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A Balanced Diet for Good Health

Benefits of a Balanced Healthy Diet

A balanced healthy diet can provide all the essential nutrients needed for the proper growth and development of the body.

A balanced healthy diet can protect the body against diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and some types of cancer. A healthy diet also ensures the reduced risks of some chronic diseases.

A balanced healthy diet is vital to get proper nutrition required for the effective working of our body organs and tissues.

A balanced healthy diet helps in the proper functioning of the body and it also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure, helps to decrease bone loss,reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and also aids in gaining healthy body weight.

A balanced healthy diet involves adding various vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins in your daily plate. It contributes many vitamins and minerals required for the healthy development of the body and strengthens our immunity system.

Eating a balanced healthy diet keeps us energetic and active all throughout the day.

Diet can influence our mood.A balanced healthy diet can ease your depression and boost your mood.

A balanced healthy diet is intake of wide variety of foods made up of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in right proportion for our body's growth, repair and maintenance.


The nutritional compromises of a crash diet

Eating a crash diet may leads to nutritional compromises and results in nutrient loss which are dangerous and unhealthy to our body. If crash diet is nutritionally complete, then it is fine.

But always eating a healthy balanced diet and getting gradual weight loss  alone, is good for our health. Crash diet may restrict you from intake of food from certain food groups which causes nutrient loss and also reduces your needed daily intake.

In long term, crash diet may change completely dangerous to our health due to the nutritional compromises involved in a crash diet.

As a part of healthy balanced diet, you can follow healthy Honey Diet for weight loss. Honey is less in calories and is a healthier substitute to sugar, aids to reduce weight, contains vitamins, minerals
and antioxidants which are good for health.

As a part of healthy diet, start your day with a spoonful of Dabur Honey with a glass of warm water to ensure good health and fitness. Honey diet is a healthy diet for weight loss. Honey is rich in fructose and it helps to burn fats and also aids to increase our stamina level.Simply have a spoonful of honey before going to bed for healthy weight loss.

Crash diet involves more nutritional compromises and these nutrients restrictions results in inadequate calorie intake which may results in rapid weight loss and slow down your metabolism. In long-term it also leads to over weight gain, obesity, can cause heart problems and also increases your risk of dehydration.

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UC Browser.png

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