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Protect your Emotional Health

Pre-marital sex is a thrilling experience, but it has the power to make your marriage life boring and troublesome.

Sexual activity has a direct impact on the emotional health of a person, that to particularly for a woman, it involves sharing her most precious possession.

Having pre-marital sex is like lending the valuable possession without any emotional security.

Sex before marriage for material benefit, for sexual pleasure, due to the consequence of compulsion, or as an expression of love, all affects woman and make them feel guilty, insecure, creates low self-esteem,  emotional turmoil and will be posed to many mental and physical disturbances.

Pre-marital sex will make you remorse and regret for life long, regardless of with whom you did or  for what you did.

It will not allow you to live with pride, it eats your peaceful life and sometimes will drag you to take self-destructive  decisions.

If you have sex before marriage, your life after marriage won't be interesting, even if it is with the same person or the other.

The couples who have sex before their marriage, sooner or later will realize that they both don't have  respect of each other. When it lacks, surely a crack will be in their life for all the time.

The worst thing is, in case if you get married to a different person, your mind automatically starts to compare and this will affect your sexual intimacy with your spouse and disrupts your happy marriage life.

Pre-marital sex will reduce the happiness of your sex life after marriage.

Let us talk about the visible and invisible consequences of  pre-marital sex.

Aborting a child or giving a birth to a child before marriage all creates mental stress and makes you feel that you are doing wrong and it affects you and your child.

Assume some two people love each other and they had planned to marry in the future and in the mean time they want to enjoy sexual pleasure without waiting for marriage.

Even if they have safe sex and play safe, the girl can't escape from facing unexplained emotional problems.

If she aborts, life long she will shed tears and will become emotionally weak.

In modern life, happiness is social sharing and we share everything from buying dresses to slippers. If she becomes pregnant before marriage, is it possible for her to tweet that she is pregnant and share her happiness?

 Pre-marital sex is not healthy, even if it happens with mutual consent.

It can only give something which we can't share with others. So it is definitely a problem giving act.

Pre-marital sex is self destruction.

Pre- Marital sex can't  develop intimacy, it can only affect relationships.

Some people argue that there is nothing wrong in having sex before marriage.

Those who involve themselves in sexual activity before marriage will be of two types of victims.

Some realize their mistake and suffer from guilty thoughts and others won't accept, they give lame reasons themselves to justify their mistake, and to calm their mind.

If they don't belong to these two categories, they are inhuman, that is, who have sex without any emotional attachment.

If you have pre-marital sex, it can give only  physical pleasures and not real happiness and satisfaction to your soul.

Why we must do the act which chases and kills us life long?

Nobody can justify that pre-marital sex is a good act. Because it has bountiful negatives to point out.

For example, just because we love the flower, got addicted to the scent of the flower, and daily we see the flower and because the flower feels to be good in our hand, we can't pluck the flower and use which we don't own it.

Even if the flower comes to us voluntarily, first we must own the life long rights to use it.

Because it is a shame to use the thing which doesn't belong to us and remember it affects your dignity too.

So mutual consent is not enough, get married which gives you real belonging, emotional commitment, attachment, and security.

If you are involved in pre-marital sex and later if hands are changed, you and your flower both will be facing emotional stress.

Pre-marital sex is a reverse process and those who want healthy and happy life mustn't go on that path.

It burns you immediately or like slow poison it stays in your heart and kills you all your life.

The real happiness of sex will go unknown to you ever, if you have pre-marital sex.

So it is not sensible to say, I feel thirsty, I drink water.
Likewise, my body needs sex, I have sex and marriage have no connection to it.

If you need money, can you take from reserve bank or other's pocket?

Only if you have your own money, you should use it.

In the same way, only if you have your own partner, you must have sex. Before marriage, we are not eligible for sex act.

As sex act is related to two people and we can get our partner only through marriage. It is possible only through marriage and it alone can give belonging, commitment, attachment and security. Having sex before marriage is like using money which doesn't belong to us.

Pre-marital sex act involves using things which doesn't belong to us. So I conclude, No to Pre-marital sex as it is offense, mannerless, shame and immoral.

Finally, sex has so many health benefits, but pre-marital sex has health benefits only at the danger which affects your emotional health.

So say No to Pre-marital sex act which can do no good for us except affecting our emotional health.


  1. The author has written in a way that the topic has only one side's just that instinct which come naturally may be it is before marriage or after marriage need not to blame yourself for that ..I some what disagree with the author opinion but lil confused too because I live in a society which follows ethics that wont allow me to do that ..


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