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Wh- Questions using "Be" Verb

In my previous post, I wrote about framing simple sentences(affirmative,negative,interrogative) and yes/no questions using Pronoun and "Be" verb.

Now, Let's learn to ask questions using "be" verb.

Wh- Questions are asked to get information.

What is used to ask about an object or an idea.

When is used to ask about time.
Why is used to know about the reason.
Where is used to ask about the place.
Who is used to know about the person.


Wh- Questions using "Be" Verb

What are you?

What is he/she/it?
What are they?

When is it?

Why is it?

Where am I?
Where are you?
Where is he/she/it?
Where are they?

Who am I?
Who are you?
Who is he/she/it?
Who are they?

Example Sentences

Who is Sachin Tendulkar?
He is an cricketer.

Who are Obama and Modi?

They are Politicians.

Where are John and Jack?

They are at home.

Where is India?

It's in Asia.

What is Jasmine?

It is a flower.

What are Lion and Tiger?

They are animals.

When is  your marriage?

It's on 1st January.

When are you coming?

I am coming on Sunday.


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