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My Hair

My Hair

I have brown,rough,thick and dry hair.I love my hair as it is very much.
But since it is rough and thick,i feel very difficult to comb.
Even if i apply loads of oil,it used to get dried up very soon.
In busy times also,my hair neither wont cooperate to get ready soon nor to style and set it.
Situation goes worst on days of hair bath.My grand ma use to comment my hair as Porcupine.Thread like hair,can make garland out of your hair is her popular saying while combing my hair.

"I love my hair as it latter
Porcupine and garland thread was my love
Revitalized by a crown called trustworthy dove
Bringing glimpses of beauty to my hair".

For my loving hair,routine small care as follows-

I will keep my comb clean,weekly twice hair bath.
Daily applying coconut oil then i will comb my hair couple of times a day.

These are the small things i do to maintain my lovely hair.

To moisturize my dry hair i use almond oil,olive oil and coconut oil.Using coconut oil i will massage my scalp.Indian Gooseberry,hibiscus mixed with coconut oil,some home made preparation i will make and apply.Olive oil i will apply  before taking hair bath .
I will follow balanced diet.I will keep a check about intaking food from different food groups in my diet.

Greasy,sticky and time consuming yet to maintain my dry hair i followed above methods.Cold prone allergic people like me cant use dahi or other materials having strong odours to maintain hair.

These methods are irritating and again time consuming.

Diet,iron,vitamins,minerals everything sounds like funerals for me.

Yet i do everything as i love my hair.i wont feel happy or beautiful because all these time-consuming process makes me tired.Hair will get tangled,loss of hair and to curb further hair problems and to manage my hair i followed the above.

Launch of Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range

"Love love love
Dove dove dove
Dawn of dove
warn off hair forlornly".

Warn off my hair problems.No more time consuming methods by looking for different oils which are greasy and sticky. Dove Nourishing Oil Shampoo and Conditioner instantly smooths up my rough and dry hair leaving no greasiness on the outside.

"With nourishing dove,Beauty flourishes,
   With nourishing dove,Beauty flourishes,
   And sailed in my life".

My First observation on applying Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner

*No strong odour so i may not worry about allergic catch of cold.

Special thing which i observed about Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo and Conditioner

*Normal shampoos after washing makes dry not only my hair but also my skin.After shampooing because of dryness in skin i feel itching sensation mainly in my hands.With Dove no such itching or allergy sensation.

Using Dove Nourishing Oil care Range,all i could feel is moisture in my skin and hair even after shampooing.

I cant bluff that my hair changed very soft and shining.But my hair changed from thread and started looking like hair.Before i dont like touching my hair after shampooing.Dove makes to feel my hair as a hair.

After shampooing using normal shampoos,my bathroom outlets used to get blocked with my hair.

But with Dove,all i could feel is its love for hair and very very less hair fall only.

Another wonder or surprise happened in my life.It was the day when i used Dove's New Nourishing vita oil Serum.It helps to comb and style my hair in a very short time that too after taking hair bath.Usually hair bath days are gloomy days for me.While taking hair bath,hair falls.Then while combing another bunch of hair.End result,time is wasted,cant style my hair,felt very tired and no happiness in heart.

But with Dove, magic, magic, full of magic that too in its first use itself.

Continuing to Dove shampoo and conditioner,i used serum.No tussle between my hair.In short time i styled my hair the way i like.In these 28yrs dove alone helped me to escape from bunch of hair fall on hair bath day.

Along with this hair products,Dove's nourshing oil care Repair mask also jointly plays vital role and helps to bring life and vibrance back to my dull hair. In all its ways it helps in improving hair softness,reducing roughness and hairfall,and also nourishes and helps to maintain hair.

Dove made my day beautiful.Heart bounced with joy and happiness.My beauty spiced up with Dove.

"Welcoming endless whims and fancies,
Retiring tiresome greasy sticky oils,
Heart bounced with joy and
Beauty spiced up with dove".

My Wow moments is with my dove.Some of my wow moments which makes me feel happier from heart and look beautiful are

1.Touch of my hair while using dove shampoo and conditioner
2.No hair fall after shampooing and while combing hair
3.Wonder of serum which helps to stlye my thick hair easily in short time
4.Pampering the beauty of my hair after using dove.
5.Bidding Bye to old time consuming methods and use of lovely dove for my lovely hair,with its simple and easy ways to nourish and maintain.

As a consumer what i felt is, Dove as trustworthy because Dove made its end user to feel the benefits written in the hair product pamphlets even in their first use.

"Dove showerd its blessings,
Facing towards my love,
Gloomy days are changed,
Tears and sorrows are vanished".

More than that Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range products is designed suitable for all kind of skin and hair without allergic sensation.

On the whole, New Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range warn off my worries about hair problems.It is easy and very simple to use without allergy,irritation and time consuming.

"Dove for my divine love,
Hoards beauty in it and
Loads happiness in life".

 As an Indiblogger,submitting this post for Dove's “Love your Hair and it loves you back” blogger contest .


  1. Cool Post and best of luck for the competition.

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    Haircules Speaketh!

    Love is Two way street.

    Do promote / vote for them if you find them interesting :)

    Keep Blogging :)

  2. nice captivating post!!
    u can check my post at Qvendo!! and u can also hit fb like overdere!! :)

  3. The picture of porcupine was hilarious..what a thought. Nice usage of poems.Thanks for the tips!

  4. @bmoneyware : Thank u very much for ur appreciation.

  5. Well written post,all d best.
    Hope u like and promote my post "The Girl i loved"
    Check out sure ul like my post.

  6. "Welcoming endless whims and fancies,
    Retiring tiresome greasy sticky oils,
    Heart bounced with joy and
    Beauty spiced up with dove".

    i like these lines........specially beauty spiced with dove

  7. Thank You Maya.This is my first experience to write poem.I was really very anxious to publish the post as it reaches the whole world.But i like this new and different experience of writing poem.whether i wrote correct or not but i enjoyed a lot.

    Even i like that line very much.Thanks a Lot.


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