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Dispel The Inequality

We parents are the first role model of our children. After birth, the young mind is learning by observing the world around them. We are their first world. They see and imagine the world in the way we introduce it to them. To develop a good, healthy and happy younger generation, as a parent it is our prime duty to be a right example and role model to them.

Our children grows by seeing our action and behaviour. Today what we are is tomorrow's our child view on the society and people. Our behaviour and  actions are going to be the examples and way of life to them.

Parenting is a gifted weapon blessed by God and we must utilize this weapon jointly to dispel the household inequalities at home. As a parent, it is our foremost duty to teach children good values and be a good role model to them. We must live the life as a right example to our child and definitely it will pay way for building healthy younger generations without inequalities.

Household chores are gender specific in our country. Laundry, cooking and other household works are remaining as exclusive domain of women in India. The life of working women is becoming more terrible because of this prevailing inequality. Children in our country got habituated to see only women doing household woks. So, when they become adult, they follow the same and in this way the faulty learnings are passing on to generations. In every home, men has to #ShareTheLoad by doing household work and teach good values to their child and must give hand to end this prejudice being passed on to generations.

Every parents must take efforts and teach their children about jointly doing the household work. The onus of completing household chores mustn't be heaped upon only on women. For the uplift of a family, every member in home must share the work. In many families, now women are going outside for job and sharing financial responsibilities. In spite of that, their status quo remain unchanged at home.

Children learn what they see and what they are taught by their parents. Inequalities cannot give happy and satisfied life. Men has to understand  today's women hectic life and responsibility and must support them by being a right example at home to change the prejudiced young mind about this inequality and to dispel it from our society and future young generations.

I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign atBlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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