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17 Verbs to describe Speaking

Bring life to your words and conversation by using correct vocabulary.

Most commonly used words like speak,say,talk are good and perfect to use and that's why we are using those words often.

1.Speak - Please speak out.

2.Talk  - Hello,"why can't you talk to me"?

3.Say - Say something..

We use the above words generally to convey information or to express a feeling.But you can give more life to the conversation by expressing it using apt words.

4.Gossip - talking about the personal/private affairs of others.

For example :

They were talking about their neighbours.
They were gossiping about their neighbours.

Using the word "gossiping" instead of "talking" adds due weightage by conveying the real meaning of the sentence.

5.Whisper - speaking very softly especially for the sake of secrecy.

Ricky whispered his love in her ears before he stepped out.

6.Mumble -  speaking in low voice by partially closing the mouth which is often unclear.

 He mumbles something which was not audible.

7.Mutter - low audible voice in irritation and dissatisfaction.

The employees begin to mutter about their poor work conditions.

8.Murmur - saying something in low,soft voice.

Students were murmuring in the auditorium.

9.Babble - meaningless sounds and words

Baby babbles.

10.Ramble - talking in a confused or inconsequential way.

Tina and Rahul rambles hours together without any point.

11.Yell - Shouting loudly

Rahul's mother yelled on seeing him eating chocolates.

12.Slur - speaks unclear as words run into one another.

Drunkard slurs.

13&14.Stammer/Stutter - speak with sudden involuntary pauses especially repeating the initial letters of words.

 `I've w-w-win the ga-ga-game,' he stuttered.

15.Quaver - shake or tremble in speaking because of nervousness or emotion.

Her voice quavered in fear.

16.Chat - talk in a friendly informal way.

They were chatting in the cafe.

17.Chatter- talking rapidly about trivial matters

Raju was chattering about his favorite movie.

17 verbs to describe speaking


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