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Digitalization is the Key to Transformation

E-Governance is an excellent initiative to transform India into a digitally empowered society.

To ACHIEVE this Vision:

1. Access to Knowledge:

                                   Knowledge has the power to transform a society. Education is the gateway to gain that knowledge. Building a digitally literate society requires imparting digital skills to its citizens. Uninterrupted power is a prime need and fast internet connectivity should be available to people at an affordable price. Citizens must be economically viable and essential infrastructure must be provided to build a digitally enabled India. Cloud Computing, Broadband connections and gadgets like Mobile Phones and tablets are inventions blessed for this generation and we have to tap this invention to provide educational opportunities to all sections of people in India, for enhancing their quality of education, for providing chipper resources which is happening in the world and for delivering information at their fingertips in a quick and fast mode.

E-Governance can flourish and achieve Digital India vision when its people become educated and computer literate. Education removes fear and make people confident and enables them to voluntarily come forward and exploit the E-Government services offered to them.

The transformation of the current education system is required to achieve Digital India Vision. To increase the technological literacy in India, the school and college curriculum should integrate Information and Communication Technology into their teaching and learning process and this alone can provide the best opportunities to their people to learn and use modern technology and gain technical skill.

Government, Public, Industrial sectors and other Institutions has to play their role with co-operation to achieve Digital India Vision. Intel  has launched " Digital Skills for India" program to impart digital literacy and "Innovative for India" program to bring technological innovation. This initiative by Intel with social responsibility has to be greatly appreciated. The transformation of society and economy is essential to create a digitally enabled India.

The knowledge society with skills can alone bring growth, development, technology innovation and progress. Innovations helps to provide improved technology solutions to the people, which are affordable, accessible and easy to use.

Digitally literate people will comfortably start using E-Government services online and will make E-Governance successful in achieving its Digital India Vision.

2. Access to Information:

                              People should be well informed. Digitization of information is vital for the easy and convenient access of people. The Government has to furnish all information needed to citizens in online. The Government staffs have to be given training and all sharing of information, communication and transaction must be in online. All government websites must be user-friendly with complete information. In this case, E-Governance can provide better services to the public in a convenient, transparent, efficient and reliable way. For example, online submission, electronic documentation of land records, court cases, property registration, birth certificate, e-Aadhaar Identity Card enables quick future reference, avoid duplication and delay, saves time, reduces cost and offers mobility. If documents are electronically archived, they can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It also reduces the risk of  theft and fire damage. Digitization of government services speed up the processes and eliminates the immoralities like bribing and red-tapism, simplifies and ease the task of citizens and paves way to good governance.

Information on job opportunities, government scheme introduced for the welfare of people, procedure for online application of Passport and similarly all kinds of information required for public should be available in online allowing free access to citizens. This creates public awareness and make them informed and be responsible, participate and co-operate for the successful functioning of the e-governance to achieve its Digital India Vision.

Digitalization is the Key.png

Technology has become the integral part in our day to day life. It is changing our daily life, social communication, work life and everything. It has the power to bring positive socio-economic changes in the country. E-governance through technology can bring transformation in the areas of education, health, industry, governance and can bring major positive changes in the economy like industrial growth, increased employment opportunities, knowledge society, technology innovation, rural prosperity and transparent society, leaving no room for the Government to conceal any information from the citizens.

It is foremost important that E-Governance must provide all government information and services to citizens and organisations in a convenient and accessible way.  Like Intel, all technology giants should come forward and work together to achieve Digital India Vision. To conclude, the knowledgeable and Informed citizens are the empowered citizens and with their co-operation e-governance can accelerate its vision of  #DigitalIndia.


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