls, and can also capture and share photos and videos in a high speed with smart Internet connections which are speed and secure.

3. Do task Faster and Quick:

                           The new Moto E runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU and another important thing, it is running on the latest OS - Android 5.0 Lollipop and alongside it has 1 GB RAM, 8 GB ROM for storage and it is expandable up to 32 GB using the external micro SD card. It has blue tooth and  it is Wi-Fi enabled. And so, without doubt, with Android Lollipop in new Moto E, you can watch streaming video shows, ART run time enables optimized application performance, play games, capture videos and photos, enjoy real-time navigation and its latest software enables users to handle tasks quickly from Internet Banking to online share trading without hassle and you can download more music and apps and also you can share them faster.  In short, the new Moto E is the great phone which gives users a premium smartphone experience in an affordable price.


4. Show with Pride:

                          The new Moto E has a slightly curved back and its attractive design makes it look elegant and stylish. One need not worry about scratches and minor knocks as its display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.  It has an anti-smudge coating and I like to say it as a great premium feature of this new Moto E model because it keeps the fingerprints away. No smudges and so you can carry a phone which looks almost new even after you play games and use a lot. Additionally, you can spice up and customize the look of your new Moto E by just interchanging the top bands. The interchangeable backs called Motorola shells gives protection and new look to your phone every day and you can carry it with pride.

The new Moto E running with Android Lollipop has material design which is colorful and mind-blowing. It also responds to touch in an intuitive way which makes you love your new Moto E more and more.

5. Share the Love:

             The new Moto E has multiple user account option. Assign guest mode which has only limited access to calling and texting when you want to share your device with others. This feature protects your privacy and so without tension, you can spread the love of Moto E by sharing your phone with your friends, family and others for experiencing excellent call quality and for other purposes.

You can also share the love of new Moto E with your kids without tension as it is water-resistant. Secondly, the screen pinning feature allows the child to access the particular app or page and they can't navigate anywhere else and so you can share your Moto E device with your child. It has long battery that can last up to 24 hours of usage so you need not bother about battery even if your child play games. The new Moto E has Android Beam which lets you share a file with someone nearby by gently tapping the two devices together.

6. Do Your Work without Interruption:

                    * Customize the theme and icons in your new Moto E phone. Get premium Moto experiences like Moto Display for notifications and updates without interruptions of  work and Moto Migrate to quickly and easily transfer contacts, photos and videos to your new phone.

                    * Customize when and how you should receive messages and incoming calls and as a result, you won't get interrupted when you are playing or doing any other task. So with this feature, you can get interrupted only when you want to be. In this, sensitive content can be hided and you can also set, to get notifications only from certain people by turning on the Priority mode.

                    * Easily you can view and respond to messages directly from your lock screen itself.

                    * Use Android Smart Lock to easily unlock your phone,  multi-tasking another useful feature which helps to switch apps easier and for many tasks, it is helpful. Battery power saving mode support is  provided and many more features are in the new Moto E to help you do your work without interruption.

Hope, you all love the six things which I  #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E!

Stress Busting Healthy Recipes Kindles Me

Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta are healthier and lip-smacking. I checked out their recipes page and got amazed with their huge variety of nutritious recipe collection. Breakfast is the important meal of the day. A healthy choice of breakfast helps to kick start our day with full energy. Skipping breakfast occurs for two reasons. First, lack of time and second is getting mundane with the staple breakfast recipes. Kellogg's Breakfast cereals gives you hand to come out of this problem and also provides us a nutritious breakfast choice to explore.

Mrs. Gupthaji uses Kellogg's ready-to-eat breakfast cereals for preparing breakfast. It helps her to prepare breakfast in less time and skipping breakfast for time factor won't happen to Gupta's family.

