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Which Decade are You?

How will you refer your age in terms of decades?

Just check it out!

                 Age Group

Denarian:  10-19 yrs old
Vicenarian: 20-29 yrs old
Tricenarian: 30-39 yrs old
Quadragenarian: 40-49 yrs old
Quinquagenarian: 50-59 yrs old
Sexagenarian: 60-69 yrs old
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan

Septuagenarian: 70-79 yrs old
Octogenarian: 80-89 yrs old
Nonagenarian: 90-99 yrs old
Centenarian: 100-109 yrs old
Supercentenarian: 110 years old and above

EG.,- Rajni Kanth(63) is a stylish sexagenarian actor.A person who is between 60 and 69 years old are referred as Sexagenarian.

How will you draw your Robot?

Hi Kids,With basic shapes like square,rectangle and circle you can try drawing your robot.

Do you know?
Drawing helps to improve your imagination skill.

Easy Robot Drawing for Kids
robot drawing

Basket Drawing for Kids

Hi Kids, What you must know to draw this basket?
It's very easy.If you know to put lines and curves then drawing a basket is not a wonder for you.

Hello Parents,Drawing helps in brain development.So encourage your young ones to practice drawing.

basket drawing

Lovely Dessert

A mouth-watering dessert is a perfect end for the perfect meal.

Serving food with beautiful Borosil glassware makes it more perfect.

Smooth creamy ice cream with melted chocolate topping is teamed with rich brownie cake in the bottom surrounded with nuts. Borosil crystal clear serving plate enriched its texture, which urges and makes everyone irresistible to taste and left everyone with mouth-watering.

When it was tasted,ah! it just melts in my mouth.

What a marvelous good great and delicious dessert and how good to taste it in a exquisite Borosil plate.

11 Amazing Vocabulary Phrases

English Phrases
  1. Every day I start my work at the crack of dawn. - very early morning
  2. I am blogging  for my bread and butter for Donkey's years. -living(in terms of money) ie., regular income, long years
  3. Blogging about single topic is really a Donkey Work which I hate to do.- hard,boring and repetitive work.
  4. The key to boost income is a tough nut to crack.-ways to,very hard
  5. Choosing blogging as a career is really scraping the barrel for me to earn income.- using worst idea/things as no other option available.
  6. Every day I fight to carve out time for blogging.-create

    English phrases
  7. I blog about interesting topics and try to butter up my readers. - flatter
  8. Announcing contests and prizes will make my blog popular?Money doesn't grow on trees.So I don't want to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut.- money not available in surplus so must not spend more,using more efforts/force than necessary
  9.  I'm keyed up about my writing style. - anxious
  10. But I don't want to feel blue thinking about my current situation.- feeling sad
  11. Catch you later.Now I m going to crack on with my newspaper.- continue

10 Smart Vocabulary instead "Beautiful"

Vocabulary: to describe person

when we use the word beautiful often it will be boring.
eg : beautiful bead work,beautiful cinema,beautiful song may sound boring to use same words.
Try using different words - an exquisite bead work,a delightful movie,a lovely song

Instead of saying she is beautiful.You can use the following vocabulary .
He/She is attractive/charming/alluring/stunning/arresting,pretty(female), handsome(male), good-looking, nice-looking, lovely(female), gorgeous(female),

ravishing - anything which is very beautiful and attractive. eg : ravishing speech,ravishing eyes

The word "magnificent" is used to describe beautiful landscape,scenery,art work or any good work/performance and also used for everything which is excellent and outstanding.

Eg: BJP had a magnificent victory in the 16th Lok Sabha Elections.

When you say beautiful building - it means it looks good and beautiful.That's it.

When you want to say something extremely beautiful,excellent and outstanding -use correct vocabulary
 like magnificent painting,magnificent building,magnificent dance.Here if you say beautiful paining.then the word won't get enough emphasis to tell about the painting.
beautiful vocabulary

 The word "delightful" is used to describe person, place or events which is joyful,happy or pleasant.
Eg : a delightful movie,a delightful birthday party/occasion.

The word "appealing" is used to describe a person,idea,thing or an event which is pleasing and attractive.

aesthetic - to appreciate the good taste,art or beauty eg : The hotel served aesthetic food in an appealing environment.

graceful - to describe good manners,beautiful movements,attractive pleasing speech. eg: a graceful walk

exquisite - anything which is extremely beautiful. eg : an exquisite wall hanging

elegant - anything which is stylish,luxury,fashionable
Eg : an elegant necklace,an elegant woman,an elegant dress

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