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5 Must Do Things to keep a baby’s soft skin safe

Here are 5 Must Do Things to keep a baby’s soft skin safe.

1. Baby Clothes and Laundry: Baby's skin is soft and sensitive. A new born skin is delicate and prone to itches, rashes, irritations and skin problems. Protect your baby's soft skin by following this simple tips,
a. Use mild and gentle detergents to wash the baby's clothes.
b. Buy soft towels and aprons to provide the comfortable environment to your baby's soft skin.
c. Soft and comfortable garments must be used to keep the babies skin warm and safe. Dress your baby comfortably. Avoid wearing tight dresses.
d. Buy cotton fabric - It is soft, absorbent and will be gentle on your newborn skin.
e. From apron, towel and to the clothes your baby wear, everything must be soft and gentle. Don't use new clothes or towel on your babies skin. After shopping, wash the new clothes with lukewarm water and then start using them. The utmost care must be provided while laundering the baby's clothes to keep the baby's skin safe free from allergies, rashes and other skin problems.

2. Baby Diapers: The everything your baby touches must be soft. Go for quality baby diapers, as it is going to have direct contact with your newborn soft and sensitive skin. Buy Pampers Premium Care Pants and provide the soft and safe environment to your newborn. “Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ” Pampers Premium Care Pants gives the best conditions for a baby to play, laugh, learn and grow up perfectly.


3. Baby Skin Products: Baby skin is soft. To keep it safe, use only baby soap, baby lotion and baby oil for your new born. The products used on baby's skin must be carefully selected. Remember any wrong selection may harm your baby's soft skin.

4. Natural Skin Care Tips for baby's soft skin : Daily apply green moong dal powder and make a bath for your new born to keep its skin soft.

5. Skin Protection: Baby's skin is soft and gentle. While taking your baby out during daytime, use hats and umbrella's and wrap your baby's body fully using a towel to protect from sunburn. Cover the entire body of the baby using towel to keep the baby's soft skin safe. Use baby sunscreen and mostly avoid exposing your baby in direct sunlight. 


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