Mrs. Gupthaji prepares many contemporary mouth watering healthy recipes with Kellogg's breakfast cereals. They are  naturally low in fat, rich in complex carbohydrates, provides nutrients and essential vitamins such as iron, B vitamins and zinc which are needed to make the most of every day. Ready-to-eat Kellogg's breakfast cereals are great as they help to gain healthy body weights.

 Breakfast gives energy to begin our day and breaking the fast is called breakfast and so we mustn't skip it. After long sleeping hours, breakfast is our first meal which helps to break our long fasting period and gives energy for the day. Similarly, right choice of a healthy breakfast is also crucial to start a great day.


 A little change and mix-ins in our food can make our breakfast the best meals of our day. Kellogg's cereals stimulate both kids and adults to have their breakfast every morning and one cannot skip or resist their tongue from tasting Mrs. Guptaji's lovely healthy recipes.

Guptaji ka Family uses Kellogg's "Anaaj ka Naastha" which is made from the choicest Indian wheat, corn and rice to have the same Indian food feel, but they prepare food in a new and healthier way without much ghee and oil. Mrs. Guptaji  is a forte in cooking healthy dishes. With different combinations of vegetables and fruits, in an innovative way she uses Kellogg's cereals (corn flakes, wheat flakes and oats) and prepares scrumptious and healthier recipes. Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta are wholesome, nourishing, palatable and additionally also stocked with the energy and nutrients we needed in the morning to start our day.

Ready-to-eat Kellogg's Breakfast cereals are the best choice for having a nutritious breakfast every morning.

Mrs. Guptaji's  Breakfast recipes are unique, healthy and delicious. Specifically Corn flakes Chana Chaat, Fruity Yogurt Cup, Peach Corn flakes, Date Shake, Corn flakes Khatta Moong, Cheesy Corn flakes all are toothsome. Ready-to-eat breakfast cereal consumption enhances milk and calcium intake in our daily diet. Mrs. Guptaji's recipes  satisfy our taste buds and helps us to stay fit and healthy. The stress busting and smile inducing recipes of Mrs. Guptaji kindles me to go to their home for nashta.

Mar 22, 2015

35 Things that Radiates my Face

Check out the list of simple things which bring a smile to my face.

  1. Playing Shuttlecock makes me happy.
  2. Chatting with friends makes me happy.
  3. I feel energetic and ecstatic, when I hug and kiss my son.
  4. Eating chat foods, drinking coke make me happy.
  5. Elephant ride and even a glimpse of Elephant makes me to smile.
  6. My son always appears with a pleasant smile on his face. He spread his smile to people around him and that brings me more delight. His excitable chatter which almost sounds like babbling brings smile in my face.
  7. Playing with bouncing ball and balloon makes me happy.
  8. The look of a neat home, cleaning the home and arranging things in proper place makes me happy.
  9. My daughter is five years old. She uses to draw some pictures and tell us a story based on that picture with her imagination. She recites slokas perfectly. Her love and care for her brother makes me wonder. She likes to do all work herself. Her attitude of trying to do the work independently makes me happy. Watching my kids activities, makes my face beam with happiness.
  10. Completing my daily tasks in time makes me happy.
  11. I always keep some plans in mind to do a task or to learn something within a day or time period. If I did it according to my planned schedule, I feel very satisfied and happy.
  12. When someone appreciates me or my kids, I feel very proud and happy.
  13. Rising sun, blooming flowers, beautiful moon and stars everything delight me.
  14. Playing in water gives me happiness. It may be in the sea, or waterfalls or in small pool everything brings smile to my face.
  15. Preparing kids favorite food makes me happy. If they eat it properly, I use to get double happiness.

