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How Do Flowers Get Their Scent?

Flowering plants expels a diverse range of scent. It may surprise you to know, that there are about 400,000 varieties of flowering plant species in the world. Each flower species emits a unique fragrance into the air to attract pollinators and communicate with other plants.

 The fragrance of no two flower species are the same.

How do these flowers get their fragrance and what's the secret behind that...Let us know..

 Certain essential oils (also called as volatile oils) are found in many different plants. These oils contain wide range of chemical compounds. The mixture of these volatile aroma compounds, evaporates on contact with air and emits distinctive fragrance.

 The type of scent a flower releases varies according to the chemical compound combination in the essential oil.

In flowers, the essential oils (a wide range of chemical compounds) are mostly found in the petals.

The petals of a flower emits fragrance due to the presence of essential oils and various scent compounds in it. Flower petals are widely used for making perfumes. The essential oil which is responsible to emit fragrance can be found in any parts of the plant. It is mostly found in flower part of a plant (Eg: rose) and also in leaves (Eg: mint), fruits (Eg: orange, lemon), bark (Eg: cinnamon), wood (Eg: cedar), roots (Eg: ginger) and seeds (Eg: almond, cardamom).


Some fragrances enhances our mood and relieves stress. Do you believe in it? How many different flower fragrance have you sniffed? Does any fragrance soothes your mind? Share with us about the fragrance which allures you.


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