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15 Amazing Vocabulary Words

menace - threat. Eg : The horror movies entails menacing sounds and voices.

eyesore - very ugly. Eg : 1.Streets with garbage dumps is an eyesore and a health hazard to the public.2.The Government asks public to nominate India's worst buildings, the eyesores that they would like to see demolished.

apparently - evidently,seemingly. Eg : The thief killed a cop and five other people in a series of attacks, before apparently killing himself.

spate - large number. Eg : A spate of hoax bomb threat calls kept the city police on their toes.

dereliction - negligence of duty. Eg: A drunk driver who apparently hits four people was charged with serious dereliction of duty.

spurned - rejected,abandoned. Eg : A man splashed acid on her face when she spurned his love proposal.

ignominy - public shame. Eg : Congress faces the ignominy as it was not qualified even to lead the official opposition party in the parliament.

immolate -kill,destroy,offer as sacrifice. Eg :1.The trees were immolated as fire swept through the forest.2.Mostly animals were immolated in religious rituals.

sleuth - detective. Eg : The sleuths were on their toes on Wednesday after Central Railway Station received a bomb threat call.

pilferage - stealing small amounts and small articles. Eg : To stop pilferage,the company have decided to fit  GPS devices in trucks and fuel tankers to track their movements.

drubbing - hit/beating,defeating. Eg : Congress receives a drubbing in  Lok Sabha polls.

abysmal -  extremely bad,terrible,very deep. Eg : His death left her with abysmal and boundless misery.

thud - heavy sound. Eg :  The ladle fell to the ground with a thud.

air-borne - something is in the air and flying. Eg : The car goes air-borne for seconds and later landed with a thud on the floor.

scaffolding - is a temporary structure of poles/planks used by the workmen to stand on while building houses. Eg : Scaffold collapsed and many workers got injured.


  1. Spate of scams is an ignominy for our nation. It drubs the growth of the nation and dereliction of politicians immolates the value of the nation. This sort of politicians should be spurned by the voters. They are menace to nation's prosperity. It's an eyesore to our economy and they are abysmals. I'm not a sleuth I just expressed my opinion.


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