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Buy and Sell Cars on Quikr

I love to upgrade my existing car with something better. So, I am planning to sell my car and buy a advanced technology new modal car. Newspaper advertisements are quite expensive and so I have decided to sell my existing car using leading online classified site, Quikr.

First, I took a photograph of my existing car. Then, I posted an ad on Quikr with the details of my car such as the year of manufacture, the number of kilometers car driven, the brand’s name and the model number, the trim of the car, the fuel variant, gear transmission, photograph of the car, location details and the color of the car. The good thing is, Quikr has provided options to fill all these details without any hassles making task easier. Another important thing, I calculated the maximum selling prIce (MSP) using Quikr Free MSP calculator to find the true worth of my car. I fixed the price accordingly. I love using Quikr Free MSP calculator tool as it aids to find the best price for my car.

  Just few clicks, I posted an offering ad on Quikr and without spending a penny, I made a successful profitable sale of my car in few days and hours. Interested  buyers communicated to me through Quikr chat and I responded them and finally made a successful deal even without revealing my personal contact details. With this simple steps, I sold my used car easily in online on Quikr at a profitable price. Hurrah, I got excited with this simple process of selling car on Quikr.


Buying a car is also easy on Quikr. Being the leading classified site, various models of used and new cars are available in Quikr. We can buy and sell a car from both individuals and dealers on Quikr. Moreover, Quikr has also provided numerous search options to simplify our search. We can easily define our need by adding filters for locations, price range, year of manufacture, brand and modal of the car, fuel type and color of the car. Similarly, instead of searching and contacting many, you can publish your personalized wanted ads where you can post your specific requirement. Here, you can fill the details for specific location, price range, year of manufacture, brand and modal of the car, fuel type, color of the car, type of engine, the number of kilometers driven all you can mention. A description field is also provided where details about gear shifting mechanism or anything which you are most specific and looking for can be mentioned. I posted an wanted ad and surprisingly sooner I got many offers. Quikr has all options to make our buying simple and easier. In few days, I got a good offer and I bought a car at reasonable price.

In this easy way, I upgraded my car with Quikr NXT.


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