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How to select food from different Food Groups?

Food can be divided into different groups. We need to eat from each of the groups to stay healthy. Food also gives the body the energy it needs for all growth and repair of our body, normal body functions like our heartbeat, breathing, and for activities such as walking, riding a bike, swimming,skateboarding or playing football.

Different Food Groups

 Food Groups
 Food Groups


2.Bread,Other Cereals&Potatoes


4.*Foods Containing Fat

*Foods Containing Sugar

5.Milk & Dairy Foods

How to select food from different Food Groups

It is important that we eat the right amounts of food from each of the groups. It’s a bit like building blocks – we have to balance the blocks carefully to make sure we get the correct nutrients, otherwise the body will not work properly. The biggest proportion of our food should come from bread, potatoes and cereal, and fruit and vegetables. Milk and dairy foods, and meat, fish or alternatives should follow this. Only small amounts of food containing fats and sugars should be eaten.


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