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Missed Opportunity

This was an incident which happened when I was studying in my college. It was a crucial time and my role as the president(leader representing the students) of the college was big. Because, that time my college was in the process of acquiring accreditation from National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). In six months NAAC committee was going to visit our college.

Before giving accreditation, the NAAC team will consider various parameters and our management was careful in all preparations as it adds value and gives big recognition to our college . First, before the actual NAAC peer team visit, we made arrangements for our institutional NAAC guidance team visit. They guided us in making things perfect for the assessment and accreditation.

As the president, I have to keep in check the cleanliness, discipline in campus, canteen and have to ensure other student facilities. Many arrangements we have to make as NAAC will visit, monitor, and examine the lab, library and other facilities in college.

Facilities and infrastructure in our college was good. When guest comes, how a brush up is needed for our home to show it as perfect home, we all were doing many arrangements for the day of their visit to show our college as best college. And my job was more as the president of the college. More than three months co-coordinating staffs and students and also made arrangements for NAAC cultural programmes, its almost like receiving guest to our home, arrangement for eateries, front and stage decoration, welcome address speech and more. Every single student, staff and assistants joined together and worked for the NAAC visit. From welcoming, all arrangements upto thanking NAAC peer team, I as president planned and prepared students and made arrangements for the day.

But on the final day, I did a blunder mistake. I went to the college with a non shaven face. I was careful about the arrangement I made. Twice I checked and ensured all the arrangements for the NAAC day including cultural rehearsal but was careless about my look. On the final day, when I entered my Principal room, she asked whether all the arrangements are ready for receiving the NAAC team. I confidently answered " Yes". She asked who is going to receive the NAAC team and going to give the welcome address in the morning assembly. Her question surprised me because as the president, I use to receive and welcome chief guests in all our college functions. So I answered that myself I going to welcome. She asked,  creating good impression at first is important or not ? First, I never understood but I answered it's very important to create a good impression at first.


Immediately, she asked my vice-president who stood behind me to receive and give the welcome address. I was clueless and got shocked. She smiled and said clean shaven and self grooming is also needed for a leader to best represent himself and his college. I never thought that stubble will come in the way and spoil my good impression in front of the principal. I did all the arrangements but  I missed my opportunity as the president to be in the front and to receive and interact with the guest . I bend my head and felt bad but went back to monitor other activities  for the success of the function.

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