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31 Adjectives to Enhance your Vocabulary

Simple way of expressing that you are more tired. - I am very tired.
Enhanced way of expressing that you are more tired - I am exhausted,I am really exhausted,I am absolutely exhausted.

Here tired is a normal adjective used with "very" to express that you are more tired.Instead you can also use strong adjective "exhausted ".

Eg : Ants are very small insects.
Ants are tiny insects.
Which sentence sounds good? Isn't the second sentence?
Hope now it is better understood that strong adjectives are really impressive and also expressive.

The film was very/really bad.
Here "bad" is a normal adjective.
Words like "very" and "really" are used to tell more about the normal adjective.

The film was absolutely/really awful/dreadful/terrible/disgusting.

 Here  awful/dreadful/terrible/disgusting are strong adjectives. 
Words like "absolutely" and "really" are used to tell more about the strong adjective.
Don't use"very" with a strong adjective.

Eg : He is very exhausted is a wrong sentence.We mustn't use "very" with a strong adjective.

He is absolutely exhausted is correct.
He is really exhausted is also correct.

Similarly we mustn't use "absolutely" with a base/normal adjective.

Now like this,I like to share with you a set of commonly used words.
extreme adjectives.bmp

31 Enhanced Vocabulary Words/31 Base and Extreme Adjectives Vocabulary

Simple Vocabulary
Enhanced Vocabulary
"very"+Normal Adjective

Strong Adjective

tired exhausted
small tiny
tall giant
clever brilliant
hungry starving
good Excellent,splendid,perfect,ideal,
bad,ugly  awful,dreadful,terrible,disgusting,
sure certain
tasty delicious,yummy
excited thrilled
hot boiling
cold freezing
beautiful,pretty lovely,exquisite,ravishing,
angry furious
big huge,enormous
interesting fascinating
sad miserable,devastated
happy overjoyed,ecstatic,jublient,elated
silly ridiculous
dirty filthy
funny hilarious
fat obese
afraid,scared,frightened terrified
surprising,shocking astonishing,amazing,astounding
clean spotless
old ancient
worried anxious
bright dazzling
weak feeble
pleased delighted


  1. Subtly, you've captured the transition really well. It's quite a job to map the right ones because of varying weights and intensities which each of them lay at the element in question, but I guess your classification is pretty immaculate. :)

    Tushar Kumar Singh
    Project Disavowed

  2. @TUSHAR KUMAR SINGH : I m pleased.Thank You.


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