Ideas Aswatha and her hundred percent successful straight hair story

Aswatha was a young cheerful girl.Nothing can go out of  notice from her eyes.She is a good observer and listener.She was noticeable in school for her beautiful curly hair and friendly loving smile.

She loves going to school earlier in time to spend more time with her friends.One day in the school,she was standing with her friends in the corridor near to the playground.

A pretty girl with long straight hair walked opposite to them.She was admired by everyone including Aswatha.

Aswatha's eyes popped opened at the sight of the lovely long straight hair.The upbeat thoughts about curly hair turned negative in her mind.

She went home and asked  her mom about the curly hair which she has.

In return,her mother inquired. Aswatha narrated the whole incident happened in the school.

To reduce her anxiety, Aswatha's mother explained her about the different types of hair.She added that some people have straight hair and some curly and other group have both curly and straight hair mixed.The type of hair depends on the shape of our hair follicle and  genes she said.

Finally Aswatha's mother convinced her by saying that Aswatha's father and herself have curly hair and that's the reason for her curly hair saying she ended the conversation.

Aswatha can't control her desire for straight hair.She cried and asked her mother to straighten her hair.

Her mother responded her sweetly telling that she is looking very cute with the curly hair.She got cooled after hearing the praise of words of her mother.

But mom I m not going to give up my desire.I still remember your powerful words - "Try,try until you reach your desires".So please allow me to try,she insisted her mother to give permission to straighten the hair.

Since she don't want to disappoint her daughter she agreed.She asked Aswatha not to do things which will hurt.She reminded her to keep in mind that, "God always gives the best to us" and left the place telling her to be careful.

Now Aswatha started thinking about the ways to straighten her hair.

*She thought cutting the curly edges of her hair.

*Exposing her curly edges to fire using match sticks

*Toasting her hair

*Ironing her hair

*Setting out to parlour

The chemical products and the fire may hurt and damage her hair.

Being an obedient girl, Aswatha strictly followed her mother's words.She dropped all her risky ideas and cracked her mind for some cool ideas.

One day after having a hair bath,she brushed her hair in wet.

To her surprise,all the curly edges looked straight when she brushed the hair in wet.

But her happiness ended in a short period.

As soon as the hair got dried up,her hair again turned up curly.

Being a young sportive girl,She thought that fifty percent she had found the way to fulfill her desire.

Later one fine day after thinking for hours and days together,the young chic came with a solution which she believed it to be perfect.

She wants her hair to be wet for all the time to keep her hair straight.

She sprayed the water in her hair and tried to keep it wet whenever it get dried.

Then she made jaggery solution  by heating water and jaggery.

Similar way she prepared sugar solution by heating sugar and water.

Both preparation gave her shiny sticky solution.She decided to use both the ideas seperately.

Since wetting the hair is getting dried up,this time Aswatha tried a way little bit different.

First she washed her hair.Then she heated the caster oil and applied in her hair. Quickly,she brushed  her hair in the heat moisture of the sticky oil.Her hair looked healthy,shiny and straight.

To be more sure and to stop turning her hair curly,

she applied over it the above mentioned jaggery solution.

And another day she applied the sugar solution over it following the same procedure.

She keep on finding new ideas with improvement in her results.

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