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20 Things which make Baby Happy

In this post, I have shared 20 things which make my baby happy.

1. My baby loves to play peekaboo. Whenever we play peekaboo, he starts laughing and will become more energetic and happy.

2. He will become crazy and cracks up continuously, when I tickle him.

3. He enjoys watching rhymes videos and television ads. He likes imitating the actions and sounds in the video.

4. I will give him a heap of colorful balls in a basket. He likes playing with them. In no time he uses to throw the balls everywhere and empty the basket. Every time when he picks a ball, he becomes amused. He use to have great fun while jumping and throwing the ball all around.

5.  He is amused to watch puppies frolic in the garden. He giggles and enjoys when puppy chases and licks his feet.

6. When I make funny faces or some animal noise, he is highly amused.

7. When I tell him stories with actions and sounds, he enjoys a lot.

8. He becomes amused while playing hide and seek.

9. My hugs and kisses makes him happier.

10. He likes to go a ride on the bike.

11. While having food, if  his stomach becomes satiated, immediately he will show happy smiling face and will start to play and walk here and there.

12. He will get excited when I say something in his ears.

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13. He starts laughing when I touch his finger and toes one by one. We use to play finger games and he goes very crazy when I say touching his finger, "one day, little Mary went market and bought carrot and ate (will make chomps, eating action and sounds) and touching second finger, I use to tell some stories and make an action. My son enjoys this game a lot. I use to pretend like biting his finger and toes while playing the game, he likes that very much.

14. He will sit in the bathtub filled with water with his bath toys. So he will be very happy while taking bath with his toys.

15. He use to have uninterrupted frolic and fun after taking bath, if he is dressed conveniently with New Pampers Baby Dry Pants. It keeps him very happy for longtime up to 12 hours as its magic gel locks in moisture and keeps his skin dry inside.

16.  Blowing raspberries on belly gives him a tickling sensation and he laughs like anything uncontrollably when I make him.

17. When I blow bubbles, he loves to touch and catch the bubbles.

18. When I carry him on my back or make him sit on my back with my hands and legs down like an elephant, he enjoys very much that elephant ride.

19. If I laugh at him, he too starts laughing seeing my happy face. If I pretend to chase and catch him, he uses to become very excited and start laughing.

20. When I feed him sweet things, he will become very happier.


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