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Beginner's Hindi Lesson - Present Tense ( Negative)

Learn some simple negative sentences in Hindi with English Translation.

Beginner's HindiLesson

1. मैं शराब नही पीती हूूँ |
2. तुम विद्यार्थियों को सजा नही देते हो |
3. हम झगड़ा नहीं करते हैं |
4. वे तुम्हे परेशान नहीं करते हैं |
5. मैं स्कूल नहीं जाती हूँ |
6. राम झूठ नहीं बोलता है |
7. अध्यापक हमें समय पर नहीं पढ़ाते हैं |
8. वे अखबार नहीं पढ़ते हैं |
9. रानी सन्देश नहीं भेजती है |
10. तुम राजू के कपडे इस्त्री नहीं करते हो |
11. मैं वाकया नहीं लिखता हूँ |
12. तुम कपडे नहीं खरीदते हो |

1. I don't drink alcohol.

2. You don't punish students.

3. We don't fight.

4. They don't disturb you.

5. I don't go to school.

6. Ram doesn't speak lies.

7. The teacher does not teach us in time.

8. They don't read the newspaper.

9. Rani doesn't send the message.

10. You don't iron Raju's clothes.

11. I do not write the sentence.

12. You don't buy clothes.

Beginner's Hindi Lesson - Present Tense (interrogative)

Learn some simple interrogative sentences in Hindi with English Translation.

Beginner's HindiLesson

1. क्या हम शराब पीते हैं?
2. तुम चोरी क्यों करते हो?
3. रेनू स्कूल कब जाती है ?
4. हम होटल मे कब मिलते हैं?
5. वे चाय कब पीते हैं?
6. हम उसे क्यों पीटते हैं?
7. राज चिट्टी कहाँ भेजता है ?
8. तुम खाना कब खाते हो?
9. वे कहाँ पढ़ते हैं ?
10. रीना कहाँ  रहती  है?
11.मैं तुम्हे क्यों डांटती  हूँ ?

1. Do we drink alcohol?
2. Why do you steal?
3. When does Renu go to the school?
4. When do we meet in the hotel?
5. When do they drink tea?
6.Why do we beat him?
7. Where does Raju send the letter?
8. When do you eat food?
9. Where they study?
10.Where does Rani live?
11. Why I scold you?

Beginner's Hindi Lesson - Present Tense ( Simple)

Present Tense ( Simple Sentence) in Hindi

Learn Hindi simple sentences with English translation

Beginner's HindiLesson

1. मै पानी पीता हूूँ |
2. तुम बोलते हो |
3. वह तुमको गिरफ्तार करती है |
4. वे हमे अभिशाप देते हैं |
5. मैं तुम्हे परेशान करता हूूँ |
6. सीता पाठ पढ़ती  है।
7. हम अखबार पढ़ते हैं |
8. राज गाली देता है |
9. वह मुझे घूरती है |
10.चोर भागता है |
11. राज झूठ बोलता है |
12. तुम उसे प्यार करते हो |

1. I drink water.
2. You speak.
3. She arrests you.
4. They curse us.
5. I trouble you.
6. Seetha reads lesson.
7. We read newspaper.
8. Raj scolds.
9. She gazes me.
10. Thief runs.
11. Raj speaks lies.
12. You love him.

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My favourite city in India is Chennai. Driving in a metropolitan city like Chennai is challenging. The cosmopolitan city tops in vehicle density. All areas in Chennai are crowded with people and vehicles. Navigating in and around the city needs more planning and patience. Chennai is the 'Gateway to South India' and it is well-connected  to other cities domestically and internationally via different modes of transport.

Personally, I feel Indian cars alone can best fit the roads in Chennai. Selecting the best car and then planning the route to reach the destination is important to make a drive exhilarating and memorable experience.

Chennai is a cosmopolitan city and people of diverse culture settle here for their work and living. The Chennai Corporation is designing, making many plans and also taking steps to improve its transportation facilities and roads to meet the needs of growing population.

The city infrastructure provides public spaces, library, parks, playground, recreation places and other needs of public.

There are nearly 30 arterial roads in Chennai City. The major and busy roads are designed with pedestrian pathways for giving commuters a hassle-free road experience.

To meet the growing population needs, Chennai Corporation has designed Metro Rail Project and the route between Alandur and Koyambedu is running successfully . Chennai is gifted with many tourists attraction and every day thousands of visitors visits the State Capital for business needs and for various purposes.

Our Chennai city warmly welcomes tourists and other floating population by providing vast transportation facilities via road, rail and air(The Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus or CMBT, Chennai Central Railway Station, Chennai International Airport). Parking facilities for passengers are provided in bus terminus, railway station and airport. Free wifi facilities are available in Chennai airport in the lounges for the convenience of the passengers.

Our Chennai City is "Made of Great" and it strives for excellence in terms of transport, infrastructure and technology. Drive in and visit our smart city to know its real beauty.


Recently, floods in Chennai made the roads battered and dotted with potholes. This kind of natural fury and calamities hinders and stays as barrier in the way of city development.                                                                          

Our "Made of Great" Chennai city are driven to many problems because of over population and natural calamities. In spite of that, our great city strives to improve the quality of life of its citizens. It tries to enhance the basic important facilities like adequate water supply, assured electricity supply, sanitation facilities, efficient public transport, affordable housing, robust IT connectivity and digitalization, safety and security of citizens, medical facilities and education facilities to the poor and etc to give a decent quality of life to its citizens.

Our Chennai city is "Made of great" by its citizens, culture, design and infrastructure, transportation, tourists attraction, IT industry and economy. Chennai is designed, connected and equipped with all facilities to meet the needs of people at global level.

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