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The memorable day of my life

Last Year, my uncle had arranged a family get together and invited all the family members to a resort in Mahabalipuram. I went with my hubby and we reached the location by 5.30 am. That family get together day was the most memorable day in my life.

My grand parents are witty, joyful and humorous couples. They are the eldest couples and a great valuable treasure for our entire family. We all did charan sparsh to grand parents and got blessings from them.

From young age, I feel very happy when my grand parents bless me and their affectionate words gives me the energy to start the fresh day. As a child, their sweet blessings use to make me happier and I use to believe, my day is going to be lucky and good as per their words. After a longtime, that get together gave me a chance to get early morning sweet blessings from them and as their blessings, the day turned great and wonderful.

 Nearly fifty members including children were sitting in a line and we all together worshiped Sun God, did Surya Namaskar and  recited Adhitya Hrudayam together. That was the unforgettable sun rise in my life and also very happy to hear the godly voice of my grand father reciting Adhitya Hrudayam after longtime.

Then from puranas, my grand father told the story of Prahlada. We all knew the story but everyone without a distraction in silence listened and enjoyed the great story of Prahlada because of my grand father's witty and humorous way of story-telling.

We all had breakfast and then started chatting with each other. After marriage, I and my husband were living in an apartment. After he goes to work, usually I use to have my breakfast alone. That day, I enjoyed having breakfast with my whole family. I felt I came to a new world after seeing my cousin, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles together.

And the most wonderful thing is seeing their children also together. Just had good fun watching the fight, play, cry, dance and smile of children.

Then elders, we also played some fun games and enjoyed a lot not because the game was funny but because we were all playing together.

Everyone's happiness was multiplied after seeing the happy faces of each other. Some fulfillness in heart I experienced that day.

We had our lunch and took some rest and evening we enjoyed singing Ram Bhajan together and later spent time in beach and had more play, music, fun and dance forgetting the age.

Life is so blissful when we are together with our family. I enjoyed a lot that day and returned to home with happy heart. The day gave me a new energy, strength and motivation to go on and look up life with optimism.


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