  16. Celebrations and festivals with family members at home gives me happiness.
  17. Hanging out with family members gives me happiness. It may be a short walk, or long tour or visit to temple everything makes me happy.
  18. Puppies play, calf's walk, birds sound everything delights me.
  19. Singing bhajans gives me joy.
  20. Love to hear songs with high volume and singing together with the audio gives me happiness.
  21. Watching juggling videos make me happy.
  22. Exploring new words gives me happiness
  23. The glimpse of the Google search page gives me happiness. I am an ardent lover of Google Search. I enjoy browsing, surfing and feeding my brain.
  24. Wallowing in love thoughts gives me happiness.
  25. Wearing new dress makes me happy.
  26. Going to my native place makes me happy.
  27. Kids smile, fun and frolic radiates my face.
  28. Receiving a call or message from loved ones makes me happy.
  29. Travelling in the train makes me happy.
  30. Fighting with my brother makes me happy.
  31. Making others happy gives me happiness.
  32. Friday night going to bed brings smile on my face as I can sleep without keeping alarm, need not worry about next day's breakfast or any work.
  33. Taking selfies with my kids makes me happy.
  34. If the share price rises as I predicted, it gives me happiness.
  35. If my kids obey my words, I feel very happy as I have someone to listen and follow me.

Mar 15, 2015

The memorable day of my life

Last Year, my uncle had arranged a family get together and invited all the family members to a resort in Mahabalipuram. I went with my hubby and we reached the location by 5.30 am. That family get together day was the most memorable day in my life.

My grand parents are witty, joyful and humorous couples. They are the eldest couples and a great valuable treasure for our entire family. We all did charan sparsh to grand parents and got blessings from them.

From young age, I feel very happy when my grand parents bless me and their affectionate words gives me the energy to start the fresh day. As a child, their sweet blessings use to make me happier and I use to believe, my day is going to be lucky and good as per their words. After a longtime, that get together gave me a chance to get early morning sweet blessings from them and as their blessings, the day turned great and wonderful.

 Nearly fifty members including children were sitting in a line and we all together worshiped Sun God, did Surya Namaskar and  recited Adhitya Hrudayam together. That was the unforgettable sun rise in my life and also very happy to hear the godly voice of my grand father reciting Adhitya Hrudayam after longtime.

Then from puranas, my grand father told the story of Prahlada. We all knew the story but everyone without a distraction in silence listened and enjoyed the great story of Prahlada because of my grand father's witty and humorous way of story-telling.

We all had breakfast and then started chatting with each other. After marriage, I and my husband were living in an apartment. After he goes to work, usually I use to have my breakfast alone. That day, I enjoyed having breakfast with my whole family. I felt I came to a new world after seeing my cousin, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles together.

And the most wonderful thing is seeing their children also together. Just had good fun watching the fight, play, cry, dance and smile of children.

Then elders, we also played some fun games and enjoyed a lot not because the game was funny but because we were all playing together.

Everyone's happiness was multiplied after seeing the happy faces of each other. Some fulfillness in heart I experienced that day.

We had our lunch and took some rest and evening we enjoyed singing Ram Bhajan together and later spent time in beach and had more play, music, fun and dance forgetting the age.

Life is so blissful when we are together with our family. I enjoyed a lot that day and returned to home with happy heart. The day gave me a new energy, strength and motivation to go on and look up life with optimism.

Mar 10, 2015

Big changes in my life

I got a amount from my ancestral property. My husband wants to put the entire amount in fixed deposit. He always loves to be in the safer side. He likes to live a secured life. Even, like everyone I prefers the same but  I want to come up in life with that money. So I am not much interested in selecting the fixed deposit option. We both are working individuals and we don't have any business background and so we were scared to start a new business. We have two kids and our financial needs increases day by day. So in a profitable way, we both want to invest the amount. But were confused in taking a decision.

I wanted to buy a land with that amount. I felt investment in land could fetch some good returns in future. But my family members are not interested and even my hubby never accepted my plans. Actually, monthly salary is the only source of income for us. It is mostly spent in meeting the day to day needs and for our family expenses. It is impossible for us with our current earnings to  earn this amount. My point is, fixed deposits can't fetch attractive income in future for the amount invested.

