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Pronouns and Be - Basic Important English Lesson

Pronouns and Be

Learn spoken English and grammar with Pronouns and "Be" verb.

If you want to learn a language,first learn pronouns.

Then for framing basic sentences,the next very important thing is learning  "to be" verb.

Pronoun and Be

Personal(Subject) Pronouns Example Sentences 

First Person - Singular 
I am Yashika.
I am a girl.
I am fine.
I am happy.
I am tall.
I am young.

Second Person - Singular and Plural

You are a football player.(Singular)
You are smart students.(Plural)

Third Person - Singular
He is a doctor.
He is a boy.
She is a dancer.
She is a girl.
It is a pen.
It is sour.
It is cold.
It is hot.

First Person - Plural
We are artists.

Third Person - Plural
They are musicians.

How to frame simple affirmative,negative,interrogative and imperative sentence using Pronouns and "Be" verb?

 Read the simple example sentences given here.

Affirmative sentences 
 I am a student.
You are good.
He is an actor.
She is a dancer.
It is a dog.
We are friends.
They are astronauts.

Negative sentences
 I am not a student.
You are not good.
He is not an actor.
She is not a dancer.
It is not a dog.
We are not friends.
They are not astronauts.

Affirmative Contractions 
 I'm a student.
You're good.
He's an actor.
She's a dancer.
It's a dog.
We're friends.
They're astronauts.

Negative Contractions 
 I'm not a student.
You aren't good.
He isn't an actor.
She isn't a dancer.
It isn't a dog.
We aren't friends.
They aren't astronauts.

Contractions and Not(another negative form)

 I'm not a student.
You're not good.
He's not an actor.
She's not a dancer.
It's not a dog.
We're not friends.
They're not astronauts.


Am I a student?
Yes,I am a student.
No,I'm not a student.
Important : For yes/no answers,use contractions only for negative(No)short answers.
Are you good?
Is he an actor?
Is she a dancer?
Is it a dog?
Are we friends?
Are they astronauts?


Am I not a student?
Are you not good?
Is he not an actor?
Is she not a dancer?
Is it not a dog?
Are we not friends?
Are they not Astronauts?

Interro-negative Contractions

Aren't I a student?
Aren't you good?
Isn't he an actor?
Isn't she a dancer?
Isn't it a dog?
Aren't we friends?
Aren't they astronauts?

Question Tags (used only while speaking)

Affirmative sentences with Negative tags
I am a student,aren't I?
You are good,aren't you?
He is an actor,isn't he?
She is a dancer,isn't she?
It is a dog,isn't it?
We are friends,aren't we?
They are astronauts,aren't they?

Negative sentences with Positive Tags

I'm not a student,am I?
You're not good,are you?
He's not an actor,is he?
She's not a dancer,is she?
It's not a dog,is it?
We're not friends,are we?
They're not astronauts,are they?


Be good.
Let's be friends.

Imperative Sentence gives commands,orders,requests and instructions and it always starts with a verb.
Imperative sentence using verb "to be".

You(singular&plural) Imperative form : Be
We - Imperative form : Let's be

Imperative sentence is made with infinite verb(to be)but without to. Eg : Be happy.
Be careful.
Be good.
Be polite.
Be silent.
Be here on time.
Be there at 10 am.

Urgent/emphasis(add you)

You be good.
You be calm.

Request(add do/please/kindly)

Do be good.
Do be polite.
Do be calm.
Please be silent.
Kindly be silent.

Let's be good.
Let's be polite.
Let's be calm.

By the end,you must be able to frame simple sentences and yes/no questions.


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