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15 Adjectives to describe Taste

1.Savoury - to describe salty or spicy food/snacks/dishes which does not contain sweet. Eg : Savoury biscuits.

2.Salty - when excessive salt in a food, we say it as salty food.

When you eat biscuits without sugar or sweet, it is savoury biscuit not salty biscuits.Use the word "salty" only when the food/dish  contains excessive salt.

3.Sweet - to describe food which tastes sweet like sugar, jaggery, honey and which does not have the characteristics of salt, bitter or sour.

4.Spicy - flavoured with spice

5.Hot - food which contains more chillies or peppers or other pungent spices creating burning sensation when tasted is described as hot/spicy food.

6.Pungent - to describe food which has a strong taste or smell.
The pungent smell can be strongly sensed by the nose and it sometimes creates irritation to your nose. Eg : while frying ginger, garlic, onion, green chilly you can feel the pungent smell.

7.Bitter - to describe food which has a strong pungent smell or taste and or not sweet or salty. Eg : Bitter gourd curry.
15 Adjectives to describe Taste

8.Tart - sharp or acid in taste. Eg ; a tart mango.

Lemon,vinegar,pickles are tart foods.

9.Sour - When the tart taste is excessive or when the fruit is not ripe, we call it as Sour taste.

10.Rancid - when the food(decomposing oil and fat) tastes/smells unpleasant as a result of being old and stale. Eg : rancid milk, rancid meat

11.Burnt - when a food is overcooked at a high temperature, it gives burnt smell and taste to your food.

12.Piquant -  a pleasantly sharp taste or appetizing flavour.

13.Tangy -  a pleasant tart taste.

14&15. Sharp/Acid - to describe the taste of lemon and the fruit which is not ripe,this word is used.


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