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Shaven Face attracts Opportunities

I was in love with a girl  for more than 7 years. It started as friendship but slowly it turned as love. We use to talk hours together and discuss about many topics. But we have never seen each other. It was a thrilling experience and so we lived our love life through phone conversation. One day, we decided to get married.

But was scared to inform the parents about our love and to face the consequences. I hesitated but she informed her parents. To our surprise, her father called and invited me to their house.  I got excited that if he accept, I am going to get into a relationship with a friendly family and many thoughts started running in my mind.

After some time, she called and told about her parents likes and dislikes. She added, that his father is friendly, open and strict also. And stressed that if his father decides something, he won't take his decision back. Usually our phone conversation use to be funny and silly. That was the first time, we both were very serious and nervous.

She, without knowing what his father will question, got riddled and feeds me as much as information about his family. Even I got little fear, after hearing her talks. Without patience, she went and asked her dad regarding what he wants to talk with me. She can't stay laid back and relax for the day to come. Since she had already informed about my qualification, family and salary, she was anxious about our meet, because her father had never expressed his positive or negative reaction. So she was puzzled and worried.

Finally, our most expected day came. I went to meet her father. First of all, I was very eager to see her face and she also dwells with the same thought. That is my first meeting with her. So I have added pressure to impress her also. We love each other and physical appearance are secondary but it cannot be ignored. So I got up earlier to get ready soon and started from my place to reach her home in time.

I rang the bell. She opened the door. For seven years, we know and love each other but that was the first time our eyes met. But no time to romance, since her parents were there. In excitement, I went there but after seeing her parents a slight fear tickled me. They welcomed and gave me a seat and  greeted each other saying "hello". After that,  a moment of silence was there and we both without knowing what her parents is going to talk looked at each other. To our surprise, her father asked which month to arrange for our marriage. We both took a breathe and started smiling. Her mother gave us sweets and after that only I sat comfortably. She told, dad I was afraid with tension. Her dad answered, I know dear.  He added that he want to see me in person to inquire about my seriousness in love with her daughter and marriage and that's why he invited me. But seeing my clean shaven face, he never felt like asking me anything. We asked the reason and her father replied, the way you came with clean shaven face shows your commitment and simply got flattened with your confident look. I want to ask you many questions but you shaven face gave me answers for all my questions. So I accepted for your marriage. I felt happy that my shaven face had helped me to win my love.

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