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10 Words to Beef up your Vocabulary

1.Mind-boggling - intellectually or emotionally overwhelming eg: Her performance was mind-boggling.

2.Short shrift - little or no attention or consideration given. eg: The Municipal Corporation gives short shrift to fill the potholes in the streets.

3.Unrequited love - love which is not returned or rewarded. eg :  Unrequited Love is painful.

4.Beef up - to increase or improve something. eg : Reading helps to beef up your vocabulary.

5.Brims over - something which is too full. eg: Raju's heart was brimming over with happiness on seeing his mother.
unrequited love

6.Rip up - tear something into small pieces. eg : My dog has ripped up all the pillows.

7.Miffed over - annoyed eg: Peter miffed over denial of  his love.

8.Goof up -  habitually making mistakes because of carelessness or irresponsibility. eg : I goof-up and lose the game.

9.Flounder through - to struggle awkwardly. eg : The cows floundered through the marshy and muddy field.

10.Freeze up -  stop functioning or unable to move, speak or continue with something. eg : Raj is annoyed as his computer freezes up all the time.


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