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6 Fun Bedtime Rituals

Babies need more sleep and rest for proper growth and good health. A bedtime routine is needed to be followed daily for developing good sleep habits. Babies can feel relaxed and can have happy sleep time with the practice of bedtime rituals.

6 Fun Bedtime Rituals

 1. Singing a Lullaby:

 Lullabies can easily make babies drift off to sleep. All children mostly enjoy hearing lullabies. Singing a lullaby makes your little one's mind calm and relaxed. It is the best bedtime ritual you can follow and add in your list to make your baby sleep peacefully and wake up happily. 

2. Sharing a Bedtime Story :

 It is a fantastic way to give your baby comfortable, relaxed and good night sleep. Kids love stories and you can have a great fun time by verbally telling a story with actions to your kids. Another way, showing pictures you can narrate a story to them. Kids love it more and they also enjoy seeing and turning the pages of the picture story book. Kids hear and see something when you are sharing a story with them. It promotes their intellectual skills and also coax your kids to sleep. 

3. Putting a Diaper :

This cozy ritual ensures continued good and sound sleep of your baby. Putting the right diaper for your baby is more important. The new Pampers Baby Dry Pants keeps baby dry not only outside but inside too, which is very essential for healthy sound sleep. 


4. Laughter and Games

Playing PEEK-A-BOO, Hide and Seek and you can also make some funny animal sounds like meow meow and entertain your kids. This ritual brings smile in your toddler's face and gradually at the end they will become tired and will fall asleep in happy mood. This kind of fun games reduces their anxiety about sleeping and also makes kids sleep throughout the night without fear. If you find indulging in playing games or any other rituals over excite your kid and disturb his/her sleep, just strike it out from your bedtime routine.

5. Comfort :

   Bathing with warm water, putting comfortable night dress, emotionally comforting kids by saying "love you baby" or we can hug and kiss and express kids that we love them more. These rituals can make them feel comfortable and secure and induces them to sleep soon.

6. Say Good Night :

Daily bidding good night before going to sleep is a signal to the kids. This ritual when followed daily makes kids understand that it is the sleep time and they have to sleep now. Saying "good night" helps kids to prepare their mind to sleep. 

Bed time rituals are vital to be created and followed and it may differ for different babies. But whatever we follow must be soothing to our little one's mind causing them to sleep and have a good night's rest and that is only more important.


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