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Buy and Sell Cars on Quikr

I love to upgrade my existing car with something better. So, I am planning to sell my car and buy a advanced technology new modal car. Newspaper advertisements are quite expensive and so I have decided to sell my existing car using leading online classified site, Quikr.

First, I took a photograph of my existing car. Then, I posted an ad on Quikr with the details of my car such as the year of manufacture, the number of kilometers car driven, the brand’s name and the model number, the trim of the car, the fuel variant, gear transmission, photograph of the car, location details and the color of the car. The good thing is, Quikr has provided options to fill all these details without any hassles making task easier. Another important thing, I calculated the maximum selling prIce (MSP) using Quikr Free MSP calculator to find the true worth of my car. I fixed the price accordingly. I love using Quikr Free MSP calculator tool as it aids to find the best price for my car.

  Just few clicks, I posted an offering ad on Quikr and without spending a penny, I made a successful profitable sale of my car in few days and hours. Interested  buyers communicated to me through Quikr chat and I responded them and finally made a successful deal even without revealing my personal contact details. With this simple steps, I sold my used car easily in online on Quikr at a profitable price. Hurrah, I got excited with this simple process of selling car on Quikr.


Buying a car is also easy on Quikr. Being the leading classified site, various models of used and new cars are available in Quikr. We can buy and sell a car from both individuals and dealers on Quikr. Moreover, Quikr has also provided numerous search options to simplify our search. We can easily define our need by adding filters for locations, price range, year of manufacture, brand and modal of the car, fuel type and color of the car. Similarly, instead of searching and contacting many, you can publish your personalized wanted ads where you can post your specific requirement. Here, you can fill the details for specific location, price range, year of manufacture, brand and modal of the car, fuel type, color of the car, type of engine, the number of kilometers driven all you can mention. A description field is also provided where details about gear shifting mechanism or anything which you are most specific and looking for can be mentioned. I posted an wanted ad and surprisingly sooner I got many offers. Quikr has all options to make our buying simple and easier. In few days, I got a good offer and I bought a car at reasonable price.

In this easy way, I upgraded my car with Quikr NXT.

15 Golden Proverbs which every Parent must Teach their Child

 Proverbs seems to be simple and short but it conveys more inner meaning which are really worthy to think about.

Life is people and relationships.
Life is work.
Life is what we eat.
Life is an opportunity.

Proverbs teaches what is life and how one must live in the world.

Teach a Proverb in the form of stories every day to your child. Proverbs are worth teaching as they are important life lessons to be learnt.

You can make a story from the day to day events. When your child is doing art work or home work, you can teach about the proverb "haste makes waste".

Here, I have listed some chosen proverbs specifically for kids which every parent must teach their child.

1. Haste makes waste - Don't do your work in a rush or hurry to save time or to complete quickly. It leads to mistake and costs you extra time.

2. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones - You mustn't criticize others for their bad quality which you have in yourself.

3. (It's no use/There's no point) crying over spilt milk - It is useless to feel sorry or bad or upset for things which cannot be changed and which has happened already.

4. Honesty is the best policy - It is always good to tell the truth than to lie.

5. A fool and his money are soon parted - A person who spends money carelessly will soon go penniless.

6. You are what you eat - If you eat healthy foods, you can stay fit and healthy. If you eat unhealthy food, you will stay unhealthy.

7. Do not put all your eggs in one basket - Whatever it may be, don't depend on single thing. Diversification is best. When you lose one, you can survive with the other.

8. The early bird catches the worm - The person who wakes up and goes to work early will have a good chance of success. Another meaning, you have to do things immediately and quickly before anyone does it, to have an advantage and get succeed.

9. An apple a day keeps the doctor away - Apple is a nutritious fruit. If you eat it every day, you can stay healthy and you need not go to a doctor.

10. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush - Don't lose things which you have, by trying for things, which you think might be better than what you have.

11. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar - You can attract/flatter people by being polite and kind. Smiling is good than having scowl on your face to win other's heart. You can get what you want by being friendly to others than by being hostile and demanding.

12. Where there is a will, there is a way - If you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it, even if it is very difficult or filled with obstacles.

13. Strike while the iron is hot / Make hay while the sun shines - When you get an opportunity, grab it, before it expires. 

