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Shaved Vs Stubble

 My hubby is working in a private company.Once in his office, the management had  planned to build an effective cost cutting team and assigned everyone to prepare a project on cost cutting measures and were also asked to make a presentation on the same.The company gave an equal opportunity to everyone and rolled out this assignment to its employees to select members for its new team.The opportunity was lucrative and everybody wants to grab as it seems like a quick ladder to climb up in their career.The company announced that all the selected members for the new team will be promoted to their next higher designation or given an equivalent hike and placed in the new team.

Doesn't it sound good?
shaved vs stubble.jpg

My hubby was amazed about this golden opportunity and prepared carefully as he did not want this great opportunity to slip away.

Out of 250 projects submitted, only 50 projects passed the judges criteria and their candidates were invited to gather in the presentation hall.Luckily, my hubby's project was selected, he deserve it also.
He groomed himself and went to the venue clean and shaved to present himself best in front of the judges.

Now the 50 members are in their seat in front of the judges.

Initially a  note was passed to the majority of  the members. There was a buzz among the others who never received one. After a short while those who received the note quietly left the place.

One among them approached the judge to know the reason why they were not given an opportunity. The Judges replied "Stubble is always a trouble." The guy instantly understood his mistake and left the place.

The remaining members including my hubby felt happy on knowing that their well-groomed look has ensured to struck the gold on an opportunity given to them.

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