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My joyous childhood memories of Holi

Holi is the important festival for our family. Every year, we go to our native place to celebrate this fun and frolic colorful festival. It is a sweet day in the year because my mom used to prepare variety of yummy sweets. Those mouth watering sweets tickles my tongue and I tasting it with my family, relations and friends. The whole family will attend for morning pooja and after bhajans and aarthi,  My grandma allows to taste delicious home made sweets. Then we starts our enjoyment part. I use to chase my sister and other friends and throw colors on them. We family, friends and relations father and meet together, share sweets among each other, play games, dance, sing and whole day will be full of amusement fun and laugh.

I use to feel that I am the happiest person in the world in the day of Holi. People carry water filled balloons, guns and colored powder everywhere chasing others with smiling radiant face. From young ones to elders, everyone enjoy the day forgetting all worries like kids. We apply coloring on each others face and use to take group photos. We make fun and laugh at each others funny face. We go outing to public places like parks to watch other people celebratring Holi. To ease stomach, yummy sweets play a big part onthat day. Big entertainment is seeing happy colored faces everywhere cladded in vibrant colored dresses.

Colors adds cheer to my mind and celebrating HOli is the happiest thing for me in the world. Then best part is we wear traditional dress and walk the streets playing, drums, music and dance. Then, I watch Holi programme telecasted on television for sometime.

With family, compulsorily we make a visit to Temple on that day. Then another beautiful thing is rangoli, marigold flowers on each and every house  spice ups our mood and enjoyment. Many music parties are conducted in public places, streets everywhere. Hoil day is mainly for enjoyment and celebrations so in many places traditional games are conducted. One game is breaking the buttermilk pot tied hig on the strrets by making human pyramids. Its a great game to watch and enjoy on the day of holi. We all gather around the bonfire and offer raw coconut and corn to fire and start to celebrate the victory of good over evil colorful festival by singing and dancing on the eve of Holi. 

These incidents are my childhood memories of Holi which I cherish all the time.
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