 So I don't want to miss this opportunity. It is impossible for us to create this surplus amount. When we don't have surplus money, there is no possibility of making investments. Every month, salary is getting credited and spent. That was happening with us and in spite of thinking a lot, we got no clues to improve our lifestyle. From monthly salary, expecting a big change in life is not possible.

Big changes in my life

First time in life, I had surplus money in hand, it means I have money in hand to invest and gain some other income apart from my salary. I considered the amount I got as big opportunity to improve my lifestyle. So boldly I went with my decisions against my family.

I bought a land as per my plan in my place. I believe in diversification, so with another half amount I did gold trading. My entire family scolded as I took risky decisions as per my wish. But I felt I need to take this big bold decision to enhance my lifestyle. Since I know I won't get this opportunity gain, without giving much importance to others opinion, I did what I planned to multiply my money and enhance my life.

Since I did everything without the consent of my hubby and family members, I never got any support from them. Those are bitter days in my life. My husband was angry and stopped talking to me as I was taking risk with the money without listening him.

I was worried but I never gave up my decision. Initially, it was difficult but later I started making good profits from gold trading. Similarly, the land I bought also got appreciated and its value got multiplied beyond my predictions in few years.

Before, we lived in a rented house with a budget lifestyle waiting for monthly salary. Now I am happy in my own house and tremendous changes happened in my life because of my bold decisions which I took that day. If thinking about risk, like them if I have dropped my decision, now in my life I can't expect big changes from fixed deposit returns. I would have lived same life without a home, car and budget life without any luxury or entertainment. I took a bold step and now I am enjoying a new life proudly. Now all my family members including my hubby is appreciating for my wise and bold decision.

Mar 6, 2015

20 Things which make Baby Happy

In this post, I have shared 20 things which make my baby happy.

1. My baby loves to play peekaboo. Whenever we play peekaboo, he starts laughing and will become more energetic and happy.

2. He will become crazy and cracks up continuously, when I tickle him.

3. He enjoys watching rhymes videos and television ads. He likes imitating the actions and sounds in the video.

4. I will give him a heap of colorful balls in a basket. He likes playing with them. In no time he uses to throw the balls everywhere and empty the basket. Every time when he picks a ball, he becomes amused. He use to have great fun while jumping and throwing the ball all around.

5.  He is amused to watch puppies frolic in the garden. He giggles and enjoys when puppy chases and licks his feet.

6. When I make funny faces or some animal noise, he is highly amused.

7. When I tell him stories with actions and sounds, he enjoys a lot.

8. He becomes amused while playing hide and seek.

9. My hugs and kisses makes him happier.

10. He likes to go a ride on the bike.

11. While having food, if  his stomach becomes satiated, immediately he will show happy smiling face and will start to play and walk here and there.

12. He will get excited when I say something in his ears.

Pampers baby dry pants

13. He starts laughing when I touch his finger and toes one by one. We use to play finger games and he goes very crazy when I say touching his finger, "one day, little Mary went market and bought carrot and ate (will make chomps, eating action and sounds) and touching second finger, I use to tell some stories and make an action. My son enjoys this game a lot. I use to pretend like biting his finger and toes while playing the game, he likes that very much.

14. He will sit in the bathtub filled with water with his bath toys. So he will be very happy while taking bath with his toys.

15. He use to have uninterrupted frolic and fun after taking bath, if he is dressed conveniently with New Pampers Baby Dry Pants. It keeps him very happy for longtime up to 12 hours as its magic gel locks in moisture and keeps his skin dry inside.

16.  Blowing raspberries on belly gives him a tickling sensation and he laughs like anything uncontrollably when I make him.

17. When I blow bubbles, he loves to touch and catch the bubbles.

18. When I carry him on my back or make him sit on my back with my hands and legs down like an elephant, he enjoys very much that elephant ride.

19. If I laugh at him, he too starts laughing seeing my happy face. If I pretend to chase and catch him, he uses to become very excited and start laughing.

20. When I feed him sweet things, he will become very happier.