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How I developed as a self-reliant Person?

My father has guided and encouraged me to grow into a better, more self-reliant person. He always use to insist me to do the work which I know to do, by myself. If I am too young to do the work, he will do it for me. But once if I'm in right age and have grown up to do that work, he won't do but will guide and accompany me until I master that task. He asserts that relying and leaning on others will make you weak and leads to your fall. As a daughter, I always admire my dad and enjoy following his path. He helps to develop this valuable trait from my young age. So I don't use to hinge on my parents for doing my routine things like getting ready to school or for doing my home work.

One instance, I still remember, whenever I was asked to write a general essay in school, I want my father to do it for me. He use to tell me to think over the topic myself, read books about it and pool ideas and information about it. Many days he has requested me to paraphrase and write the essay in my own words and seek his help only for final correction. But I use to please him and make him to write for me. One day, my dad was out of station and the very next day, I was asked to submit my essay. That was a dreadful day for me but also a unforgettable day in my life. I was scared to think over and write an essay as I was doubtful that I may go wrong. My dad was busy and I can't reach him over the phone, the day ended and I went to sleep with a puzzle about my tomorrow's submission. His words sounded in my mind "relying on others leads to fall" and immediately I got up and tried to write the essay myself as my father had told me. I completed and submitted the next day and though it had some mistakes, it gave me a great pleasure when I wrote myself. That day, I understood the happiness of doing the work ourselves. It made me feel good and confident. My dad's guidance and encouragement had helped me in many instances in my life to realize my self-potential and reduce my dependency on others.

It may be a dress selection, arranging a party, or some quarrel with friends, I feel too difficult to handle the situation and to take decisions without his help. Once, When I went to seek his assistance, he encouraged me to think over and solve the problem myself. He complimented me that I am strong and wise enough to handle all kind of situations. Then I went to bed and slept.

How I developed as a self-reliant Person?

Morning, I got surprised to see this piece of note from my dad.

Dear Yashi,
                  Don't be disappointed since I never gave a solution for your problem. Self-help is the best help. Please think over what you want and how you want your things to be and seek your own reliable help before seeking others. Whenever to take decision or to do some work, take over that work as responsibility, think that nobody can do it more better than you and try to plan and execute that task.  Don't be afraid and depend on others. Give a try and do it yourself boldly. You are the architect of your life. You alone know what you want and so nobody can make better plans and decisions for you. All time all your decisions may not go correct. But it gives you a experience and helps you to learn a valuable life lesson and also foster your self-confidence and makes you a self-reliant person who can best survive in the society and can live the life as they want to live independently with balanced emotions and can have a full control over the life without being affected by remarks of others or by any events . Experience alone can makes everyone perfect. I can now give you a solution or take decisions for you easily but it will not be a real solution for your problem. You must think over and do things yourself to encounter a personal experience in your life. Don't blindly seek my help, right or wrong give a try and before executing, if you come to consult with me for implementing it, I will be very happy person to help you. I love and even I will be so pleased to share my ideas to enrich yours and also to correct and guide you if you were wrong. But if you never give a try to do or take decisions independently,  you can't get any experience and you will lose your capability to survive independently. I am sure that you can manage things yourself well and hope you think over it.

Let us talk tonight.

With lots of love,


Like this in difficult situation, whenever I am struggling with complex emotions, he without taking decisions had helped me to solve the problem myself.

It may be my education or career, whenever I stand clueless, my dad instead of taking decisions use to help and guide me to find myself and clarifies my mind to take my own decisions.

In this way gradually, I learned to live independently and endure adversities. The guidance of my father had made me to develop as a  self-reliant person


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