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Ambi Pur makes home Smelly to Smiley

Odours in my home

1. Wet clothes smell in monsoon season.

2. Dozens and bundles of papers, documents, magazines and newspapers are stored in a open rack by my Dad in his room. In spite of cleaning the dust often, the room is plagued with some old paper smell. The odour of that old paper irritates my nose and I am scared to enter his room for this reason.

3. The drawer in which we store medicines, lingers with medicines smell and annoys us.

4. When we open our shoe rack, some dreadful smell will come. Stinky socks and shoes smells terrible. Even after my kids and hubby went outside, the empty shoes rack also smells very bad.

5. Kitchen garbage gives unpleasant smell. Daily once I dispose the waste outside but in spite of that peeled skin of vegetables and fruits soon in hours becomes rotten and lefts kitchen with bad odour.

6. Then store room when opened smells unpleasant since it is kept closed most of the time.

7. Sometime because of absent mindedness, food get burns while cooking. The smoke smell penetrates to all rooms in the home and irritates.

8. In wash and laundry room, smell of detergents and after washing vessels, rotten food waste smell persist in the room. Bathroom and Toilet stench is another distressing one.

9. While cooking onion, garlic, green chilly all makes not only kitchen, the whole home with some odour. Storage of Ginger garlic paste in refrigerator makes it to smell bad. The smell of riped fruits like bananas also makes home to smell bad.

10. I live in flats. Since every house is closely built, the cooking smell of neighboring house enters our house and when windows and balcony opened, the uncleaned drainage and garbage in roads also makes our home smell bad.


Battle against Bad Odours in Home.

1. When guest comes to home, I will hide wet clothes inside the tub and will lit incense sticks and sambrani powder to cover the bad odour of wet clothes in my home. But it lefts my home with more smoke and gives me temporary solution only.

2. I will clean everything very often and every day suffers to keep my home free from bad odour.

3. To get rid of all general funkiness, like medicines smell, kitchen garbage, toilet stench, bad odour from road and neighboring kitchen, wet clothes and stinky socks, using Ambi Pur Air Effects in the home is the great solution. It doesn't just cover the odours, Ambi Pur Air Effects completely helps to remove them and makes home odour free, positive, vibrant and pleasant place to live in.


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