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35 Things that Radiates my Face

Check out the list of simple things which bring a smile to my face.

  1. Playing Shuttlecock makes me happy.
  2. Chatting with friends makes me happy.
  3. I feel energetic and ecstatic, when I hug and kiss my son.
  4. Eating chat foods, drinking coke make me happy.
  5. Elephant ride and even a glimpse of Elephant makes me to smile.
  6. My son always appears with a pleasant smile on his face. He spread his smile to people around him and that brings me more delight. His excitable chatter which almost sounds like babbling brings smile in my face.
  7. Playing with bouncing ball and balloon makes me happy.
  8. The look of a neat home, cleaning the home and arranging things in proper place makes me happy.
  9. My daughter is five years old. She uses to draw some pictures and tell us a story based on that picture with her imagination. She recites slokas perfectly. Her love and care for her brother makes me wonder. She likes to do all work herself. Her attitude of trying to do the work independently makes me happy. Watching my kids activities, makes my face beam with happiness.
  10. Completing my daily tasks in time makes me happy.
  11. I always keep some plans in mind to do a task or to learn something within a day or time period. If I did it according to my planned schedule, I feel very satisfied and happy.
  12. When someone appreciates me or my kids, I feel very proud and happy.
  13. Rising sun, blooming flowers, beautiful moon and stars everything delight me.
  14. Playing in water gives me happiness. It may be in the sea, or waterfalls or in small pool everything brings smile to my face.
  15. Preparing kids favorite food makes me happy. If they eat it properly, I use to get double happiness.

  16. Celebrations and festivals with family members at home gives me happiness.
  17. Hanging out with family members gives me happiness. It may be a short walk, or long tour or visit to temple everything makes me happy.
  18. Puppies play, calf's walk, birds sound everything delights me.
  19. Singing bhajans gives me joy.
  20. Love to hear songs with high volume and singing together with the audio gives me happiness.
  21. Watching juggling videos make me happy.
  22. Exploring new words gives me happiness
  23. The glimpse of the Google search page gives me happiness. I am an ardent lover of Google Search. I enjoy browsing, surfing and feeding my brain.
  24. Wallowing in love thoughts gives me happiness.
  25. Wearing new dress makes me happy.
  26. Going to my native place makes me happy.
  27. Kids smile, fun and frolic radiates my face.
  28. Receiving a call or message from loved ones makes me happy.
  29. Travelling in the train makes me happy.
  30. Fighting with my brother makes me happy.
  31. Making others happy gives me happiness.
  32. Friday night going to bed brings smile on my face as I can sleep without keeping alarm, need not worry about next day's breakfast or any work.
  33. Taking selfies with my kids makes me happy.
  34. If the share price rises as I predicted, it gives me happiness.
  35. If my kids obey my words, I feel very happy as I have someone to listen and follow me.


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