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10 Words to Beef up your Vocabulary

1.Mind-boggling - intellectually or emotionally overwhelming eg: Her performance was mind-boggling.

2.Short shrift - little or no attention or consideration given. eg: The Municipal Corporation gives short shrift to fill the potholes in the streets.

3.Unrequited love - love which is not returned or rewarded. eg :  Unrequited Love is painful.

4.Beef up - to increase or improve something. eg : Reading helps to beef up your vocabulary.

5.Brims over - something which is too full. eg: Raju's heart was brimming over with happiness on seeing his mother.
unrequited love

6.Rip up - tear something into small pieces. eg : My dog has ripped up all the pillows.

7.Miffed over - annoyed eg: Peter miffed over denial of  his love.

8.Goof up -  habitually making mistakes because of carelessness or irresponsibility. eg : I goof-up and lose the game.

9.Flounder through - to struggle awkwardly. eg : The cows floundered through the marshy and muddy field.

10.Freeze up -  stop functioning or unable to move, speak or continue with something. eg : Raj is annoyed as his computer freezes up all the time.

Good Health is Happiness

My Kids smile is my happiness.I have a daughter and a son.They use to be engaged and occupied with one or other activity all the day. I admire them playing, roaming and staying active throughout the day.If their health is good they neither won't sit idle nor stays tired.

But the situation is reverse when they suffer from ill health.Every month on a particular same date I use to fix an appointment with my Pediatrist. Everytime I go for treating illness, cough or cold. Nearly it takes one week to ten days for my kids to get well.

Life went hard as I know that ill health is going to fade my kids smile shortly. I won't ignore anything when it comes to their health care issues.I provide them boiled water for drinking, hot water bath, healthy choice of food and clean environment.I serve them greens,fruits and vegetables and also use to concentrate on their daily intake of water.I use to make all my efforts to make them stay healthy without ill health.But inspite of that,wan smile chased my kids.

Even if the weather changes outside,they will start sneezing.I was clueless.Often seeing them suffering from ill health,I was much worried.Later I understood that my kids has low immunity to fight against infections.So I decided to look for some more healthy food choices specifically to strengthen and boost their immunity.
Dabur Chyawanprash

Luckily then I heard about " Dabur Chyawanprash " and got impressed knowing that,

* it  increases immunity by 3 times.
* it increases NK cells (Natural Killer Cells) in our body and aids in fighting against germs, viruses, bacteria and also protects against infections which cause illness, cough and cold.

I opted for my kids as it contains antioxidants, immuno-modulatory properties and many other herbs and natural ingredients in it.

I'm amazed after knowing that a single product can solve all my problem.Then as recommended by Chyawanprash, I gave them one teaspoonful twice daily followed by warm milk or water.

Really I got stunned after using Dabur Chyawanprash. Now I am free from running to doctor every month,relaxed from forcing my kids to have pills which irks them and myself, also happy as I stopped using dangerous antibiotics which I used before often for treating illness.

No more fear of ill health. Dabur Chyawanprash has changed the gloominess in our life. It blessed me to be a pride mother of a healthy child.The vibrant face and healthy smile of my kids made our home happy again.

The happiness of a home depend on its family members.A person need to be physically and emotionally healthy to be  happy.I believe strongly that a physically healthy person can alone have healthy thoughts.

Bringing up a healthy child is very important to make a healthy and happy home.From young age we must teach about choosing healthy diet, cleanliness,keeping environment clean, importance of being hygiene like washing hands before and after eating food etc.

Educate your child about healthy habits so that they learn to be healthy and also makes a healthy and happy home.Also warn them that staying unhealthy can spread infections and makes our home sick.

The everlasting happiness of a family is not possible without good health.  

17 Verbs to describe Speaking

Bring life to your words and conversation by using correct vocabulary.

Most commonly used words like speak,say,talk are good and perfect to use and that's why we are using those words often.

1.Speak - Please speak out.

2.Talk  - Hello,"why can't you talk to me"?

3.Say - Say something..

We use the above words generally to convey information or to express a feeling.But you can give more life to the conversation by expressing it using apt words.

4.Gossip - talking about the personal/private affairs of others.

For example :

They were talking about their neighbours.
They were gossiping about their neighbours.

Using the word "gossiping" instead of "talking" adds due weightage by conveying the real meaning of the sentence.

5.Whisper - speaking very softly especially for the sake of secrecy.

Ricky whispered his love in her ears before he stepped out.

6.Mumble -  speaking in low voice by partially closing the mouth which is often unclear.

 He mumbles something which was not audible.

7.Mutter - low audible voice in irritation and dissatisfaction.

The employees begin to mutter about their poor work conditions.

8.Murmur - saying something in low,soft voice.

Students were murmuring in the auditorium.

9.Babble - meaningless sounds and words

Baby babbles.

10.Ramble - talking in a confused or inconsequential way.

Tina and Rahul rambles hours together without any point.

11.Yell - Shouting loudly

Rahul's mother yelled on seeing him eating chocolates.

12.Slur - speaks unclear as words run into one another.

Drunkard slurs.

13&14.Stammer/Stutter - speak with sudden involuntary pauses especially repeating the initial letters of words.

 `I've w-w-win the ga-ga-game,' he stuttered.

15.Quaver - shake or tremble in speaking because of nervousness or emotion.

Her voice quavered in fear.

16.Chat - talk in a friendly informal way.

They were chatting in the cafe.

17.Chatter- talking rapidly about trivial matters

Raju was chattering about his favorite movie.

17 verbs to describe speaking

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