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Wh- Questions using "Be" Verb

In my previous post, I wrote about framing simple sentences(affirmative,negative,interrogative) and yes/no questions using Pronoun and "Be" verb.

Now, Let's learn to ask questions using "be" verb.

Wh- Questions are asked to get information.

What is used to ask about an object or an idea.

When is used to ask about time.
Why is used to know about the reason.
Where is used to ask about the place.
Who is used to know about the person.


Wh- Questions using "Be" Verb

What are you?

What is he/she/it?
What are they?

When is it?

Why is it?

Where am I?
Where are you?
Where is he/she/it?
Where are they?

Who am I?
Who are you?
Who is he/she/it?
Who are they?

Example Sentences

Who is Sachin Tendulkar?
He is an cricketer.

Who are Obama and Modi?

They are Politicians.

Where are John and Jack?

They are at home.

Where is India?

It's in Asia.

What is Jasmine?

It is a flower.

What are Lion and Tiger?

They are animals.

When is  your marriage?

It's on 1st January.

When are you coming?

I am coming on Sunday.

Pronouns and Be - Basic Important English Lesson

Pronouns and Be

Learn spoken English and grammar with Pronouns and "Be" verb.

If you want to learn a language,first learn pronouns.

Then for framing basic sentences,the next very important thing is learning  "to be" verb.

Pronoun and Be

Personal(Subject) Pronouns Example Sentences 

First Person - Singular 
I am Yashika.
I am a girl.
I am fine.
I am happy.
I am tall.
I am young.

Second Person - Singular and Plural

You are a football player.(Singular)
You are smart students.(Plural)

Third Person - Singular
He is a doctor.
He is a boy.
She is a dancer.
She is a girl.
It is a pen.
It is sour.
It is cold.
It is hot.

First Person - Plural
We are artists.

Third Person - Plural
They are musicians.

How to frame simple affirmative,negative,interrogative and imperative sentence using Pronouns and "Be" verb?

 Read the simple example sentences given here.

Affirmative sentences 
 I am a student.
You are good.
He is an actor.
She is a dancer.
It is a dog.
We are friends.
They are astronauts.

Negative sentences
 I am not a student.
You are not good.
He is not an actor.
She is not a dancer.
It is not a dog.
We are not friends.
They are not astronauts.

Affirmative Contractions 
 I'm a student.
You're good.
He's an actor.
She's a dancer.
It's a dog.
We're friends.
They're astronauts.

Negative Contractions 
 I'm not a student.
You aren't good.
He isn't an actor.
She isn't a dancer.
It isn't a dog.
We aren't friends.
They aren't astronauts.

Contractions and Not(another negative form)

 I'm not a student.
You're not good.
He's not an actor.
She's not a dancer.
It's not a dog.
We're not friends.
They're not astronauts.


Am I a student?
Yes,I am a student.
No,I'm not a student.
Important : For yes/no answers,use contractions only for negative(No)short answers.
Are you good?
Is he an actor?
Is she a dancer?
Is it a dog?
Are we friends?
Are they astronauts?


Am I not a student?
Are you not good?
Is he not an actor?
Is she not a dancer?
Is it not a dog?
Are we not friends?
Are they not Astronauts?

Interro-negative Contractions

Aren't I a student?
Aren't you good?
Isn't he an actor?
Isn't she a dancer?
Isn't it a dog?
Aren't we friends?
Aren't they astronauts?

Question Tags (used only while speaking)

Affirmative sentences with Negative tags
I am a student,aren't I?
You are good,aren't you?
He is an actor,isn't he?
She is a dancer,isn't she?
It is a dog,isn't it?
We are friends,aren't we?
They are astronauts,aren't they?

Negative sentences with Positive Tags

I'm not a student,am I?
You're not good,are you?
He's not an actor,is he?
She's not a dancer,is she?
It's not a dog,is it?
We're not friends,are we?
They're not astronauts,are they?


Be good.
Let's be friends.

Imperative Sentence gives commands,orders,requests and instructions and it always starts with a verb.
Imperative sentence using verb "to be".

You(singular&plural) Imperative form : Be
We - Imperative form : Let's be

Imperative sentence is made with infinite verb(to be)but without to. Eg : Be happy.
Be careful.
Be good.
Be polite.
Be silent.
Be here on time.
Be there at 10 am.

Urgent/emphasis(add you)

You be good.
You be calm.

Request(add do/please/kindly)

Do be good.
Do be polite.
Do be calm.
Please be silent.
Kindly be silent.

Let's be good.
Let's be polite.
Let's be calm.

By the end,you must be able to frame simple sentences and yes/no questions.

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