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Does laughing help you live longer?

Laughter is the Best Medicine for Good Health

Laughter, a contagious fun activity, provides numerous positive psychological and physical benefits. The act of laughing aids to uplift our mood. It is a great way to spice up our life.

When we laugh, we feel good and happy. Laughing is a kind of exercise. It is beneficial to our body and mind. 

Laughter is therapeutic and it can be used as a powerful tool to alleviate depression, reduce stress hormones, lower blood pressure, boost immunity system, protect heart, speed up metabolism, decrease pain and to relax muscles.

Laughter provides wide range of health benefits to our body.

Laugh Well, Feel Good! 

Laughter is the best way to relax our body and mind from the hectic life.

How does Laughter help?

Endorphins are natural pain and stress fighters.

Laughing exercises facial and several other muscles in our body. As a result, when we laugh, our body releases "feel good" chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins reduce our perception of pain by interacting with the receptors in the brain, promotes the sense of well being, gives the feeling of euphoria ( a feeling of intense happiness and excitement), improves the function of blood vessels, increases blood flow and protects heart from heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases.

Endorphins act as antidepressants, enhances health and increases longevity. As laughter improves good health and social life, laugh more and live longer and happier.

Laughter is the Best Medicine for Good Health

Seek out daily laughter to bump up the production of  endorphins in your body.

 Laugh when you can, delay your death and extend your life.


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