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Calmative Garnier alleviates Pimples

Pimples are distressing and painful. It upsets me often and eats my sleep. Tirelessly standing in front of the mirror, I will stare at the pimples on my face. Many times I feel tempted to get rid of it completely from my face. Sometimes I think wild and feel like cutting it and throwing away. But most of the time, with my best efforts I use to try all the type of the treatments which I come to hear, to treat and get rid of it.

When I try to sleep, my face with pimples and its marks comes in front of my eyes. The sight was really awkward and it spoils my mood and disturbs my dream.

Due to heredity, irregular eating habits or poor hygiene or hormonal changes or at last what gave me this pimples and why it came and spoils my face, those thoughts use to be the biggest problem in my mind.

Often being engrossed with thoughts about pimples, I use to forgot things which I supposed to do. Many hours of time I have wasted worrying about my pimples filled face.

I use to make continuing non-stop efforts to get rid of pimples by applying natural face packs, dermatologists suggested creams and capsules.

While washing the face, if my finger touches the pimples accidentally or while tummy side turning and sleeping if pimples get hurt, it causes severe pain.

 The desire of getting pimples-free face made me a shopping spree and I started spending a lot on cosmetics products.
Garnier Neem Face Wash

I can't stop its occurrence or remove its marks from my face, which it causes every time. Often preoccupied with thoughts about pimples made me stressed and depressed.

It's quite embarrassing to attend parties with this bug in my face. I feel ashamed to smile for the photographs in the wedding parties. Even in some special occasion or in important occasions like Interview where I like to present myself good in front of others, these pimples stand in my way and damages my image. It's really frustrating and to be away from this kind of anxiety attacks, I reduced attending parties and social events.

Face is the first thing people see in us and these pimples made me look unattractive and hinders me from projecting a good impression in front of the others. I use to dance well, but once also I have never allowed to perform as protagonist or even to perform in the front row.

 I feel humiliated when they ask to go backward. Those moments use to be painful and I feel like hating myself as I am avoided from opportunities because of the ugly pimples face.

All known and unknown people, whoever looks at me, their first thought will be about my big ugly pimples on my face. Some won't ask and many asks me directly and some other thinking that they are doing good for me, use to give tips for my pimples-free face and it annoys and disappointments me a lot.

I was in love with one guy, but I can't propose him because of the fear of rejection. I am afraid to show my unlovely pimples filled face to him. I completely lost my self-esteem because of rejection everywhere. I don't have confidence that this pimples filled face who was so far rejected everywhere can be successful in love. So I never revealed him about my love for him.

My marriage got delayed and I was rejected by many because of  pimples in my face. This pimples gave a mental agony and it affects my everyday life a lot. It not only gave me the horror face, but also hinders me from expressing myself to others.

In my career, personal and social life, pimples in my face stayed as a big drawback and affected my development and success.

It made me to dwell with negative thoughts and sometimes the most vulnerable fact is, to the extreme, seeing the marks of pimples on my face, I feel to die as I hate to live with this face.

As usual, I heard about the new product, Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash and because of my desire for the pimples free skin, I tried the product.

 Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash was soft and gentle on my skin and I liked it, so I started using it regularly twice a day. It's simply excellent and effective in pimple reduction and in the short time it brought positive changes in my life by giving pimples-free clear and pure skin.

Thanks Garnier

Must-Know Facts about Spaceman

Read about the spaceman,space shuttle, space station, spaceship,spacecraft, astronaut, spacesuit, planet, solar system, celestial body, and satellite.

Who is a Spaceman?

Spaceman is called as an Astronaut in America and Cosmonaut in Russia.

Spaceman is a person who is trained to travel in a spacecraft.

Astronauts : Jim Lovell, Sunita Williams, Akihiko Hoshide, and everyone knows Neil Alden Armstrong, an American astronaut who first landed on the Moon.

What does an Astronaut wear?

Astronaut wear spacesuit and their dress is made up of many layers and one layer is made of bulletproof material to protect flying objects in space from damaging the suit. Spacesuit contains a helmet to protect from sun's harmful rays and to keep oxygen level and pressure constant. They wear gloves to keeps their fingers warm and to pick up objects. To avoid drifting into space, spacesuit contain a tether which attach astronaut to the vehicle. If it is broken, spacesuit is equipped with jet pack to fly back.

The Spaceman.jpg

Why does an Astronaut wear spacesuit?

In space, astronauts have to face wide variety of temperatures. Astronauts wear spacesuit to protect themselves from extreme hot and cold temperature in space. Spacesuit helps astronauts in many ways. There is no air in space and no water too. Spacesuit supply oxygen and helps astronauts to breathe and is equipped with drinking water also. Spacesuits are fully pressurized to support body and that's the reason astronauts spacesuit look puffed up.

Spacesuit protects astronaut from being get injured by space dust. Moreover spacesuit also helps astronauts to work outside in space. It is equipped with many features  and serves as a one-person spacecraft. Spacesuit is called as EMI ( Extravehicular Mobility Unit). Outside the vehicle/spacecraft, it helps astronauts to freely move around in space.

Spacewalk may take longtime without a break and so astronauts use nappies and so they do not need to go to toilet.

What astronauts eat and how do they eat in space?

Astronauts eat variety of food and drinks like us which provide balanced nutrition for working in space.

Main thing is, in space, there is no gravity, so everything floats. So foods and drinks are carefully packed accordingly to prevent getting spoiled and floated. Beverages will be packed in power form and astronauts add water through tube before drinking it.

What is a Spacecraft?

Spacecraft is a vehicle designed for travelling in the space.

In other words,the Spacecraft is a manned or unmanned vehicle designed to orbit the earth or travel to celestial objects for the purpose of research, exploration, etc

Many types of spacecraft are used for diverse purposes.

Examples of space craft : Voyager 2, Pioneers 10 and 11 to Jupiter and Saturn.
space craft

What is meant by Celestial object or Celestial body or astronomical object?

Any natural object, not man made, which is located outside of Earth's atmosphere such as the Moon, the Sun,or Star is called as Celestial object or Celestial body or astronomical object.

What is Spaceship?

 Spaceship is a manned Space craft specifically designed to carry a crew into the space.

What is Space?

Space is the expanse beyond Earth's atmosphere where the solar system, star and galaxies exists.

Check the  link to know about,

  • What is in space?
  • Where is space?
  • What is space day?

What is Space Shuttle?

Space Shuttle is a re-usable space craft used by astronauts to make repeated journey between earth and space. It is also used to deploy and retrieve satellites.

Columbia was the first space shuttle to reach space.

space shuttle
Space shuttle

What is a Satellite?

Anything that revolves around Earth or another body in space is called Satellite.

Check the link to read about:

A. Natural Satellite
B. Artificial Satellite
C. Communication Satellite


What is Space Station?

Also called: space platform or space laboratory

Space Station is a large manned artificial satellite equipped to support a human crew. It is designed to orbit the earth during a long period of time and serve as a base for scientific and medical research in space and for launching exploratory expeditions, repairing satellites, and docking arrangements for spacecraft. Eg : ISS( International Space Station)
space station
Space Station 
Image credit : NASA for Space shuttle, space station,and satellite image.

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Planets and Solar System

A “planet” is an object in orbit around the Sun.

Solar System consist of the sun together with the nine planets and all other celestial bodies that orbit the sun.

Solar system is made up of two parts read here.

9 Cool Morning Facts

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