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Share The Load

In my class, I asked grade 1 students some general questions and got shocked with one of their answer. First it goes like,

Who paints the wall?

Who washes clothes?

Who cooks food?

Majority of students is of opinion that household work is the domain of women and mother alone has to do it. I got shocked to know young mind seeing household work as gender specific.

This faulty learnings has to be changed and erased from the young mind. It is highly important to address the issue and end this prejudice being passed on to generations.

Women today started earning their own living but still household chores remains as their own exclusive domain. The work pressure at job and in home also women is burdened with full household work. It creates an imbalance in the average Indian household and moreover it makes the young generation to believe that this should be the status quo in a home. Children learn by seeing us. In most Indian families, women alone is linked with cooking, laundry and other household work. We must eliminate this thought among young mind and must make them understand that household work is the responsibility of all the people in home and from young age they must be taught that household work is not gender specific.

To bring a change in the society, the first step is to bring the change in every home. As time changes, the role of women has multiplied and changed today. Men has to understand this and #ShareTheLoad by doing household work. Being a role model and setting the right example, reduces the household work load of women and another good thing is young mind will also learn the habit of sharing the work equally among them by seeing us which is essential for happy and satisfied life.

Men please join #ShareTheLoad and help women in doing household chores and pay way to end the prejudice being passed down to the next generation. Parents are the role model of their children. Good values has to be taught to children. As a parent, the way we live is also important. Because children mimic our behaviour when they grow up.

Being socially responsible parent, every men has to do the household chores and share the burden of women. Men must change and his changes helps in setting the right example about household chores for the next generation.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign atBlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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