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Real Togetherness

Real togetherness is a pleasant feeling of being together with kith and kin or other fellow beings. In today's digitally driven world, 24*7 hours we can stay connected with our near and dear ones. But online social networking connections with friends and family cannot give the joy of togetherness. Emoticons can't convey the real emotions of a person. The real joy of togetherness can be experienced only when we spend time together in person. Spending quality time by involving in group social activities, recreational activities, attending parties, get together, marriages, functions and festivals connects everyone in person in real. It gives the joy of togetherness, helps to understand each other better, allows to experience and share the real feelings and emotions, paves way to build meaningful relationships and also gives real joy.

Real togetherness brings hopes, gives confidence and inspires us to live with more zest. Life is beautiful and meaningful when we spend time together with people around us. Today, many of us are confining themselves to a digital life and are living with gadgets. Digital communication can't satisfy the real social need of human beings. Therefore, depression, stress, loneliness, desperate feeling are haunting many people's life today. Real togetherness is spending quality time with people around you. Going a trip with family and friends, visiting temple with family members together, cleaning home together with family members, playing with your kids, helping mom to color the rangoli or do anything you like to do with people around you and enjoy the greater sense of real togetherness by feeling and sharing the real emotions in the real world.


The bounties of Nature is the gift of God and conserving nature is important for human life. Mother Nature, I love you. Nature unites all and helps us to do many things together to grow and conserve it and to protect our life on Earth. Join Kissanpur, order tiny tomato seeds and start the journey of growing juicy, ripe tomatoes in your garden. Spending this kind of quality time with your family gives the joy of real togetherness.

 Check out this heart touching, inspiring video and experience the joy of real togetherness.

The video is short but it conveys valuable life lessons. Spending time with spouse, kids and elder ones in your family is more important. Being together in online community is not togetherness. Please come out from the clutches of digital life, smart phones and other gadgets. Stay in touch with nature and people around you to experience the real joy of togetherness. Nature can influence people and can bring many positive impacts on life.

From younger to elder, everyone experience a pleasant mood when stepped outside from home. Take time to mute your digital life, devote time to live life with people around you. Go for a outside walk, or to a near by park or garden, just see things around you like plants, trees, colorful flowers, smiles and laughs of children, faces of neighbours, wandering cattle, chirping birds and experience the joy of real togetherness.


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