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Risk Rider

I was working in an accountancy firm for a meager salary. I was happy with that earnings until I was bachelor. After marriage only I started thinking seriously about life.Until that I had no goal or ambitions or big demands. One night, many questions popped up in my mind and disturbed my sleep.But that is a turning point in my life. I was asking myself,"Looking for a penny money every month will my life end as an employee and how long with that meager salary without much growth I can run my family"?

Repeatedly I asked myself,"Will this earnings be enough to meet my future demands and is it possible for me to manage the family decently with this income"?

That time some unexpected medical expenses occurred had added and multiplied my fears.

This biggest fear had made me take my bold, risky decision in life.

I was calculating and recalculating about my future needs. That time I set myself great demands and wished to earn my annual salary in one month.

There is no scope to achieve that goal by staying in present job. I wanted to start a business, but was scared to start, thinking about failure. Another thought if I left my job and if go unsuccessful in business what would be my condition and how will I run the family, these questions haunted me.

I was worried that my growth will only be at snail's pace and stagnant if I continue the job. Needs changed and became big and definitely I couldn't reach my needs living as an employee. I want to be a giver of money and keep employees under me. But I was sluggish initially thinking about negative sides.

Finally, I decided that my lifestyle must get improved and I must become an entrepreneur to achieve my goals. I don't want fear to rule me. After many confusions, the fog in my mind cleared and I decided to give a try and take risks in life to achieve my goals and to become a proud entrepreneur and also to get succeed in life.

I quitted my job. In what hope I took that risk even today I can't imagine.

In 1984, I started a wholesale consumer products business. First dealership I got is Glaxco and now presently it is renamed as Heinz. That time fifty thousand was a big amount and I was asked to pay as a deposit.

I paid my savings Rs.30000 and I borrowed to arrange the balance amount. I was married and if something gone wrong, I have no one to support. My first desire to earn my target amount in a month and then many things created a desire in me to become entrepreneur as I want to upgrade my status.

All my burning desires to come up in life made me to quit the job and take the risk of starting my own business.

Initially we kept no labours to help. I and my spouse did all work. As a novel entrepreneur faced some problems and also struggled as we don't have much money to invest. First, everytime I use to borrow money and from returns I have to repay debt, run my family and must also keep reserves to invest again. That was a hard time in my life because credit sales will be more than cash sales.I don't have any extra reserves, only if they repaid me in correct time, I will be able to run the business smoothly.

At the off season time, sales will be low, but we sustained and slowly things changed.

One day my per month profit reached my annual salary. I felt I achieved a big thing in life.

Later become a dealer and super stockist of many leading brands.

To overcome my fear of living a stagnant life, I boldly took the risk and now a proud entrepreneur.I started with two members and now for more than thirty members I am giving employment.

As I desired it helped me to lead a decent life. No more employee grade, my risk I took gave me social status, rapport in society, to provide good education to kids, daughter's marriage, son's higher studies, bought our own house, like that fulfilled all our needs without trouble.

This is my victory and the reward for my risk and hard work.

Rise above Fear!

Rise above Fear


  1. It's a quite inspiring story for those who wants to break their shackles but has fear of their responsibilities...I personally feel that some link is missing after getting contract that actual struggle is missed in this story but still in limited words nicely written...hats of


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