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 Top 5 things I do if I were a #BefikarUmarBhar person

1. Risk Taker : Life long living life carefree is something really wonderful and super. This opportunity sounds good even to hear. If I have no constraints in life, I will take risk and invest in stock market. Usually, I do only paper trading but if such life encounters me, I will do real trading with my money. Now I am working as a design engineer. Routine job, limited earnings and so sometimes I feel nothing is interesting. I will start a textile export business and I will make different types of investments which interests me as per my personal wish. I am a risk averse person but I will behave like a risk lover and  will make investments which I love to do.

2. Shopping Spree : I use to buy only things which I really need. If I am a  #BefikarUmarBhar person, I will shop everything which catches the attention of my eyes.

3. Travel : I will travel to different places all around the world. Particularly, I ll go Macau and stay in luxurious hotels and will enjoy playing in casinos. I will go for a civilian lunar trip. Actually what I mean is, If I don't have financial and personal constraints, these are the things which I love to do.


4. Spend time and money for my passion :
Now I have time only for my job. If I am a #BefikarUmarBhar person, I will spend all my time and money only for my passion without worrying about future and security.

I will spend money to learn and gain knowledge on these four things.  

First, I want to be educated about the mechanism behind all the machines from small to big which are invented till today. Reading about the working mechanism of machines and making a self try are always interesting whether it may be a apple peeler, bulldozers or dump trucks.

Second, spend time and money to become a Actuarian.

Third, I love working with data, research, reports and analysis.
Doing same line of job is so stressful. I will start my career fresh as  financial analyst and work in this field till it quenches my thirst.

Last, is my love for learning different languages. Leaving my job, if I am carefree, I ll spend my money and time for all these things.

5. Start a Non-Profit Rehab Center : If you are alive, it doesn't mean that you are really alive. Many people are living deadly life because of addiction, depression, stress and many other problems. They are living but they are living a lifeless life. A person is alive only when he is mentally and physically strong. I want everyone who is alive to live the life cheerfully and face the hardships with smile. If I am a #BefikarUmarBhar person, I will stop thinking about my individual future and will spend my time and money to start up a rehabilitation center to save the lives of people who are dying every day to survive because of their addictions and other problems.

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