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11 Amazing Vocabulary Phrases

English Phrases
  1. Every day I start my work at the crack of dawn. - very early morning
  2. I am blogging  for my bread and butter for Donkey's years. -living(in terms of money) ie., regular income, long years
  3. Blogging about single topic is really a Donkey Work which I hate to do.- hard,boring and repetitive work.
  4. The key to boost income is a tough nut to crack.-ways to,very hard
  5. Choosing blogging as a career is really scraping the barrel for me to earn income.- using worst idea/things as no other option available.
  6. Every day I fight to carve out time for blogging.-create

    English phrases
  7. I blog about interesting topics and try to butter up my readers. - flatter
  8. Announcing contests and prizes will make my blog popular?Money doesn't grow on trees.So I don't want to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut.- money not available in surplus so must not spend more,using more efforts/force than necessary
  9.  I'm keyed up about my writing style. - anxious
  10. But I don't want to feel blue thinking about my current situation.- feeling sad
  11. Catch you later.Now I m going to crack on with my newspaper.- continue


  1. here are more for you-

    All in all blogging is above then all.
    Earlier while blogging, I was in sixes and sevens, now I am in apple pie order.

    All in All - from whole
    above then all - most important
    sixes and seven - random
    apple pie order - fully organized


  2. @Nitin Balodi: you enriched my post.Thank you.

  3. There is no need to feel blue, I know you are brilliant and can keep crack on blogging with one hand tied behind your back.
    You typed you are keyed up about your writing style. Why, is your writing not good or writing material not sufficient? ( don't get me wrong, I am curious to know.)
    I hope, you will be happy that I commented on your blog as you requested.
    Have a wonderful day.......

  4. your post related comments will be useful to visitors.That's why i requested you to comment in my blog instead of g+.It will b permanent here and even i can read your wonderful comments anytime if it is here."one hand tied behind ur back" very good phrase.Thanks a lot.


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