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10 Simple Things can Make your Life Peppy

If you are sick of drab days, follow these simple steps to make your life #peppy.

1. Do things which you love to do. It may be a silly thing or challenging task, don't hesitate. Do it and enjoy the life. Spend time for yourself and for the things which you love to do can make your life peppy. Spending quality time with loved ones, learning some new things everyday helps to keep life peppy.

2. Life can be peppy only when your body and mind is healthy. Do meditation and simple breathing exercise regularly. Breathing gives vital energy and it is an #fantastico thing to practice daily to make your life peppy.

3. Eat healthy food and follow balanced diet to live a peppy life.

4.Listening to a peppy song and dance number can make you feel good. #Music has the power to heal your worries. Try it.

5. Don't waste your time. Keep yourself occupied with some work. Give respect to time and spend your time properly to make your life peppy.

6. Ups and  downs, smile and sorrow are paired life paths. No one can use smile path alone and ignore sorrow path. Life is always paired with ups and downs. Embrace life every day and every moment to make your life peppy.

Many people can inspire us and create a #impact in our life but you must be the first inspiration for yourself. Self-inspiring people can enjoy a peppy life.

7. Learn to love yourself.  Give self-appreciation for your good deeds and stay motivated. Practice forgiveness. Forgive yourself for  mistakes committed. Don't recollect it and blame or punish yourself. Instead,  learn from mistakes and use those life experiences for your growth. lmperfections is human nature. Try to forgive others for your own inner happiness and peaceful life. Avoid resentment to live a peppy life.

8. Develop yourself as a self-reliant person. To live a peppy life, be independent and emotionally strong. Some people hesitate to take decisions. Starting from selecting a dress to important decisions in life, from young age they depend on friends, parents or spouse to decide things for them. If you are one such person, try to decide things yourself. Develop courage to take decisions. Being a self-reliant person is more important to live a peppy life.

9. Share a smile with people around you. Smiling can keep your life peppy. Step out from home, spend time with kids and family, read books, meet friends, contact with outside world can reduce your emotional blocks and in the course time it helps to dissipates your worries and pains.

10. Follow the rules. Wherever you go follow the rules laid there. Following the rules is very important to live a good and peppy life. 

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