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Learning English in Chunks

Chunks are group of words which are used together.Learning chunks helps to frame the sentences easily and correctly.Knowing chunks of a language is a must for fluent speaking.

Eg : We will describe wind as " a strong wind " not as " a powerful wind ".

Although the words "Strong" and "powerful" conveys the same meaning,the word "strong" is used in common.Like this,the words which are commonly grouped and used together are called as chunks of a language.This type of linking words together is called collocation.

Eg :  Bread and Butter is a common collocation.We won't say butter and bread.

Compare to idioms and phrases,learning chunks greatly assists in speaking English more naturally and confidently.

When you know chunks of a language,you can frame the sentence with group of words and need not struggle to build the sentence word by word.
collocation and chunks

List of chunks
  1. utter disaster
  2. remote area
  3. vague reply
  4. the ups and downs in life
  5. warm welcome
  6. go ahead
  7. clear up
  8. comparative analysis
  9. commonly referred
  10. creative thinking
  11. ethical principle
  12. financial aid
  13. gain insight
  14. welfare scheme
  15. visual representation
  16. technical support
  17. the bride and groom
  18. developing world
  19. social responsibility
  20. younger generation
  21. Do me a favor
  22. sense of humor
  23. terrible accident
  24. upside down
  25. out of my mind

Reading and listening is crucial for learning the chunks of a language.


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