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The Speech that Made Me Optimistic

Every year, on the spot speech competition will be held in my school, in which a random topic are given to the students and are asked to make speech about it for 10 minutes. I used to participate in that competition ever year. My wish is to won the first prize in that competition. For this academic year, the competition dates are announced and the willing candidates have to submit the participation form. But due to some unknown reasons, I was feeling down and was skeptical about winning the competition and in hesitation without submitting the form, I brought it to my home.

The day ended but I couldn't take a decision. My mother understood that something was irking me and she came and sat near me. I told her about my fear of losing the first prize this year too. She smiled and told me the story of Ghazni Mohammud who tried to invade India many times and told about his many attempts, failures and his final success and also about his perseverance and dedication to achieve his goal and gain success.  She also told me the story of a young boy whom she saw in the children park. It seems that the boy was 4 years old and was playing slide in the park. With him, her 8 years old sister was also playing. He was using small ladder to slide down but his sister was using jumbo giant twisted ladder build up horizontally and vertically to slide down. Initially, he was happy using small ladder to climb up and slide down but later seeing his sister, he wanted to climb jumbo ladder to slide down which is very difficult for his age. But he was  very eager to follow his sister and use jumbo ladder to slide down. Initially, he tried and made two steps, as he climbed up, he got afraid and came down. Then after sometime, again seeing his sister, he tried and climbed the vertical ladder in no time without seeing down which no one has expected. But, he was unable to sit and shift his legs to go through the horizontal ladder. He cried and lost his balance and felt down. The boy called his mother for help and again started watching his sister. To the surprise of everyone, after sometime suddenly again the boy ran and climbed the vertical  and horizontal ladder and came down the slide. When my mother narrated  the incident about the boy's tireless efforts to achieve the task, I got motivated and Ghazni Mohammud's tireless attempts and success story also inspired and gave me the hope to try again and with that zeal, I filled the form.


Before leaving the room, my mom said, " Dear, more energy you wasted in fear thinking about the failure, put those energy on your goals and be optimistic, so anything you can do it. Remember, success paths won't be smooth, hope you understood it now and at the same time success is always possible if you think you can do it and make efforts tirelessly without getting hurt."

That day her speech filled me with optimism and gave me a new energy to face the life positively. That moment all the negative thoughts which occupied my mind got cleared up and filled me with optimism and hopes for the future. I understood that my past can't  define my present or future, it's only me who can define and decide things. I changed my attitude positively, prepared and participated and also won the first prize in the competition. Then I realized it's not my ability, my fear and my attitude had hindered me so many days from gaining success.

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