14. Birds of a feather flock together - People who are alike will spend time together.

15. Blood is thicker than water - Blood relationships are closer and important than any other relationship.


6 Fun Bedtime Rituals

Babies need more sleep and rest for proper growth and good health. A bedtime routine is needed to be followed daily for developing good sleep habits. Babies can feel relaxed and can have happy sleep time with the practice of bedtime rituals.

6 Fun Bedtime Rituals

 1. Singing a Lullaby:

 Lullabies can easily make babies drift off to sleep. All children mostly enjoy hearing lullabies. Singing a lullaby makes your little one's mind calm and relaxed. It is the best bedtime ritual you can follow and add in your list to make your baby sleep peacefully and wake up happily. 

2. Sharing a Bedtime Story :

 It is a fantastic way to give your baby comfortable, relaxed and good night sleep. Kids love stories and you can have a great fun time by verbally telling a story with actions to your kids. Another way, showing pictures you can narrate a story to them. Kids love it more and they also enjoy seeing and turning the pages of the picture story book. Kids hear and see something when you are sharing a story with them. It promotes their intellectual skills and also coax your kids to sleep. 

3. Putting a Diaper :

This cozy ritual ensures continued good and sound sleep of your baby. Putting the right diaper for your baby is more important. The new Pampers Baby Dry Pants keeps baby dry not only outside but inside too, which is very essential for healthy sound sleep. 


4. Laughter and Games

Playing PEEK-A-BOO, Hide and Seek and you can also make some funny animal sounds like meow meow and entertain your kids. This ritual brings smile in your toddler's face and gradually at the end they will become tired and will fall asleep in happy mood. This kind of fun games reduces their anxiety about sleeping and also makes kids sleep throughout the night without fear. If you find indulging in playing games or any other rituals over excite your kid and disturb his/her sleep, just strike it out from your bedtime routine.

5. Comfort :

   Bathing with warm water, putting comfortable night dress, emotionally comforting kids by saying "love you baby" or we can hug and kiss and express kids that we love them more. These rituals can make them feel comfortable and secure and induces them to sleep soon.

6. Say Good Night :

Daily bidding good night before going to sleep is a signal to the kids. This ritual when followed daily makes kids understand that it is the sleep time and they have to sleep now. Saying "good night" helps kids to prepare their mind to sleep. 

Bed time rituals are vital to be created and followed and it may differ for different babies. But whatever we follow must be soothing to our little one's mind causing them to sleep and have a good night's rest and that is only more important.

Does laughing help you live longer?

Laughter is the Best Medicine for Good Health

Laughter, a contagious fun activity, provides numerous positive psychological and physical benefits. The act of laughing aids to uplift our mood. It is a great way to spice up our life.

When we laugh, we feel good and happy. Laughing is a kind of exercise. It is beneficial to our body and mind. 

Laughter is therapeutic and it can be used as a powerful tool to alleviate depression, reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure, boost immunity system, protect heart, speed up metabolism, decrease pain and to relax muscles.

Laughter provides wide range of health benefits to our body.

Laugh Well, Feel Good! 

Laughter is the best way to relax our body and mind from the hectic life.

How does Laughter help?

Endorphins are natural pain and stress fighters.

Laughing exercises facial and several other muscles in our body. As a result, when we laugh, our body releases "feel good" chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins reduce our perception of pain by interacting with the receptors in the brain, promotes the sense of well being, gives the feeling of euphoria ( a feeling of intense happiness and excitement), improves the function of blood vessels, increases blood flow and protects heart from heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Endorphins act as antidepressants, enhances health and increases longevity. As laughter improves good health and social life, laugh more and live longer and happier.

Laughter is the Best Medicine for Good Health

Seek out daily laughter to bump up the production of  endorphins in your body.

 Laugh when you can, delay your death and extend your life.

Dream Life

 Top 5 things I do if I were a #BefikarUmarBhar person

1. Risk Taker : Life long living life carefree is something really wonderful and super. This opportunity sounds good even to hear. If I have no constraints in life, I will take risk and invest in stock market. Usually, I do only paper trading but if such life encounters me, I will do real trading with my money. Now I am working as a design engineer. Routine job, limited earnings and so sometimes I feel nothing is interesting. I will start a textile export business and I will make different types of investments which interests me as per my personal wish. I am a risk averse person but I will behave like a risk lover and  will make investments which I love to do.

