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World’s Leading Grammar and Spell Checker

Expand your opportunities - Write without embarrassing mistakes

    English Grammar Workbook For DummiesGinger is the leading contextual spelling and grammar checker. Writing an email, a Word document or posting a blog or a comment on Facebook and tired of making embarrassing mistakes? Ginger is here to help you. Ginger’s automatic correction enables you to write error-free texts with unprecedented accuracy. Based on full sentence context, Ginger will automatically correct even your most severe spelling and grammatical mistakes. Whether you confuse the “to” and “too” or “there” and “their”, you are a creative speller, grammar is not your strength or you are an English learner, Ginger will upgrade your writing.

  • Most extensive spelling & grammar check on the market
  • Proofreading in any application in a single click
  • Improve your English writing - learn from your mist

Ginger is designed as a writing and learning platform. Not only will Ginger correct your text, it will also help you learn from your mistakes. Ginger’s unique learning platform will prepare a personalized instruction course for you, based on an automatic analysis of your writing and tailored to your specific needs. The courses include multi-media lessons,exercises and tests. Ginger reads your text to you. The Ginger Text- To -Speech reader reads aloud texts in emails, documents and web pages in a high quality voice, highlighting the word being read. This will help you proofread your work, improve your pronunciation, reduce foreign accent, and encourage you to concentrate and finish reading the text. You can adjust the voice, speed and volume of thereader.
What others say about Ginger. Ginger Software has been receiving rave reviews from users, teachers, students and the industry.
Ginger supports MS-Word, MS-Outlook, MS-PowerPoint, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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