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Quikr NXT - a Smarter Choice

Quikr is an online classified platform for buying and selling goods. In business, both buyers and sellers need many product details  for finalizing a business transaction.

Currently, buyers and sellers are communicating using email services and phones for online buying and selling.

Three Reasons to Prefer Chat over a Phone Call

1. Convenience and Future Reference

Business communication involves exchanging many details between buyer and seller regarding product size, quality, price, quantity, discounts and more. If such information's are in record, it will be very helpful for both buyers and sellers for future reference.

Quikr, a biggest classified portal in India has introduced a new instant chat feature called Quikr NXT in their classified site (mobile and desktop) and mobile app for convenient and easier buyer and seller communication.

Quikr NXT is the world’s first instant messenger by a classifieds company which enable buyers and sellers to connect instantly. It is an amazing feature which allows to have parallel chat sessions with multiple users, provides chat history facility for future reference, facilitates to send notifications for offline consumers, and also offers photo sharing facility which helps instant sharing of the photo of the product which we want to sell.

Quikr NXT users can request and furnish product details in their own convenient time. Chat is convenient and hassle free. It has all the facilities and without making a single phone call, Quikr NXT users can finalize a business transaction.

Quikr NXT is the smarter way of buying and selling online. It saves from the hassle of attending multiple phone calls at inconvenient times. It helps to check the price quoted to different buyers in no time.

Communication through phone is invasive and future reference is also not possible. It is tiresome as we have to note down all the details while talking and if we fail or missed some details, again we have to call the user.

Communication through chat is non-invasive and more convenient for these many reasons.

Quikr NXT - a Smarter Choice

2. Privacy

Quikr Nxt users can safeguard their privacy by opting not to share their mobile number and email id. With only Quikr ID, users can transact with each other.

Communication through phone intrudes our privacy and so chat communication is best.

3. Time-saving

Phone communication takes more time to complete a business transaction for various reasons. To mitigate the risk while buying, user needs to know many details for finalizing the transaction. Sometimes, a user may be busy or may not be available at our convenient time to furnish the necessary information. In such time, phone communication requires making multiple phone calls to complete the transaction.

Chat communication is user-friendly and convenient. Even if user is not available online, we can send offline notifications for request of information and other end user can also respond at their convenient time which ends in bringing down the time in completing a transaction.

Chat communication saves time compared to phone communication.

Do not worry with phone calls. Chat quicker with Quikr NXT and Be Smarter.


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