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12 Must-Know Facts about Cats

 Easy Cat Drawing

These are the simple cat drawings using circle,semi-circle and triangle for kids.



Cat Facts

  1. Cat is a most popular Pet animal in the world.
  2. The younger one of a cat is called as kitten.
  3. A group of cats are collectively called as "Clowder".
  4. Like finger prints of human,nose prints of cats are unique.
  5. Cats have keen vision.Their eyesight is good even in dim light.
  6. The sense of smell of cats are less when compared to dogs.
  7. Cats have good sense of hearing compared to human.
  8. Cats have excellent balancing skills to walk even on a very narrow wall.
  9. Cats use their whiskers to guage the width of space inorder to know whether its body can enter the specified space or not.
  10. Cat can make 100 different sounds and it is popularly known by the sound "meow-meow".
  11. Cats are mammals.
  12. A normal cat has five toes on the front legs and four toes on the hind legs.


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