2. Shopping Spree : I use to buy only things which I really need. If I am a  #BefikarUmarBhar person, I will shop everything which catches the attention of my eyes.

3. Travel : I will travel to different places all around the world. Particularly, I ll go Macau and stay in luxurious hotels and will enjoy playing in casinos. I will go for a civilian lunar trip. Actually what I mean is, If I don't have financial and personal constraints, these are the things which I love to do.


4. Spend time and money for my passion :
Now I have time only for my job. If I am a #BefikarUmarBhar person, I will spend all my time and money only for my passion without worrying about future and security.

I will spend money to learn and gain knowledge on these four things.  

First, I want to be educated about the mechanism behind all the machines from small to big which are invented till today. Reading about the working mechanism of machines and making a self try are always interesting whether it may be a apple peeler, bulldozers or dump trucks.

Second, spend time and money to become a Actuarian.

Third, I love working with data, research, reports and analysis.
Doing same line of job is so stressful. I will start my career fresh as  financial analyst and work in this field till it quenches my thirst.

Last, is my love for learning different languages. Leaving my job, if I am carefree, I ll spend my money and time for all these things.

5. Start a Non-Profit Rehab Center : If you are alive, it doesn't mean that you are really alive. Many people are living deadly life because of addiction, depression, stress and many other problems. They are living but they are living a lifeless life. A person is alive only when he is mentally and physically strong. I want everyone who is alive to live the life cheerfully and face the hardships with smile. If I am a #BefikarUmarBhar person, I will stop thinking about my individual future and will spend my time and money to start up a rehabilitation center to save the lives of people who are dying every day to survive because of their addictions and other problems.

 IDBI Federal Lifesurance Whole Life - Befikar Umar Bhar Advert

Quikr NXT - a Smarter Choice

Quikr is an online classified platform for buying and selling goods. In business, both buyers and sellers need many product details  for finalizing a business transaction.

Currently, buyers and sellers are communicating using email services and phones for online buying and selling.

Three Reasons to Prefer Chat over a Phone Call

1. Convenience and Future Reference

Business communication involves exchanging many details between buyer and seller regarding product size, quality, price, quantity, discounts and more. If such information's are in record, it will be very helpful for both buyers and sellers for future reference.

Quikr, a biggest classified portal in India has introduced a new instant chat feature called Quikr NXT in their classified site (mobile and desktop) and mobile app for convenient and easier buyer and seller communication.

Quikr NXT is the world’s first instant messenger by a classifieds company which enable buyers and sellers to connect instantly. It is an amazing feature which allows to have parallel chat sessions with multiple users, provides chat history facility for future reference, facilitates to send notifications for offline consumers, and also offers photo sharing facility which helps instant sharing of the photo of the product which we want to sell.

Quikr NXT users can request and furnish product details in their own convenient time. Chat is convenient and hassle free. It has all the facilities and without making a single phone call, Quikr NXT users can finalize a business transaction.

Quikr NXT is the smarter way of buying and selling online. It saves from the hassle of attending multiple phone calls at inconvenient times. It helps to check the price quoted to different buyers in no time.

Communication through phone is invasive and future reference is also not possible. It is tiresome as we have to note down all the details while talking and if we fail or missed some details, again we have to call the user.

Communication through chat is non-invasive and more convenient for these many reasons.

Quikr NXT - a Smarter Choice

2. Privacy

Quikr Nxt users can safeguard their privacy by opting not to share their mobile number and email id. With only Quikr ID, users can transact with each other.

Communication through phone intrudes our privacy and so chat communication is best.

3. Time-saving

Phone communication takes more time to complete a business transaction for various reasons. To mitigate the risk while buying, user needs to know many details for finalizing the transaction. Sometimes, a user may be busy or may not be available at our convenient time to furnish the necessary information. In such time, phone communication requires making multiple phone calls to complete the transaction.

Chat communication is user-friendly and convenient. Even if user is not available online, we can send offline notifications for request of information and other end user can also respond at their convenient time which ends in bringing down the time in completing a transaction.

Chat communication saves time compared to phone communication.

Do not worry with phone calls. Chat quicker with Quikr NXT and Be Smarter.

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