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Big changes in my life

I got a amount from my ancestral property. My husband wants to put the entire amount in fixed deposit. He always loves to be in the safer side. He likes to live a secured life. Even, like everyone I prefers the same but  I want to come up in life with that money. So I am not much interested in selecting the fixed deposit option. We both are working individuals and we don't have any business background and so we were scared to start a new business. We have two kids and our financial needs increases day by day. So in a profitable way, we both want to invest the amount. But were confused in taking a decision.

I wanted to buy a land with that amount. I felt investment in land could fetch some good returns in future. But my family members are not interested and even my hubby never accepted my plans. Actually, monthly salary is the only source of income for us. It is mostly spent in meeting the day to day needs and for our family expenses. It is impossible for us with our current earnings to  earn this amount. My point is, fixed deposits can't fetch attractive income in future for the amount invested.

 So I don't want to miss this opportunity. It is impossible for us to create this surplus amount. When we don't have surplus money, there is no possibility of making investments. Every month, salary is getting credited and spent. That was happening with us and in spite of thinking a lot, we got no clues to improve our lifestyle. From monthly salary, expecting a big change in life is not possible.

Big changes in my life

First time in life, I had surplus money in hand, it means I have money in hand to invest and gain some other income apart from my salary. I considered the amount I got as big opportunity to improve my lifestyle. So boldly I went with my decisions against my family.

I bought a land as per my plan in my place. I believe in diversification, so with another half amount I did gold trading. My entire family scolded as I took risky decisions as per my wish. But I felt I need to take this big bold decision to enhance my lifestyle. Since I know I won't get this opportunity gain, without giving much importance to others opinion, I did what I planned to multiply my money and enhance my life.

Since I did everything without the consent of my hubby and family members, I never got any support from them. Those are bitter days in my life. My husband was angry and stopped talking to me as I was taking risk with the money without listening him.

I was worried but I never gave up my decision. Initially, it was difficult but later I started making good profits from gold trading. Similarly, the land I bought also got appreciated and its value got multiplied beyond my predictions in few years.

Before, we lived in a rented house with a budget lifestyle waiting for monthly salary. Now I am happy in my own house and tremendous changes happened in my life because of my bold decisions which I took that day. If thinking about risk, like them if I have dropped my decision, now in my life I can't expect big changes from fixed deposit returns. I would have lived same life without a home, car and budget life without any luxury or entertainment. I took a bold step and now I am enjoying a new life proudly. Now all my family members including my hubby is appreciating for my wise and bold decision.


  1. I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.


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